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- [Connie] Look at our yard!

I think we're on fire!

I think our tent is gonna be on fire!

(rock music)

- Don't mind us guys,

we're just getting mugshots.

Okay by the way, if you guys have never seen us.

We are the Davises - [Tyler] No we're not. (laugh)

- Hi!

- We're just kind of (glasses cracks)

messing around today.

I think we're going to do a barbecue.

- Ah dad!

- We're on our way to Costco.

And Shawn, - I Just broke my glasses.

- Shawn just broke his glasses.

You guys saw it here.

Kayla disappeared. - Sorry buddy.

- I think she's looking for make up,

and we're working on their passports right now

because we want to be able to take some trips

all around summer break. - It's summer. Yeah right?

Guess where we're going.

Comment down below if you can guess where we're going.

- I need water.

- Where do you think we're gonna go?

- Where are we gonna go?

- Tyler needs water.

And we don't know.

There's Kayla!

Those are not bears.

- Yes.

They make more than bears.

- They look like Coca Cola bottles.

- They are. - [Connie] Oh!

- [Shawn] Look at that!

- Oh my goodness, we just don't have enough candy.

We just don't!

Okay, just warning you guys,

we are getting ready to enter a mad house.

It took us five minutes to park,

Costco is crazy today.

I think the kids have loss their minds.

- We ate too much candy. - They're all candy.

- Yeah they got totally hyped up on all that candy.

So it's going to be super embarrassing.

- Wee-oh-wee-oh!

I'm mimicking the car.

- Remember when we used to go like this?

(imitating the sirens)

- [Connie] I think we need a new TV.

- Every time I come in here, I'm like.

(Shawn groaning) - [Connie] TV!

- [Tyler] I want one of these.

- Oh my gosh you guys.

There's so many cool things in here.

(Gasps) We can get surf boards.

Cool sunglasses - Ooh!

Are you ready for some new sunglasses?

- I already have a brand new pair.

- You just broke them.

- I just broke my glasses!

- Shawn just broke his glasses.

You guys saw it here.

Ah! Beach bike!

- [Shawn] You don't know how bad...

- Oh! Oh my god, that's so cute.

You guys look!

There's our tent.

I see it.

(Gospel music)

Okay, so we're talking about doing some camping.

We have choices.

This is like a really big tent.

There's no where, this tent will fit.

This tent is ginormous people.

- [Shawn] Where would we put that?

- [Tyler] The woods!

- [Kayla] It's only like 200 dollars.

That's a 12 person instant...

- How is this 200 dollars? - ...cabin tent.

- Oh! (laughing)

- [Kayla] Tyler did it! - And you're so funny.

That's is a 12 person tent.

How would you literally sit 12 people in there.

It's impossible. We're not!

- [Connie] I know, you would all fall

to the bottom right here.

(Shawn laughs)

- [Connie] It's a tent in sideways.


(Shawn laughs)

That doesn't work.

This one looks like a pretty good size.

Yes, it's super dark.

- It's scary. We talk ghost stories.

- [Connie] Kayla is playing volley ball.

- Oww!

- [Connie] With a box.

You can't do that,

you can't do that.

- Yeah we can. I'm doing it right now.

- Parents out there.

Would you be embarrassed to have these kids?

This one and this one?

(Kayla and Tyler laughing)

I think...

- No, no, no - let's rephrase that question.

Would you be embarrassed by your mom

being embarrassed by you?

- [Tyler] Yes! (laughing)

We haven't bought dinner yet.

We can't get kick out yet.

- [Connie] We gotta get dinner.

We need some meat and some veggies.

- [Shawn] We need s'meat!

- S'meat.

We need s'meat.

- We need some s'meat.

- And smeggies.

- Smeggies!

We need s'meat. - We need to find some meat,

veggies and maybe a dessert. - Smeggies.

or something I don't know.

But uh, I really like that tent.

- Don't judge us.

- We're on diets right now.

- [Connie] What kind of diet?

- All sugar.

- Wait, we got chocolate ice cream bars.

I probably have chocolate all over my face.

But you know what? That's whatever, yolo!

- [Connie] That looks so good, look how big that is.

You guys got a whole bar.

This is the happiest place on Earth.

Back home!

So here's our tri-tip we're gonna have,

in probably about half an hour.

My stomach is already growling.

I think Kayla is outside playing in the swimming pool

and Tyler is on his way out as well.

How's the water?

- Really warm especially right here.

- [Connie] Really warm?

- Yes!

(Connie laughs)

- [Kayla] Prishie!

- [Connie] We will see if the pets end up jumping in.

- Prishie will go on the first steps sometimes.

And then we've got our tent.

In our unicorn floaty.

So the kids wanted to be in that,

to keep the sun off of them,

so they can have a little bit of shade.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

- Hi!

- [Connie] Are you doing some scuba diving?

- Yeah. - [Connie] Snorkeling?

- In the hot tub. - Really warm?

(techno music)

- [Connie] Half the challenge

is how to get into the tent from the pool.

Oh hello there!

- [Tyler And Kayla] Yay!

Look at that.

- [Connie] Tada! Look at that.

It smells like a campfire outside.

- That's because we're doing a barbecue!

- [Connie] Doing a barbecue!

- Barbecue!

- While we're camping out in our pool.

- That smells like campfire!

- [Connie] It smells like it's on fire!

Like a campfire!


(Tyler shouting)


(more splashing)

- [Connie] Ahh it's on fire! It's smoking.

- [Shawn] Yeah it's smell good though, don't it.

- [Connie] Okay, I'm gotta get the kids.

Dun dun. Dun dun.

- How 'bout we switch? - Yeah.

- [Connie] Perfect aim!

Dun dun dun dun dun!

Look at our yard! I think we're on fire!

I think our tent is going to be on fire!

- Do we have a fire extinguisher?

- [Connie] I think it's in that laundry room.

- It's in the laundry room?

- [Connie] Go get it! Hurry!

Oh my guys can you see all the smoke back here?

Shawn has set the barbecue on fire.

- Alright, everything is under control.

I've put it out.

We're good. - Nice!

The meat's gonna have a weird flavor to it

but the fire extinguisher is really good.

It'll be alright.

- [Connie] Alright!

Thank goodness!

We've got a man around to take care of uh...

- Fire! - Setting us on fire!

- And putting it out.

(Connie laughs)

Shawn have save the day.

Everything is alright.

Smoke is clearing and the kids are very happily

playing in the pool.

(Kayla giggling)

I think Kayla is a water fountain.

This tent looks really fun.

- [Shawn] Don't drop that camera, girl.

- I'm gonna drop that camera.

Oh my gosh, I'm wet.

Soaking wet.

Trying to be in the tent.

I'm scared.

Yay! I'm in the tent.

This is actually not bad.

In the tent,

in the pool.

Now if you guys want to look down below,

I actually cut the bottom of the tent out,

So I'm standing in a pool of water

because the bottom of this floaty has a net that allows

the water to go through it.

So where's Tyler?

- Oh he's in the hot tub,

scuba diving.

- We just got these big goggles.

- [Connie] Your hair is all stuck out.


How's that spa?

Let's go.

Let's get in there.

I love this spa.

- It's so warm.

- [Connie] Yeah!

So is our meat going to be okay?

Or did it get burnt up?

- My cute little char-becue?

- Uh oh.

It's gonna taste wonderful.

I promise you.

Once you get passed the fire extinguisher flavor,

it's gonna be awesome.

- [Connie] Ah man!

(dramatic music) - Okay, swim!

- Yes - swim!

(Shawn laughs)

- [Connie] So how is it in there?

- Warm.

- [Connie] Yeah the tent its nice and warm and cozy?

Looks like you've got a bouncy ball in there.

- Oh, we do!

(screaming) - You missed!

- That is my house!

I guess it's almost dinner time.

- Yay! We're all getting out of the pool.

- Yes, taking a break out of swimming.

And we're going to go have some food.

I'm sorry you guys, we haven't been vlogging a ton lately,

we just kinda needed a break.

And we did scale back a lite bit on our videos.

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that.

We've been doing more skits and stuff.

I think it's just really hard to vlog every single day and--

- We need to have a life.

No I was just kidding.

- Yeah! It's like when you get into a routine

and stuff could you imagine videoing yourself

doing the same thing every single day?

- That would be boring. - Yeah It gets kind of like--


So, we just. - Sleep in.

- Yes - Go the grocery store.

That's what we did actually.

School was really hard.

I'm sure a lot of you guys felt the same way.

You're just kind of ready to just take a break.


- My school still have us do work during the summer.

- Oh my godness.

Yes, she has to read three books

- And do reports on them.

- And do reports?

Do you guys have to read books over the summer?

And tell your teachers when you get back to school?

Comment below.

If that's something you have to do.

I think a lot of you probably are going through

the same thing.

Summer break hits and everybody just have to sleep

for like a week.

That's what we kind of did.

We just kind of rested and totally did nothing.

So we haven't even plan any vacations.

No trips.


We've plan nothing.

We've just been hanging out,

being as bored as possible,

which is awesome when you're busy.

- [Kayla] There's snapdragons.

I don't know where they came from.

- Really? - We didn't plant them.

Have you guys ever seen a snapdragon?

Okay this is a little flower.

It's super cute because it looks like it could talk to you.

- Yeah, like you pinch it a certain way,

and it can open its mouth.

- It looks like it's bottom mouth is missing.

- Okay well,

- [Connie] It's kind of messed up.

- [Kayla] They're breaking on it.

Connie laughs

- [Connie] Well anyways.

- They're like little babies there

- They're cute. - They can't do it yet.

- I don't know.

I feel like they're other stuff that I should be telling you

and I just can't think right now.

We do have more merch coming,

Shawn just said the steak is ready.

We're gonna go have dinner

and it's gonna be so good.

I'm looking forward to this.

Look at that! Oh!

- Mmm

- Sorry to the vegetarians out there.

- Yeah.

Look at that, isn't that beautiful?

- Ahh so good.

I hope you guys enjoy this video.

Comment down below.

What's the comment?

- Comment down below if you guys have to read

or do any homework or ecetera.

- Oh right! - Sorry to the ones that do.

- Like them.

- Anyways, so we hope you enjoys this video.

And until next time -

- [The Davises] Bye!


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