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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you're new here, my name is penny

I'm a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon

And today I have some new discoveries from the drugstore and it's all makeup and I found some really fun new

Items that are blowing my mind and I wanted to share with you

So let's get right into it the first and best thing that I found is not

Exactly new it is the these are the Revlon

these are their little Colorstay cream eyeshadows now they came out with

Bulbs and I don't know if you guys have seen these but they are

gorgeous, and if you have never used the Revlon Colorstay

Cream eyeshadows they are also absolutely bulletproof. So the new colors are beautiful

This one is the color emerald

8:35, I mean look at that you guys it is kind of a

emerald obviously, but it's got a black undertone and it's got a little bit of a shimmer just

Stunning on the eyes. The other color that I got is called 825 Merlot. This is probably my favorite

this color is so pretty and

Honestly guys


gorgeous and

Here's the deal. I

Like Charlotte Tilbury. I also like the Tom Ford cream eyeshadows. Those are extremely expensive

I mean

I think the Tom Ford cream and eyeshadows are 45 to

60 dollars depending on which version you get and if it has a topper that kind of stuff

These are ten dollars and where I purchased mine is at a store called Fred Meyer

Which these are ten bucks and they're a buy one get one half off and they are just fantastic

You can also use them as liner. They're so good another one that I got

I got four of them because they were buy one get one half off is

Black now the deal with this black is it's kind of like oil ish in my mind as a black. It's very

Creamy and almost transparent black now

The reason why I think that that's actually really cool is because it makes for an awesome base for a smoky eyeshadow look

You can put it on and it kind of gives you this wash of black it sets and it goes absolutely nowhere

There's no creasing no nothing

Then you can go over it and do your eyeshadow look and get a really bold as the name would suggest I shadow

Look, you can get a bold smoky eye. You can use this as a liner, but it's not super super harsh and opaque

It's actually really beautiful

And if you've never used these before I've used these forever and I love them in

The cap is a little brush and this little brush seems like it would be nothing

But it's actually super handy in here that it they keep that in there

And the last color that I picked up is such a beautiful color

It is 805 and this one is called Stardust and I just think that is also so pretty

It's like a topi champagne


Beautiful. So if you have not seen these new bold clean eyeshadows from the color stay line from Revlon

Definitely check them out, they're stunning and they are not expensive and you can usually find them on sale

Which is what I do next a new discovery is actually from L'Oreal and it is a product called

Unbelievab row now. This is clearly they are trying to dupe the

Wonder brow now Wonder brow has been a holy grail of mine for a really long time. I usually take a felt pen

Eyebrow product and I draw some hairs on the front end of my eyebrow

and then I take my Wonder brow and I play it kind of

3/4 of the way to the tail and I comb it out and that's it. It's done. It's set

It's good till the next day. It is so bulletproof. This one Dubrow. It's a fantastic product

Sometimes I will use this in blonde and I also will use it in brunette and kind of do a gradation. I love it

So when I saw this one from L'Oreal

I picked it up in hopes and it did not disappoint you guys it is also bulletproof

It does have a little bit different of an applicator, which is a doe foot. Then the Wonder brow the Wonder brow

I'm going to compare these two for you guys

So you can see the Wonder brow also is a little bit darker and a little bit thicker

So this is the applicator for the Wonder brow

It's kind of a brush now. This is a new thing of blonde for me. I had to replace it

It does last forever, but eventually what happens with that brush is they go really frayed and it's just very difficult

You can't use the brush to apply the product. It just it's too big

So this is the L'Oreal in blond and this is the Wonder brow in blonde so you can see

How much lighter at the L'Oreal is I am actually wearing the L'Oreal today

with just a little bit of my felt tip pen in the front and that's it and

If you're somebody that loves this wonder brow

But this blonde was even too dark for you because it is the lightest color in wonder brow

Then this L'Oreal might be a great option because it is also bulletproof lasts all day

The other thing about the L'Oreal is in the little package comes this

spoolie and on the other side of the spoolie is an angled brush and it actually is really

Really handy, and it's a great little brush

So what I do is actually take a hair tie and I just tie them together and keep them in my makeup bag

So I will apply

this and I just apply here and I'm very cautious with it and

Careful with it so I don't put too much on but it's thinner than the Wonder brow

So it's easy to use

then I comb it out with a spoolie I go back with the angled and I get a little bit more product and I just

Define and then I let them dry and they are set for the day. They are so great

So I'm really loving this very much. Now. This was like sixteen dollars, so it's not super cheap

But again, you can usually find these on sale. You can usually find them buy one get one half off

You know in the cosmetics department or you can find 40% off that kind of thing so you can definitely get these on sale

Making it definitely more affordable than the twenty two. Twenty three dollar wonder brow. Do I still love wonder brow? Yes, I do

I love it. I can't help it and I do really love these together

For a blonde gradation because the Wonder brow is a little bit darker

I'm definitely going to go back and get there's a light brown color or light brunette color of the L'Oreal

I'm gonna pick that one up too because I really do like using two different colors of brow. Gel

I think that it kind of gives more of a natural look but this was a fantastic discovery

I'm really enjoying it very much something I found from Maybelline that totally caught my eye that I usually don't pick up was this snap?

Scare huh? And

It's just basically really bright colored mascara now

It comes in a kind of chocolate cherry or a black cherry color

It also comes in a bright purple. It comes in a regular black

I picked up the blue and I am wearing it today

And the reason why I wanted to use this was as a top coat

So it's very very subtle you guys I have on my regular black

Mascara from hourglass and then I put this on top before the hourglass completely dried

Just to give this subtle hint of blue on my lashes

I didn't want them to be bright blue and

Then I actually used this

alone on my lower lashes and

I went back in with my hourglass and just deepened up the base of the lower lashes with black and I just feel like it

Gives you a pop of color without

You can't really perceive the color but it's there. So it kind of brightens up your eyes

I think blue around your eyes can really help to kind of emphasize the whites. And I think it's really fun

And I really like the actual applicator quite a bit. It's not one of those plastic applicators

It's just a regular old fan

But it has a nice point so you can get in and kind of get some of the smaller lashes

It looks to be a really great. Mascara. I think I found from Sally's Beauty Supply

I went in there wanting to look at their collab collection, which is a collection that was curated

with I think seven or eight

Youtubers and then the company they collaborated and came out with this cosmetics line

So I picked up a couple things from that line one was a total fail, but one was a great hit and that is this

Lip gloss now this lip gloss from the collab line. This is in glow wonder guys

It's almost clear but it does have the slightest hint of peach and then it's got these super super fine

blue and purple

micro micro shimmers, so we'll see if you can see it but right here I

Love it as a topcoat. It is a little bit sticky

But what it does is it makes your lipstick last and last and last because it's a little thicker

It's a little sticky what I love about it you guys is it is a stinking dupe for my French tickler?

I believe that's what this one is French tickler from Marc Jacobs you guys it is

So close to that same I'm going to put them side-by-side. I

Mean they are

You wouldn't be able to tell if you didn't know

So that is the Marc Jacobs and the Marc Jacobs is the same thing. It's got that hint of

Micro shimmers in there of blue and purple they look about the same and this is under $10 as we all know

These are like 26. I love this as a topper as well. This is just as good and you get more product in here

It's just really great from that collab

collection the other thing that I did pick up from collab was their

Foundation and this one is the bright spark radiant foundation

I picked this one up in the color

Beige 4 and when I first put it on I was and I put it on with my Sonia Kashuk

Beauty sponge and I immediately was like, oh my gosh, this is going to be my new favorite. I can't even believe it

It's $15. I can't wait to share this

So I wore it and I wore it of course all day and probably about three hours later

I got in the car and I looked in the mirror and

my face

First of all was very oily and I am normal to dry and number two I had so much texture

I mean my whole face just looked like orange peel eat texture

It was it was crazy how much it emphasized my texture

Okay, so I thought I liked it so much when I first put it on then I'm gonna give it another shot

So the next day I did different prepping of my face tried it again same thing

I gave it a third shot you guys a third day because seriously when I first put it on I

Loved it so much. It just looks radiant and beautiful. You look poreless

It just is very very pretty at first third day. Same thing. Third time's a charm three-strikes-you're-out

It's not good. It just doesn't wear it starts out fantastic, and it does not wear well

So this collab foundation was definitely a bust for me. Those are all my new discoveries in

Makeup from the drugstore. I hope that you guys are having a fantastic holiday season

I hope you get to spend it with people that you love

I appreciate you being here and spending some time with me

If you have any new discoveries things that you have found high low end. I don't care tell me down below

I'm always on the hunt

I'm always looking for stuff and it's so fun and exciting to find new makeup, especially at good price points

So I hope that you guys are having a fantastic day and I will talk to you again very very soon

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