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Hi guys, Anisha here, congrats to everyone who got a call from NMIMS

for CDPI which is the 2nd round for NMIMS admissions, so today ill walk you through the entire process of

the CD-PI what you have to do and most importantly

your SOP that will define your entire PI

for those who've not seen me before, i'm Anisha Mukhija, im from the NMIMS 2015 pass out batch

from Mumbai, post that i've been working with Henkle & Marico as their strategist in marketing & i'll be mentoring you guys

for your preparation into NMIMS

today we're going to cover up is:

1st is NMIMS process, how to write an SOP, CD overview, PI overview

you need to understand your calls, because of confusion among people for the calls theyve received or not

for NMIMS mumbai & NMIMS HR, the cutoff is 210, yes it has increased

from 208, the competition has increased the sectional cutoffs for verbal this time is 60

LR is 60 and quants & di is 65

if you cleared the sectional and overall cutoffs

then you'd recieved a call from NMIMS mumbai thats listed in your call as shortlisted for MBA that stands for mumbai

for people who lost even 1 cutoff

you wouldve recieved calls from other NMIMS campuses which is listed as shortlisted for NMIMS PGDM

that means PGDM is all the other campuses where cutoffs is 190

from the entire paper, the next thing is that you have to submit your docs and SOP via hard copy on 29th of jan

make sure it reaches before that

your interview dates are from 5th to 23rd feb

now all the NMIMS campuses will have the same process

first is SOP, to be submitted by 29th jan

that will be with your panelists during the interview

make sure you do a good job of it to impress the panelists

2nd is case discussion where youre given a case study and have to discuss it as a group

the third is PI with a panel

panel may changed from CD to PI

just remember to do your best

its has to be a reflection fo you because

theyll keep that in mind during interviews

make sure youre not faking it

youre gonna portray the best of yourself

you may exaggerate but not lie

make sure its a well structured essay and keep it in paragraphs

such that you have 1 para talking about 1 theme

you will ensure to cover 3 things 1st is achievements & qualities 2nd why u wish to pursue MBA and 3rd

is why NMIMS

make sure you do all well in SOP

how you can present your thoughts to the group

your leadership & decision making skills

your ability to assess the situation and manage it is what theyre gonna look at

the average case discussion is 20min sometimes its reduced to 15min

where youre given 2-5mins to think and 12 min to 15mins to discuss

because if you turn it into a fish market which is going to happen in 90% of the case

because the desperation level is way higher

the NMIMS conversion ratio is 1:10 that means 1 of 10 students get selected

so make sure you are not getting to aggressive or wild

keep your manners in place and make sure youre the one who is selected from the group

for those serious about the calls theyve got and wanna prepare

ill be taking nmims super 30 batch where our target is to get 30 students in nmims mumbai & pgdm

where well make sure youre well groomed to get converted

the objective is to make you convert, youve to follow everything told by mentors and instructors

it will be a team of nmims alumni which will take care of everything

we will review your SOP first

to make sure i evaluvate everyones sops

because thats what nmims looks for

the approaches to solve a CD case

& PI questions, we will be covering up your PIquestions

like why NMIMS, why MBA, tell me something about yourself

NMIMS based questions that they ask for freshers, workers, work-ex

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