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- Previously on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

- You just went to the doctor recently?

- Just feels like I need to start tapering down.

Slowing down for me,

it may not be slowing down for everybody else.

- We're moving forward,

and we're gonna try to get back on track.

- I'm so angry sometimes at my husband about what happened.

It was regrettable that your family

and your wife wasn't enough.

- For this day, I just want to enjoy Oliver's company.


- I just want you to leave.

- I'm not gonna play none of that sh**.

- I told you he's crazy.

- To hell with all of this craziness.


♪ ♪

- Only God can judge me,

and He seems quite impressed.

- I'm about to give you life.

So stay out of my way.

- Seasons may change,

but Cynthia Bailey

never goes out of style.

- I'm a hit maker.

And this year, I will reveal the best one.

- Don't come for me...


Unless I twirl for you.

- Faith, family, and career:

those are the facts of my life.

♪ ♪

- Okay, so I am a woman seeking a man,

but I can maybe cheat a little bit on my age,

because I look so much younger than I am.

- Okay, you know Karma is a-- - Whatever.

Karma's when you do something bad.

- Uh... - That's bad.

- Too late.


[line trilling]

- Hello.

- Hello.

Did you cut your hair?

- I did.

I haven't seen you since I cut my hair?

- No. You look so much like Mom.

- Kim Zolciak suffered a mini stroke last week.

As a result, she was unable to perform

on "Dancing With The Stars."

- Kim was so devastated that she asked all of her fans

to sign a petition to get her back on the show.

Those were your hottest celebrity stories of the week,

brought to you by Dish Nation.

- Hey. - What's up?

- Look what I found outside.

- Who are those from? - They better be from Peter.

And then I have to show you my new samples as well.

"Just because I love you."

- I like. I like.

- These are nice and simple and sweet.

- You should call him and say, you know, thank you.

You know, you always got to praise the man

who does the good gesture.

- I don't know about praising him, child, right now, but...


[line trilling]

- What's up, honey? - Hey, honey.

How are you?

- I'm fine.

- I just got some little yellow roses from you.

- You like the flowers?

- Probably take a lot more flowers,

but I like them, and I really just appreciate the gesture.

- Yeah, absolutely.

All the pretty flowers and sweet little notes

don't make me forget about our problems

and everything that we need to do to fix them.



♪ ♪

- I figured you might need a little bit of extra help.

- Oh, goodness.

I'm not that dead yet.


- What's up? - Hey, hey, hey.

- What it do, y'all?

- What's going on? - Hi.

- Hi, there. - How you doing?

- How you doing? - How you doing?

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Before you sit I got to see, I got to see, I got to see.

- Oh, Lord.

- I mean, 'cause you was already bountiful up top,

but it's just, like, everything else is like--

- It's way too much.

- Yeah, you got a butt on your chest.


- I've been knowing Demetria over a year now,

and she is super talented.

I have not only become executive producer

on her album, but we also did a duet together

called "Unnecessary Trouble" that I wrote.

- So how you feeling? - I'm feeling good.

- How's my man Todd doing? How's he holding up?

- Todd is doing great. - He's doing good.

He's excited and all that good stuff?

- Oh, yeah. - How's Don Juan holding up?

- Oh, I'm cool.


I'm excited for her to have a baby.

Just all these moving pieces with her having a baby.

- I promised myself that I definitely wanted to get back

into music this year, because I kind of let it fall

to the wayside of my "priorities list."

But I'm not gonna slack off on that

just because I'm in my second trimester.

I can do both.

I did both with Riley. I can do both now.

- You guys laid down some killer songs,

and her label is really happy.

- Wait, wait, wait, you got to take it back.

Sitting at the table...

- What.

- I want to work together.

- Oh, Lord.

- You know, I don't really--

I don't really work with nobody, you know.

- Is that your Kandi impression?

I've had a few situations doing business with friends go wrong.

I only got $3,000-4,000, and you think you should make $80,000?

- Phaedra act like sh** is all good.

Not paying people their money.

That sh** ain't cool.

- But Demetria paid me my check.

That's all I ask for.

- The label is super excited about the duet

that you and Demetria did together.

That's the one that they want to be the first single.

- Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. - Give me that.

Give me all of that.

- What?

- They want to do a big video release party,

and so I want to do a video and get the song out quick.

I just want to be clear about what's the stakes here,

because this is her first major record deal,

and I think you know the industry.

They don't really give you another chance.

- Too many chances.

- I want to figure out how we're gonna make it work too.

Of course, I'm trying to figure it out for her, because--

excuse me if I'm overstepping at this point--like,

it's a high-risk pregnancy, you know.

She's more mature, you know,

and it's other health issues that, like--

- See, there you all go going in on my age again.

- I'm not going in on your age. I'm just being realistic, Kandi.

- Right.

- If we do a video, I'm gonna need to know, like,

how long are you gonna need her and all that.

Just because I want to make sure that she's great,

the baby's good.

- I mean, we've seen people do it, now.

- We have seen people do it. - We have.

They were slightly younger, but--

- Thank you. That was my point.

That was-- we're both on the same page.

You're a little bit more mature.

- Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, all of them were older than me

when they had their babies.

So if they can work, I can too.

I want the whole project to win. both: Right.

- So that's why I'm telling you, like,

I'm definitely gonna do everything in my power

to make sure it blows up.

- It's our project. - Our baby with the baby.

- Our baby, our project. - Our baby.

- Right, there you go. - Our baby.

- Yeah, we got babies right now.

♪ ♪

- Are you gonna help me cut up the vegetables for the pizza?

- Yes.

- Okay. Mmm.

[doorbell rings]

Someone's at the door.

- Who is it?

- Are you gonna help me answer the door?

- Hey. - Hey, come in.

Scoot back, scoot back. - What's up, guys?

Come on. - All right.

What's up, man?

I got something for you all.

- Ooh. Hey, Bun, how are you?

- Oh, let me see.

- I haven't seen Bun since Apollo was on the lam.

- Stop f***ing playing with me, Phaedra.

- You need to get your little buddy,

and get the hell out of here.

Don't let him come back,

'cause the police is gonna come and get him now.

So what you got? You done come bearing gifts.

With Apollo away, it is important that my sons

have strong male influences in their lives.

And so it means a lot to me that Bun took the time

out of his schedule, unlike most of Apollo's friends,

to come by and check on The Prince and Mr. President.

Oh, my gosh. It's got their names on them.

- You like it? - Yes.

- Well, look at your jacket. - Super cool.

- Oh, my gosh, look!

- Look, it's a a matching jacket too, Ayden.

- Oh, man.

That is super cool.

- You got the coolest haircut in the world.

- Thank you.

- You got good hair like your Daddy, huh?

- Thank you. - Say, "Like my Mama."

- Go play, so I can talk to Mr. Bun.

- Okay. Bye.

- [shouting]

- He's something else. - Ayden is like a mini me.

- Right, right, right.

- And Dylan is just rough and tough as old Apollo.

- Right, right, right.

How's that working out with them not knowing

or I if he does know--

- Oh, he knows, he knows. Yeah, he knows.

- He knows? - Oh, he knows-knows.

Yeah, he knows.

Ayden is well aware of where his father is,

and he knows how to communicate with his father.

He knows how to send him emails,

and he does so on a very regular basis.

- The last I spoke to him, he was kind of like,

"I haven't spoken to them," and, you know,

"Nobody's answering the phone for me, and"--

- You know--you know your friend tell a bunch of stories.

You know that, right?

- Well, he seemed pretty upset, so...

- Yeah, he always upset, though, so yeah.

- Him being my friend, I try and keep it 100 with him,

keep it real with him, and I said,

"Bro, like, you're a great friend,

but you're a horrible husband."

I mean, he always had a love for you, and I knew that,

and it's just-- it's whack the way it went.

- Yeah, it's whack, yeah.

- You know, it's just disturbing.

And, you know, it's tough for him--

- Oh, yeah, because y'all were in a facility together

at one point.

- At one point, yeah, we were.

He was like, "I'm gonna come home and hittin' that thing."

- So he used to talk about me way back then, child.

Because we met when, you know, basically, we were teenagers.

- I mean, y'all had the formula to take it to the top.

- You got it. - Together.

- He was living the American dream.

- Knowing that he failed at this

is very, very, very, very hurtful for him.

- Hindsight is 20/20, so I'm sure Apollo

is definitely remorseful now,

because he's had plenty of time to think about his deeds.

I hate it turned out like this, but, you know, he lost his way,

and like you said, he was a very bad husband.

But all things happen for a reason, and,

you know, we got two great children.

- Coolest little kids ever.

- They are great. You know, they're happy.

They're healthy.

I mean, I can't ask for anything more.

- Right.

- I can't be upset about it, because, I mean,

I got the best thing out of this relationship

in the world, my kids.

- Right, I agree.

- And so I hope this time, he really can pull it together.

We just have to focus on being good parents.

- Good parents, yeah.

- Yeah, thank you so much for stopping by.

- Well, it was great to see you guys.

- Good to see you too.

- Coming up next...

- You guys need to date.

- One date.

- Um...

- Are you okay? - I'm' getting winded.

- I haven't done a video in a minute.

- Whoo.

- [speaking indistinctly]

- Volume. - Send her up.

♪ ♪

- Look, I'm, like, supposed to be a fanning you,

getting me some air.


- Hola, hola, hola.

- Wait, so are we getting some lunch or something?

- You're already ready for food?

- Oh, jeez. Here you go.

- I'm just saying. - I thought you had a menu.

- No, I don't. - Exactly.

- How do you feel? - I'm feeling good.

You know, we've got a long day,

so make sure you keep your energy up.

- It's been some years since I've done a music video.

Like, being back on a set feels like,

"How did I allow myself to just let this part of me go?"

You know, this brings it all back.

- Definitely let us know if you get too hot.

If you tire, let us know you're tired.

- Hey, what's going on?

- Oh, hey. - Hey, babe.

- Oh, gosh.

Did you really bring that thing with you?

- I don't walk no more, babe. I'm just too cool.

- Oh, my goodness.

- I ain't gonna stop.

- Oh, sh**. He got it down pat.

- Really? - That's how I play--

- Oh, my God.

- So let's get last-looks makeup,

and then go ahead and get you dressed,

because they want you on set.

- When I was with the group Xscape, we had one video.

My abs were, like, rock hard.

I never liked to cover up my belly.

Like, I always wanted my belly out.

And now, I've got to do everything

to camouflage all of this.

This is a lot of work to get a boot on.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

- I'm just hoping I don't look like a whale.

- Hey.

- Hello. - Hi.

- Hi, diva Mama.

- Oh, wow. - You look gorgeous.

- See.

I'm glad that Portia and Phaedra

are stopping by the video and showing support.

Things have been getting a lot better between Phaedra

and I since the Miami trip.

- You don't even feel pregnant, do you?

- No. - Y'all, I got to pull her.

- Especially not with this on.

- You definitely don't look it. - I'm so sorry.

I got to pull her in there. - Okay, well.

- Oh, y'all want to come and see--

because I have to shoot my performance scenes.

- Of course. Of course. - All right. Yes, honey.

- I want to see what moves she gonna give.

- Yes, honey.

♪ ♪

- This gym is really cute.

- Come on, we got to get fine.

What are we gonna do?

- We have to get warmed up. - We definitely do.

We need to, like, stretch too some.

Shoot, I guess I'll just take it off.

- Take it off, baby. Take it off. Take it off.

- You so silly.

- Okay, let's just warm up a little. Come on.

- I hate working out though.

- Come on, 20.

- Marlo is a horrible workout partner.

The only thing she's good for in this gym

is being a pretty thing

to look at and providing lots of laughs.

You're sweating already?

- Yes, and my weave is hot.

- See, Marlo, I work out almost every day.

- I do too, but not with this industrial stuff.

I have a personal trainer

- You know, this is where most of the cute guys

come that really take working out seriously.

- Well, where are they because I don't see them right now.

- In the gym, it's kind of like a meat market.

You've your filet mignons, you've got your Kobe steaks.

You kind of have the whole range of the cow.

You just don't want the pooper.

- Now, this is the Superman,

and this is gonna help our lower back.

All you do is like this.

- Oh, my Lord, Superman?

I need a Superman.

- I don't know if I have any must-haves in a guy,

but it doesn't hurt if he's over 6'4",

he's an entrepreneur, built like Adonis,

and looks like Matthew McConaughey.

If he rides horses or is a hybrid of a horse in a man.

- Superman. Superwoman. - You know what?

I'm not working out with you anymore, Marlo.

- Oh, Lordy. - Okay.

Now we're gonna do the ball, but we're gonna do it up high.

- This is just awful. - Come on.

- I don't like this much working out.

- I guess today's workout is just a joke?

- Oh, hey.

- What's going on? - How you doing, Matt?

- I'm all right. How you doing? - Good.

This is my friend, Marlo. - What's going on?

- How you doing, Marlo? - Nice to meet you.

- I first met Matt in the gym,

and I thought he was really cute.

Matt is a trainer.

We had a few flirtatious encounters,

but with Matt there is a significant age difference.

A lot of years.

- What you guys working on, playing catch?

You over here showing her some booty exercises?

- She doesn't need any booty exercises, clearly.

- I'm trying to slim down. - You're with the right one.

That's the workout queen right here.

- It really is, and she looks fabulous.

- I fell off.

- Oh, my Lord.

I kind of fell off a little bit.

- You guys need to date.

- We, uh...

What you think? One date.

- I think yeah. She's blushing.

- Are we gonna do this?

- I might give you a chance.

- All right.

- So just call me.

- Call you? All right. See you?

- Okay, all right.

- Work that out, work that out.

- I'll see you, Miss Kenya.

- Okay, see you.

- Girl, you better go on a damn date with him

He's fine as he is.

- He's a cutie.

- He is fine.

That is not no damn cutie.

Did you see that damn height? The chest?

- He is a lot younger than me.

- You're just being so serious. Go have fun.

- I'm a little cautious,

because he doesn't necessarily have all of my must-haves.

I don't have a problem dating a younger man.

He just has to be mature enough to ride this ride.

- I may need to start dating young.

Forget older men.

- You know you like those old guys for the coin.

- No, I don't.

I want true love, okay?

But I do like the coin too.

- All right. Got to go.

Got to go. Got to go. Got to go. Got to go.

- So this is like Brandy and Monica, "The Boy's Mine."

- Yeah, exactly.

It's the 2015 version.

- Hold on, hold on. - What?

- Let me step on that first.

That's what she's standing on? - Yeah.

- That sh** looks slippery as hell.

We've got to clean the bottom of your shoes,

because it gives you some grip.

- Don Juan is extremely protective.

And I appreciate it and everything,

but he just goes so far.

- Be careful. Please be careful.

- I know my body.

- All right, folks, here we go. Stand by.

- ♪ I'm here to say we trouble for you

I'm here to say we trouble

I don't know if you see what your dude is doing

I heard that he's been running 'round with someone else

- Kandi is a professional.

She's pregnant, and she's still working it.

I mean, this girl will not sit down and rest for anything.

- ♪ I'm telling you it's about your man

No more

- Let's break. - Whoo!

- Are you okay? - I'm getting winded.

- You're getting winded? You need to sit down?

- We're gonna do one more safety take like that.

- So one more like this, and then go tight.

- She's tired as hell.

- It's been a minute since I did this.

This is tough.

I definitely forgot how hard it can be to sing and dance.

The baby along with that?

Lord have mercy.

- You know, y'all can get some good shots

of her from the side and everything.

- Yeah. - We got it.

- You could never tell that Kandi's even pregnant.

She has definitely camouflaged that baby bump.

♪ ♪

- Yay! - All right!

[cheers and applause]

- Honey, I know she's tired.

- Girl, I'm scared to do this shot together.

- No, it's gonna be great. It's gonna be great.

It'll be just the three of us. Aaaah!

- I'm scared.

- Coming up next...

- Trying to do the romantic thing.


- Whooo. Ooh, my bad.

- Mommy never thought you'd keep growing up to be a big boy

and not my little baby anymore.

- It's a lot.

- Ugh.

I'm getting old.

You're getting older. - I'm getting older.

Thank you for letting me know

that I'm so close to the casket.

- I didn't say that.

Peter must have sensed that I wasn't wooed over

by the flowers, so my man drove almost 5 hours

from Charlotte just to take me on a romantic date.

Now, this is what I'm talking about.

- Eight years living in this city.

I never walked through the park.

- It's, like, so peaceful out here.

- No assistants. - I know.

You know, I was ambitious before I met you,

but I do way more now.

- I'm gonna teach you how to balance.

- Well, you can teach your own self as well.

Because every time you get one thing going,

before it even kicks in, you always start on another project,

like, right away.

- Yeah, but we got to make time.

We got to do stuff like this. - Yeah and it's...

Peter and I were busy people before we even got together,

and we only got busier when we got married.

When Peter and I first started dating,

we just used to love to take long drives

together and just talk.

We just were excited to get to know each other.

He just wanted to know everything about me.

- Look at what Peter got set up for you.

- Oh, my God. This is so nice.

- I'm artist Ameer; I'll be drawing you two this afternoon.

- This is amazing.

You planned all this?

- I'm trying to do the romantic thing.

- This is beautiful. - Yes.

Do you like? - Yeah, this is really sweet.

I may have been giving a little bit

of a cold shoulder recently, but this date

is definitely making me warm up.

[glass clanging]

- Whoo!

Oh, my bad.

- Do I still make you nervous?

- No, you don't.

That was me being clumsy.

- How did you think of this?

- What do you mean, how did I think of it?

- This is so sweet. Like, I've never--

- You say that like I don't have the capability

of doing stuff like this.

- No, I'm just saying you've never done

anything like this before.

- Yes I have. - Oh, my God.

Yes, you did.

When you had Christopher Williams sing.

- Exactly.

- ♪ I was a lonely man, my money was tight

- It's three years.

Cheers for better days.

- Better days.

- Candlelights all around you, remember that?

- Yes. Oh, my God.

- [speaks indistinctly]

- Because we doing it over.

- Doing what over?

- We're doing the wedding over.

- This is beautiful.

You are romantic.

As long as Peter and I believe in our marriage

and continue to do what we need to do to make it work,

I think we're gonna be okay.

- How's it coming along, man?

- You're so beautiful together. - Thank you.

- Let's see if I can mimic this on canvas.

- Aaaah! I love it.

- Did you enjoy this?

- I love this.

I want to stay out here forever.

- Hey.

- What's going on? - How you doing?

- You look good. So what's going on?

- You tell me. Looks like basketball today?

- A little game, yeah. - Okay.

I usually go out to dinner or a movie on a first date.

Doing something physical is out of the norm,

and it's something I really think I enjoy.

Let's get physical first

and not the horizontal kind of physical.

Is that a regulation-size ball?

This is like a little baby ball.

- You want to play with a bigger one or--

- What am I gonna do with this baby-sized ball?

I never have seen one this little.

I'm hoping this isn't a preview of coming attractions.

- We wagering. - Tell me.

- About when I get to be your boyfriend.

- Oh.

That's a pretty hefty wager.

- Incentive for you to play harder.

- Oh, incentive.

- You really don't want me to win, do you?

I'm done playing with you now.

I'm about to come alive.

Get what I want.

- Okay.

- That's one.

- This is turning out to be a "Love & Basketball" date.

Matt is Omar Epps and I'm Sanaa Lathan.

He really makes me laugh and makes me feel good.

So far so good.

Yes! I won.

All right, now you got to try harder.

Yeah. - I mean, you won, considering.

- I mean, I always win.

- You always win? - I always win.

- Whatever, but I'm glad you came out though.

- Yeah, me too. - Finally.

- You know, I'm kind of shy. - Yeah, you are.

You definitely are.

- I kind of drive in the slow lane at first.

It scares me when a guy is a little bit

too anxious right away.

I like a man to hunt.

I can tell you're a sweet person.

And I like a sweet person.

- Really? - But I had fun.

I'm glad you invited me. - Yeah, that's good.

Maybe next time I'll win.

- I'm looking for something long-term.

Matt is very sweet,

but he doesn't meet all my must-haves in a guy.

I'm a little reluctant about a second date,

but I'm not saying no either.

I just take my time. - Absolutely.

- Is that okay? - Because you won the game.

- Because I won the game, so that's okay?

- If I would have won, we'd be having a different

conversation right now.

- Oh, really?

I'll give you one more chance, one more chance.

- No cheating this time? - All or nothing.

- Where is my other pajama shirt?

- Get that clothes hanger. That doesn't belong there.

- Say please.

- Dylan Nida.

Ayden Nida. What's your name?

Ayden is attending one of

the best private schools in Atlanta.

I'm excited that Ayden's starting kindergarten,

but happy but sad at the same time.

Do you think you'll need your umbrella today?

Do you want to take it just in case?

- Yeah. - Come on.

Let's go.

I'll be right back, Momma.

As a parent, I'm glad that I'm here so that I can

cherish these moments, because there's

certain milestones that are truly milestones.

You can never go back to that place in time.

Get in.

Unfortunately, because of Apollo's current situation,

this is one of the consequences of it

that not only affects him,

but it affects the whole family.

So are you excited?

Are you nervous?

Are you scared about the new school?

- Scared. - Oh, why are you scared?

- Oh, goodness, Ayden.

Mommy's gonna take you to school every day

and gonna pick you up every day.

- He's growing up.

He's not a baby anymore.

I can't even believe you're going to kindergarten.

- Why?

- Well, Mommy never thought you'd keep growing up

to be a big boy, not my little baby anymore.

- Oh, you're always gonna be my baby.

From the time I laid eyes on Ayden,

I was in love with him.

- Hey, baby.

- Ayden, look at you.

- Hello. Hello.


- Ayden.

- It's unbelievable how fast five years has flown by.

You gonna sing "Alligator Pie" for Mimi?

- ♪ Alligator Pie

Alligator Pie

- Oh, thank you, baby.

Let's say your prayers, baby.

- Bless Mommy and Daddy.

- In Jesus' name we pray. - Amen.

- It's just a lot. It's a lot.

You and Dylan will always be my little babies.

We got to say a prayer before we go to school.

Are you gonna say a prayer for Mommy?

- Now, God, we thank you for this day.

And we ask that you make Ayden the big boy

that he is supposed to be today.

Hold my hand.

God, just let him be strong and courageous.

Lord, just give him strength and give me strength today.

Oh, boy.

In Jesus' name we pray.

Amen. Amen.

- Amen.

- Mommy's got to pull it together.

- Coming up next...

- Wow, this angle right here,

all you can see is my boobs.

- Well, all righty then.

- What kind of problem does he have?

- I don't know, because he got all the money.

I ain't even got a product yet.

- You know, I heard the gossip about my peoples.

[phone chiming]

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Can you see me? - I cannot see you.

- No? - Uh-uh.

- Okay, how about now?

Wow, this angle right here, all you can see is my boobs.

Okay, wait a minute.

- Oh, I bet you are okay with that angle.

Even though we talk every day,

I'm just like, "You've got to see me."

I know I'm probably playing with fire going down the road

with these Skypes and another long-distance relationship.

But I've got something going really good with Oliver myself.

- Really? This is just a house dress.

I was just in the kitchen putting up some things.


This is the first time that I've had a latin lover,

and I'm liking it.

Me and my Porsha. [laughs]

That's how you say my name, mm-hmm.

So have you ever had a back girlfriend before?

- So only latins.

- Was it the culture clash, or, like, what was it?

- Oh, well, all righty then.

I've been going to the gym, like, every single day.

Even though I felt good in Miami,

I just was like, "Okay, I want to work out a little bit more."

So, like, I've lost, like, 7 pounds.

- [laughs]

- Oh, I didn't know you were, like, totally a butt guy.

- You know what?

You always have the best answers.

I love a man who knows what he wants,

and Oliver seems like he's ready to go for it.

I think I even had on a thong when I met you.

- Oh, really?

It wasn't my smile?

- Get it. Get it, girl.


- You're right, you're right.

Use what you got to get what you want.

Nothing's wrong with that.

After my last runaway,

I'm actually into a man that's running towards me.

So you just down there being a bachelor, huh?

- Oh, okay.

Well, you know, a lot of people in Miami,

they just like to be single and mingle.

Are you ready for a relationship one day?

- [garbled]

- Huh?

- I can't hear you. It's breaking up now.

This better not be a sign that I don't need to move forward.

Well, let me give you a good look at me before I go.

And I'll just text you or we can Skype again tomorrow.

- All right.

♪ ♪

- I haven't painted my nails in forever,

so I don't know how this is going...



I am going somewhere.

Hee-hee, this is funny to me.

Thank you to this social circle giving me something to do,

somewhere to go with my man on a school night.

We, like, for real's grown.

Quincy, how's Mommy's lashes doing?

Look, I'm here. How do my eyes look?

You see him blinking?


- Oh, Todd.

What's up, babe? - What's up?

- I really don't know what to wear.

- That look like Queen Latifah in Chicago.

Yo, this is not the Emmy's.

This is a music video release. I'm not dressing up.

I'm not putting on no blazer or nothing.

Yo, you pregnant. You get a pass.

- I'm excited about showing everybody the video.

I've seen it. I love it.

But I'm just hoping that everybody is positive.

If it sucks, they can throw shade

at your ass; they definitely can do that.

- Do you look pregnant in the video?

- Well, I think you can definitely see it in,

like, one or two shots.

You know, things didn't go too well with our last video party,

but I'm praying that everything will go right with this one.

- Why are they playing it without sound?

- Oh, ho, ho, ho.

- Who's coming tonight? - Porsha and Tanya, Cynthia...

- I ain't gonna be coming to all the events

if I'm the only dude.

- Excuse me. This is my event.

- Oh, true, true, true.

- So you've got to come.

I told Phaedra.

- I might get a check tonight.

- Oh, I don't think she's gonna bring a check at the place.

- It's been weeks since Kandi's spoken to Phaedra.

No response. I haven't heard from her.

And just like the song my wife wrote,

if I'd have got my check,

there wouldn't be no unnecessary trouble.

- If Phaedra doesn't bring up the check tonight,

don't you bring it up either.

Just be cordial.

- I ain't gonna say nothing to that lady.

- Be nice. Be cordial.

- Of course, Babe. God don't like ugly.

I'm gonna get mine.

Jesus will fix it.

- Coming up next...

- What up, party people?

- Kim looks like a confused prostitute at Disney World.

What is she thinking with that outfit?

- That was awesome. - Thank you.

Mwah. Todd.

- Todd won't show out at a party, I hope.

- We just got here.

- You gonna do an announcement or something?

- Yeah, I want us to do the announcement together.

And Roger's pressing play.

This sh** gonna work.

- It got to work. - Yeah.

- Right.

- Yep.

It feels good to be here tonight with Peter on my arm.

Peter looks good. I look good.

Yes, honey, yes.

- I look good. I feel good.

I'm working my hot pants and my boots.



I still don't have it right.

What up, party people?

- Kim is serving me some old nasty thigh high boots

and some leather short-shorts today.

Okay, Tootie.

- You have shade for me? What? I didn't do anything.

- No, no, no, no, not that kind of shade,

some Cynthia Bailey shade, girl.

- Some shades, okay. - Yeah.

- Honey. - Hey, baby.

- This is Chris, Kim's husband.

- How you doing, brother? - Good to meet you, brother.

- Hi. - Hi.

- Welcome, beautiful. - Hi, how are you?

Hi, how are you?

Don't try it.

- How you doing?

Hi, good-looking. You good?

- Yeah, I'm doing good. I'm great, yeah.

- Good? Okay.

This is the first time I've seen Peter

since Cynthia's eyewear party.

I'm really glad that we're cool again.

Did Cynthia tell you about I'm renovating this house?

- Yeah, yeah. - Oh, it's called Moore Manor.

- Yeah, it's called Moore Manor.

- We just call our home Kim and Chris'.

- Right.

- Kim looks like a confused prostitute at Disney World.

What is she thinking with that outfit?

- Girl, bye. - Hi, gorgeous.

- All right, ma'am.

Where's Kandi?

- I haven't seen her.

- Well, no, you're definitely enough,

but the guest of the night should be here.

- Yay, here they are.

- Okay.

- Hi, ladies.

How y'all doing?

- Good. How you doing? - Good.

I'm glad all the girls came to support.

- That's good.

- But if Todd and Phaedra run into each other,

I'm praying that Todd won't show out at the party

or anything...I hope, anyway.

- I know that you and Phaedra have sh

that you've got to settle.

- You think you need to talk to her about it, though?

I know you thought it was a favor, but this is what I do.

This is how I make my living.

- Basically, I've lost kind of the trust.

Until you speak on it or give me my money,

I really I ain't got much to say to you.

This thing has been going on for two years.

If Phaedra cuts the check, I'll shut up,

and I'll drop the issue completely,

and let's get back to being cool again.

Get it out, let's deal, and then let's move on.

- Hi.

Have you all seen the video? - No, we haven't.

- Okay, thank you, God.

Hi. - That shirt is cute.

- Thank you. Kisses.

I don't want to bend too much, child.

- Hi, ladies. - Hi, how you doing?

- Welcome, how you all doing?

- Cute dress. - Thank you.

Y'all look nice.

- So are you ready? - I'm so ready.

You got your water. I done turned mine into wine.

Let's do this. - Let's go.

When they see the video I want them to say,

"Ooh she looks good."

Or, "Oh, wow, she was pregnant when she did that?

Oh, what? I didn't know she could move like that."

Positive thoughts.

- Give a little bit of background,

and then we gonna play it.

They'll be able to see it here and down there.

- Okay, you want to talk first?

- No, you get their attention.

- Attention.

- Oh, here we go.

- Hello.

[cheers and applause]

First thing, we want to say thank you

so much for coming out to support tonight.

We really appreciate that.

It's funny, because when I first really started

being around Demetria, and she was talking about

going in the studio, you know, I had mixed feelings

about working with people that we were in

the same circle with.

- You know, sometimes that doesn't always

go well when you do friendship and business.

- Right.

- Interesting.

- Thank you so much for coming, you guys.

[cheers and applause]

- Definitely.

Here we go.

♪ ♪

- All right, Kandi.

- ♪ I don't know if you see what your dude is doing

From what I see I can tell that he's not into it

- Kandi looks good.

I can barely even tell she had a little bun in the oven.

- I ain't telling you ish about your man

- You can't even tell she's pregnant.

- Yeah, you can't, you can't.

- ♪ Unnecessary trouble

- Come on, Kandi, with the smize.


I thought it was Kandi's song.

I did not know that song was Demetria's song.

- ♪ Girl don't tell me ish about my man, no, no

- I think it looks great.

Everybody seems like they like the video.

This right here is a hit.

- Yes. - Yes.

- ♪ Girl don't tell me ish about my man

Unnecessary trouble

Unnecessary trouble

Trouble, trouble, trouble

[cheers and applause]

- Come on, girl.

- Thank you so much.

- You did a good job. - Oh, my gosh.

You look amazing.

- That was so good.

Lay it back, lay it back, honey

Kandi made that video.

Her song is super catchy.

Like, I think it's gonna be good.

I don't remember how it goes, but I think that song

is gonna do pretty good.

- All right, y'all, I'm gonna go check on Todd.

- Okay.

- There you are, babe. - That was a good job.

- Thank you. - It was really good.

You might be getting another Grammy soon.

- That was awesome. - Thank you.

- You did good. Mwah.

Todd, if you got a second, you'll stop by my office?

- I will. - All right, good to see you.

It was awesome. - Thanks for coming.

- It was really, really good.

Todd has been hiding behind Kandi

and having her do all his dirty work,

so I'll be woman enough to approach him myself.

I want this all to be over once and for all.

That was really cute.

- It was real cute.

- Thank God we had sound and the actual video.

- Exactly. - I know.

- [laughs]

- Not a messy mood.

- Did you peep that when she was like,

"Can you come by my office to talk?"

Did you say something to her tonight or was she just...

- She must have said, "Hey, I might as well let him know"--

which I thought was a good thing.

- It was all good seeing everybody.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- I even got to talk to Todd, which was nice.

Todd was having a major issue with me

about my pregnancy video that I did

with him the day before I had the baby.

- The exercise video? - Yeah.

So I invited him to come see me at the office,

so we'll figure out what that's about.

- I thought it was cool too,

but it kind of caught me off guard.

I was like, "Oh, okay."

- Yeah, I think we gonna be good.

- Let's just deal with sh**, and that's all it is.

- So he's holding hard feelings, like, this whole time?

- What kind of problem does he have?

- I don't know, because he got all the money.

I ain't even got a product, child, but okay.

- You didn't even put it out.

- I did not.

I haven't made a coin off of it, but he made 30,000 coins.

Are you sure that he got paid? Like, you know that for a fact?

- I wrote the checks. - Oh.

- And they cashed.

I did pay your husband $25,000-$30,000.

- You still owe him $8,000.

- $5,000.

- So it's coins from the husband

that done kept you all apart all this time?

- I don't know, so--

- I mean, I'm talking about you and her; forget Todd.

- Well, no, no, we're cool. We're fine.

- At the end of the day, I think if you didn't

put out the product, and he got paid for production,

I think that should be it.

You might want to email though instead of meeting

with him, honey, because I don't know.

You know, people these days and their money.

I don't need him acting up on you nowhere.

You got that old taser?

- I got the taser, child, and a .357 snub nose.

- Hello, pretties. - Hey.

- You know, I heard the gossip about my people,

so I had to walk over here.

I didn't know what the hell was going on.

- Gossip? What kind of gossip?

- You know you all be gossiping and sh**, darling.

- Never. - Nah.

But they was going in about my people.

I heard some shiznit.

- Wait, tell us what you heard.

- Well, you know, about friendship being broken money.

But I think it was a lot more than that

that broke a friendship.

- Coming up next...

- You were sitting here like, "What, really?

What, really? You just told me, so I told you."

- I wish I had a bucket of water for his thirsty ass.

So I had to walk over here. - Gossip? What kind of gossip?

- You know you all be gossiping and sh** now.

I heard some shiznit. - Wait, tell us what you heard.

- About friendship being broken by money,

but I think it was a lot more than that

that broke a friendship.

But I'm not getting into your stuff,

but I just heard it walking by, like,

"Well, damn, really, that's what we're doing?"

- Well, it looks like you're getting into it.

Don Juan is totally sticking his nose in business

that he doesn't even belong in.

I wish I had a bucket of water for his thirsty ass.

Did you drink tonight?

- I'm cool, but that just is foul

that you out here talking about it

at an event that you just came from them.

That's not cool. - It was nothing negative.

- Wait, here's what I'm saying.

- You kind of came over here with some negative energy.

- I heard from walking by, you,

"Oh, the friendship was broken over some money

that you didn't even put out."

And it's like, "But the work was done."

- Okay, well, I'm telling you it wasn't negative.

Don Juan, what is wrong with you?

- Well, why are you so extra with it?

- I don't want you-- you're loud.

You came up her, like, really abrasive.

- Well, you're being abrasive right now.

- I'm really not. - You just put on your smile.

But you were sitting here like, "Well, really?

Well, really? Well, really? You just told me so I told you."

You did all of that; well, I just came over here

because I heard it.

- You know I wouldn't have came over here

if I wouldn't have heard it.

- We were not saying anything negative about anybody.

We're here to support Kandi. - And I'm glad.

That's all I'm saying.

- I was just talking to my friend,

asking her a question, and now you're coming over here

and hearing half of it.

- I've got kids to take care of, and...

But yes, I'll be leaving. - Thank you.

- Don Juan, you really need to have several seats

and find you some business of your own.

- You're not entertaining anybody.

I'm hot, and tired, and bothered.

- We've just got other things to do; I've got to get home.

- No, and I want you to get home, and I get that, like,

but you get what I was saying, Phaedra,

obviously, because you didn't say nothing.

- All right, so let's go. - Bye, Don Juan.

Get some water and get some rest.

- Well, I hope you do too.

And go get the man that left.

- I will, honey. - Go get the man that left you.

That's all I'm saying. Go get him. Go get him.

- You're mad at me? Oh, my God.

Don Juan, oh, my God, go home and just change your tampon.

Don Juan's pink panties are in a bunch tonight.

- Girl yeah, I was not gonna hand it to him, that child.

- I don't owe Don Juan an explanation

or even a response,

because I don't fraternize with my friend's workers.

- Dust in the wind, child.

- Next time on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

- I heard Porsha with the,

"Y'all fell out over some money?"

- You sitting up here chitchatting

about my husband, that will make me mad.

- We have a problem.

I don't want us to have an issue.

- This was the original budget,

and then I have the cancelled checks that you sent me.

- I needed you when I was a teenager.

I needed my dad.

- We do the best we can with the cards we're dealt.

- You don't trust me, because Phaedra

needs me a little bit more.

She has lost the father of her children.

- She wanted him to go before he even left to go to jail.

You are believing the mother****ing hype.

- To learn more about the Real Housewives,

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