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opposite and this is a really good size spa. Great for family

drop down into the deeper seat here and you got the foot jets

at the moment a little bit higher up in the spa, but we can

across here. I'm sat in what we call one of the chill out seats

lounger opposite and then we've got three good size chairs

formation. So what we've got is a lounger here and another

of the largest spas in our range. This is got a five seat

if you haven't got the biggest amount of room, you can still get big

spa features and in a little footprint. So here we are sat in one

and another good size lounger on the right. So even if you

jet up here and then we got a good size lounger here on the left

room inside. I'm sat in the corner seat here at the foot jets opposite, we got a volcano

a little bit shorter just 82 centimetres, but even so plenty of

five-seater spas in our range, this one is just under two meters square and it's also

water features on our hot tubs. So this is one of the smaller

the water run over it. So there's a real nice combination of

fountains, which provided quite exhilarating jet into the spa

again. That's something you can sit yourself in front of let

which again sets a really nice mood. There's also some pop-up

typically the water will then run down over some LED lighting,

cascade down your back or we have the pop-up cascading waterfalls and

typically you can sit in front of that and the water then

water feature. So you usually get a choice of a blade

waterfall, which will send a nice jet into the spa and

so all of our spas within the range are equipped with some sort of

they illuminate round the spa so you can safely climb in and out

time from a distance, but also have a practical use in that

are illuminated. These look fantastic in your garden at night

got external lights on the tub as well. So the corners

then if you're looking at our premium series products, we've

stepping the controls in many of the range are also illuminated so it's

easy to find the air controls and diverters at night time and

really well illuminated. You can see where you're safely

large footwell light, which means the tub at night time is

which gives a really great effect in the spa. You've then got a

hot tub. All of our spas are equipped with LED lighting. Most

of the spas in our range come with water line LED lighting,

So you can have some nice relaxing sounds while you are sat in the

phone or tablet to the spa and then you stream straight to it.

Bluetooth music. It's really simple to use you just pair your

to talk to you about some of the great features fitted to our

hot tubs. Many of the hot tubs in our range come with

still great for couples as well. You've got a lounger each so plenty of

Hi there, I'm Geoff from Better Living Outdoors and today I'd like

space for you to sit relax and enjoy yourself.

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