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Hey, Galaxy S2, why aren't you dead yet?

I'm coming.

[Was touched.]

[ITSub's All it is here]

[Tech lover ITSub's All it is here] Hi, it's ITSub.

There is this saying, "Old soldiers never die."

"They just... fade away"

No! Doesn't hesitation only make the delivery late?

So we are going to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has been nearly 10 years since its release

to the newest Android 10.

The reactions were massive

when we last uploaded the Galaxy S2 video.

That shows how much we need to admit the excellence of this product

it doesn't break from drops, the battery lasts long...

The phone released in 2011 lasts until 2020

that's practically a zombie phone.

So today's main content is

updating the Galaxy S2 into Android 10 like a new phone.

Prior to that, Android has been using names of desserts

like Android Pie, ice cream sandwich, ginger bread

but starting with 10, they are not attaching the name of a dessert.

Android 10 was released in September 2019

and is being updated to Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10

and the Galaxy S20 which will be released in February

will also be released with Android 10.

Compared to new gadgets, this smartphone was released in 2011

and was released with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

So you can see, there are quite some differences with today's Android.

To go to the settings,

you need to go to the main settings like this.

what's interesting is when you scroll down, there is this little pop?

There are these effects.

And when you go to the phone information,

press like this, and the Gingerbread Easter egg appears.

There is nothing much different

but since it is an old gadget

the touch reacting speed is wow.. you can see how slow this is, right?

This is the big difference with the iPhone.

And there are exclusive apps for each mobile carrier

Look. There is Melon, Nateon

T map, Hoppin, Samsung Apps and many others

It's gotten very clean now

but back then with the Android phones, there were so many apps installed

that would get you to hate the mobile carrier apps.

So let's get started for real now

and update to Android 10.

But! This is not the official update but is done through a custom rom.

I was watching "XDA Developer"

and saw the news that Galaxy S2 Android OS 10 uploaded

in Galaxy S2's custom rom version based on Lineage OS.

The steps to updating is at "XDA Developer."

Back when Galaxy S2 was released,

it was the time when hacking iPhones was very often

and what was interesting about hacking was that

once you go into the web page, you could just swipe and the hacking would be done.

So with Android, there was funner in

changing through custom rom.

So I'm playing with the custom rom for the first time in a while now

and I can't say for sure that I will succeed.

I forgot how to use this so I am just going to follow the instructions.

First, to change the rom, Samsung Galaxy phones

use this program called Odin.

I've forgotten how to use this too

but first you turn off the power

this sound is a great memory too.

I'll remove the protecting film like this.

And when you press the volume down button, power button, and the home button?

[Download mode, booting failed]

We will now enter download mode.

Now! We've entered download mode.

Now! Let's operate Odin, oh! It's recognized the Galaxy S2.

Check re-partition

and select this from the files downloaded

and start!

IF this is messed up, the phone becomes a brick

so you have to keep checking if there is anything you missed.

Oh!! We entered recovery mode

and we came into this new version

times have passed so much, back in the day I could do this with my eyes closed!

But now I've really forgotten everything.

Unlock from here and ah! That's right

Next is Format Data Advanced Wipe

and we've updated to Android 10 with the Galaxy S2.

I've stuttered in many of these steps

because it's my first time using this in a long time

but I could get things fixed as I go along.

If you've tried the custom rom before

and are used to it, you could get this done between 3~5 minutes

the process itself is very easy.

But the process is done through a custom rom, not an official rom

so the phone can become a brick.

That's why I'm doing this for you.

It's really interesting how the Android 10 can be used in a super old device

I wonder if the developers of the Galaxy S2

ever imagined that

such a recent OS would be applied like this.

All the installation is complete, and the initial screen that says "hello" appears.

Let's skip the Wi-Fi network connection part for now

and it's the same as setting any other Android phones.

But! Since this is not the rom developed by the manufacturer

so it feels like setting a Google Pixel phone.

So let's connect the Wi-Fi now

there was much controversy over whether the 4.3 inch display was 'large' or 'small'

but compared with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

the difference in size is enormous.

It seems to lag a bit.. because the phone is really old.

With a big of lag, when you press Android version 10?

Like this, Android 10

Galaxy Note 10 has this Android 10

Galaxy S2 and Note 10

So this is the Galaxy S10 level, but has the same OS.

You can see how Samsung's AMOLED has improved with this.

The color is not very clear with this.

It has the feel of the so called piss screen

and the rest? Other than a little bit of lag

everything works just fine.

For example, the Google Play store

It could get softer in some time after the installation.

But... It doesn't seem fit to be actually used.

It takes forever to load the call button

but you can still make a call like this.

Let's try messaging, and internet!

There is a huge difference in loading speed.

With Naver?

It does load, but it's very slow.

And when you turn on the camera app?

Taking a photo of the Note 10 Plus with a Galaxy S2

You can use it to a level.

And seeing this on the Galaxy S2 is really cool.

But it's definitely slow

so it's frustrating.

The rest is pretty much the same as a pure Android 10.

Ah! I found the gesture search which is a feature of the Android 10.

Swipe up?

You can use all the gestures

and multitasking as you would.

It has gotten faster since the initial booting

but there are some features that do not function

so it's honestly difficult to use this on the day to day level.

There is a meaning in installing the "Android 10" to an old phone.

It's surprising how many great experts there are in XDA.

Let me go now.

So! It's interesting to see the Android 10 work in this old Galaxy S2

and at this point, this is truly an excellent gadget.

The truly excellent gadget.

I wonder what the limits are for the Galaxy S2.

Anyways! That is all for today

and if there are other fun news about the Galaxy S2

I will try the update or remodeling myself.

Since you are 10, and 9, you be the big brother.

There is an 8 year age difference? Let's fold this for now.

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