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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Hindu Vocabulary Volume 4 Lesson 5 English Grammar - Unacademy

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hello guys welcome to today's lesson my

name is Cindy I'm an educator on an

Academy I teach English grammar on this

platform you guys can follow me on an

academy by downloading the UNAC Adam

e-learning app on your phone and please

to check out the YouTube channel as well

so in today's lesson just like previous

lessons we're going to learn a few

difficult words from the Hindi newspaper

along with its meaning its usage and

also a jumbled word at the end of the

lesson so let's get started

hey guys so this is the fifth lesson

under the course daily Hindu analysis

part phone as you all can see the date

mentioned right at the first slide and

this course is a little bit different

from the previous course yes it was the

same way we learned new words from the

Hindi newspaper but the difference is in

the previous course we learned proverbs

at the end of every lesson but here are

we going to learn a difficult word in I

mean but it is going to be in the form

of jumbled letter so when you arrange it

you will arrive at the word and I will

give you guys two hints to arrive at it

one is which part of speech it is and

another one is a synonym of that word so

you guys can let me know in the comment

section if you got the word or the

meaning of the word okay so let's get

started with today's set of words so the

first word is guilty so it's not

DUI double else we will not pronounce

the L it's basically a French word it's

called guilt in guillotine is a noun

that means a device used to execute

execute people in France you know in

olden days so people used to be executed

using this machine called guillotine

especially in France all right so the

machine used to look something like you

know it used to have a sharp blade which

was raised up on a frame and it was

dropped onto the person's neck so that

the head would be severe out of the body

so example the people who went against

the king in France used to be guillotine

so guillotine is a noun it's a machine

guillotine can also be used as a verb

and it can be used in the tenses so

guillotine is you being beheaded using

that specific machine called a

guillotine okay so the next word is

servile servile is an adjective that

means it is your

to describe a noun in the sentence so

servile means a SUP you know is used to

describe someone whom you disapprove of

because they are too eager to obey

someone or to do things for them for

their own personal benefit so so you

don't like the specific person and you

call that person survives because you

think that that person is very eager to

help somebody or maybe on a higher

official in order to you know improve

their work rank working man or they

always ready to do things for them so

that sometimes could be mistaken you

know in the wrong ways or so the

synonyms are subservient sub Serbian so

it is subservient next one is mean so

that's just a very banal word so example

when the new employee got a promotion

her colleagues gossiped about her

servile attitude so as I told you also

when this new person got a new employee

got a promotion people spoke that she is

so wild that means she is too eager to

obey the higher officials to get things

for you know in favor of her so

sometimes people talk I mean people you

know in charge others to be servile

because they're jealous of them so

sometimes you don't really know the

truth behind it but then you end up

saying it so that's normal in our world

so the third word is ridicule the DQ

ridicule is a word that means if one


someone or ridicules their ideas of the

leaves they make fun of them in an

unkind way so yes making fun of somebody

your friends and all is fine but when

you really kill them that you are being

I mean that means you're being very very

mean to them or very unkind so there are

a few things even with a friend you need

to you need to know where to draw the

line so if you cross that line you are

you know hurting that person so that is


so synonyms amok make fool off yes

you don't ridicule your own friends

unless that person is fine with that

because there are circumstances which

might lead to misunderstanding

and a big gap between friends because of

one simple joke so the example is once

faith of belief must never be ridiculed

so this is a very very important note

for everybody in general so someone's

faith or someone's belief is up to them

so I cannot question you are I cannot

mock you or I cannot really kill you for

your own specific thoughts or your

opinions or your beliefs because that is

that is yours too you know have opinions

about things I cannot really kill you

because that's morally incorrect okay so

once faith or belief must never be

really cute next word is fervent fervent

is an adjective that means a person who

has or shows strong feelings about

something and is very sincere and

enthusiastic about it so a person who

has very strong feelings about something

and is very sincere about his feelings

that means he's not faking the feelings

and he's very enthusiast in to see an

enthusiastic about that feeling and

sorry about that so that kind of person

is described as fervent so synonyms are

ardent and enthusiastic okay so the

adverb form of fervent is fervently and

an example is the new pair received good

wishes from the fervent crowd that means

the new pair which received wishes good

wishes from the crowd which was almost

enthusiastic they which is bursting up

with joy so enthusiastic crowd wished

good luck to the new path okay the next

word is Trio trio is noun so we know

what trio so it's so it just means three

people in a group right so but the

reason there's a catch net so a group of

three people together is called a trio

but especially musicians and sing our

singers so when musicians or singers

come together in the form of I mean you

know three people together or at a time

we call that specific group as trio

okay so example is the famous trio has

been composing music for more than ten


so the famous trio is that the three

people the musicians who've been

composing music so they'd work together

three people work together so they've

been doing music oh they've been

composing music for more than 10 years

now next word is quench quench quench is

a word which means when we are thirsty

we can quench our thirst by having a

drink so basically whenever you thirsty

if you want to curse to go away the the

process of making a terse go away is

quenching your thirst by drinking water

or something liquid okay so you never

say the word the proper word to say I

need to quench my thirst okay you cannot

say I need to make my thirst go away or

something like that you need to quench

your thirst example the passerby stop to

quench his thirst at an old house

passerby stopped to make his Turkish go

away like we say when we don't have the

appropriate word means to quench his

thirst at an old house next word is belt

belt is a noun so belt is an animal skin

which can be used to make clothing a

rock so we all know that sometimes there

are specific types of animals whom who

are killed to make clothing or rugs out

of them so that specific skin is called

Pelt synonyms a coat skin hide then the

same word is used in the form of a verb

if you pelt someone with things you

throw things at them so that means

you're hitting somebody with something

so that that process is called pelting

so synonyms are beat strike example the

children began to Pelt one another with

snowballs that means that you the

children began to that means the

children started to throw or strike

snowballs that one another it snowballs

at one another

okay so before we start with a jumbled

word for today let's you know look into

the pronunciation

again the first word is guillotine

guillotine second one is serve I'll

serve while ridicule ridicule fervent

fervent fervent Trio trio quench quench

that okay so the jumbled letter that I

had suggested I'm sorry the jumbled word

that I had some suggested in the

previous lesson was e and L e f GT so I

told this is a very easy word if you had

read I mean if you had read the you know

sonnets of Shakespeare so the the hints

that were given was it it's an adjective

and the synonym is passing so I have

added momentary because I wanted to give

you an extra synonym for it so the

correct word is fleeting

f l double e TI ng so fleeting is an

adjective which means something that

lasts only for a short period of time

and synonyms are passing and momentary

so something that is in a very temporary

them something that does not last long

ly something that does not last forever

is called fleeting example duty is


that means beauty is temporary so after

a few years a skin scheme might get

saggy or they might get wrinkled but you

can never say that a person beauty is

eternal only thing that matters is how

the person is from the inside and not

from the appearance per se so beauty is

fleeting beauty is never temporary I

mean never permanent and it is always

temporary and it does not last long so

that's what this word means and the word

that I would suggest for today is I n e

DRS C so when you rearrange these

letters you will arrive at a word which

is a noun and the synonym of that word

is charcoal so if you guys get to know

the word please post it on the comments

and I'll see you guys the next lesson

thank you so much for your time until

then bye-bye

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