Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【Dead by Daylight #16】滑って転んでゲロまみれ

Difficulty: 0

[S] Hello, I'm Siruko

[M] I'm Matsuoka Mintarou. Please take care of me [T/N Who? lmao]

[G] I'm Gzira. Please take care of me

[S] Please take care of me [M] Let's do this *Old witch's voice*

[G] Yes, please

[S] Matsuoka-san

[S] What... is Matsuoka-san

[S] Which Matsuoka-san are you?

[S] AH!

[M] Hmmm let's see

[M] I am M-taro who respects Matsuoka Shuzo [Matsuoka Shuzo - a retired Japanese professional tennis player]

[S] Matsuoka M-taro

[G] Your name have changed *Smol panicking in Japanese*

*Smol panicking in Japanese*


[M] I can hear the sound

[G] He's being chased [S] That's dangerous!

[S] Gross! Gross! What is this?


[S] Wait

[M] Vomits?

[S] Puke x3

*Disgusting vomit sound*

[M] Oh no! *laughs in Guji*

[M] This is bad

[S] What's this? What should I do with this?

[S] What should we do after been puked on?

[G] Uwa

[G] Sirukosan, your character icon is dirty [The bottom left icon]

[S] There is something highlighted. I guess I should just go there

[G] So like...if you' puked on

[G] Then you can infect it to someone else?

[S] I don't really know about her traits

[M] For this character... if you got puked, you need to rinse your mouth or you'll go "UWEKKK! UWEKKK!" forever

[M] You need to rinse your mouth but...

[M] It's important to know when to rinse your mouth

[M] Because the water for rinsing is limited and

[M] You'll drink holy water

[M] The golden water

[M] So

[M] So you need to think about- [S] Holy water and golden water?

[M] Yes, when to rinse it

[G] I see

[S] She's warping a lot

[M] By the way, if you rinse your mouth [The game seems to be lagging this time]

[G] S-something came [The game seems to be lagging this time]

[G] Someone that looks like a noblewoman came just now

[M] Yes x4

[M] If the killer drinks the water from the Pool of Devotion [The fancy looking sink]

[S] MATA ORE KA? [M] If the killer drinks the water from the Pool of Devotion [The fancy looking sink]

[M] She can shoot out missile-like-puke and kill the us like this *BLERHEGHE*

[M] The killer will get empowered

[G] So she can lock on us?

[M] Yes

[G] I see

[M] Actually I don't know

[M] Please be careful

[G] You're being absurd

[S] This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is bad This is

[G] Do your best! Do your best! Do your best! Do your best!

[M] You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

[M] You can do it!

[M] If it's Siruko you can do it!!


[G] Ah, Do your best! x2

[M] If you got puked on, drink it! x2

[S] No~

[M] You can do it!

[S] What's this. What should I do?

[S] What is this? Why?

[S] AH!

[M] It's alright! Just believe! [S] *Groans*

[M] I'm gonna destroy this! x2

[M] Ok, I destroyed it

[G] Oh!

[S] AAAAh!

[M] What is this?

[M] Is this affected by the Hex?

[G] I don't think it is

[M] Then what did I destroyed just now?

[S] What should I do with this? I can't get out

[M] You can get out! [G] You can't get out?

[M] It's okay! You can get out! [S] I'll run!

[M] Don't run! [S] I'm gonna run!!

[M] You can't run!

[S] What should I do... Ah, she's following me [M] Do your best!


[S] Stop it~

[S] I'm being super- [M] You can do it!

[S] Being showe- eh?

[M] Drink it more!


[G] Ah, but there is the 'Pool of Devotion'

[G] Is this the one?

[M] Yes x4

[G] So this is the holy water

[M] It tastes delicious. Try and drink it

[G] Can I drink it right now?

[M] No, you can't

[S] Uwa!

[M] You can get up!

[M] Get up!


[M] Siruko!

[S] I can!


[G] oh!

[S] UOO!!

[S] Please make it in time!!

[S] I didn't make it

[M] You can make it in time!

[S] I didn't make it in time [M] You can get away on your own!

[M] Believe in yourself!

[S] She's puking on me really hard

[S] What is it

[G] She can still puke on dead ones?

[M] Yes x4

[G] Not dead, I mean those who got hooked

[M] Yes x4 and if someone goes to help them, they will get infected too

[G] Eh~? I don't want to go~ (save him)

[S] You don't want to go? [M] When you heard and sounds like "KANGGG" that means the killer is empowered

[G] I don't wanna go..

[M] Sirukosan, can you get away by yourself?

[S] No, I cannot

[M] Do your best! You can do it! [S] Uwaa, amazing

[S] I-I'm being..

[S] Showered with puke again

[G] Ah but, I'll finish fixing it with this one

[M] Oh no!

[G] This is the last one [M] I'm gonna get puked on! x4

[M] This is bad! x4

[G] But Sirukosan...

[G] But she is patrolling around

[G] The person who's walking elegantly [S] Yea~

[G] Wait x2. She's near

[G] Is she coming here?

[G] I guess she's not?

[G] But if I go, I will get infected, right?

[G] With Siruko germ

[S] Stop it~

[S] Save me~

[S] Siruko germ?

[M] I guess I'll go [S] How can you-

[S] Stop saying it like I'm some a bacteria!!

[S] It's not my germ

[M] Siruko germ [G] Do we have to do it?

[S] Save me! [G] Do we have to do it?

[S] Touch me! Touch me!


[S] Touch me more!!

[G] I already touched you

[G] Wait! Wait! [M] Okokok

[G] Sirukosan is too stinky I can't put him down!


[S] I'm too stinky you can put me down? [M] She found me!


[M] I already put you down so hurry up


[G] AAA! MINBEN-SAN?! [S] Run~

[M] Why...?

[M] I won't make it

[M] Run, Gzira-kun

[M] You can forget about me

[G] It's a bit different from what I imagined

[G] I don't wanna see a noble puking around

[G] She's making a horrible face

[S] What should I do?

[G] She's saving up

[G] AHH She threw up!

[G] That's dirty

[M] Please open it

[M] Please open the gate

[M] We can do it!

[G] Minben-san is vomitting

[S] Oh no!

[S] This one is at the verge of opening

[S] What should I do with that?

[M] Can you open it? [G] She's puking so much

[M] Can you open it first?

[S] Should I open it?

[M] Yes,please

[M] Can you put Gzira-kun down and run?

[G] Are you sure?

[M] I can go out on my own

[S] You need to get away from there

[S] You need to get away from here

[G] Ok

[S] And then

[S] You need to hurry up

[G] Oh hey!

[M] I made a mistake and can't use 'Deliverance' [A perk that can unhook yourself]

[M] I did it

[M] Save me~ [G] Oh no

[G] Behind me there's always-

[S] She's really waiting on you guys

[S] I guess I'll save you

[M] You can save me

[M] You can do it!

[M] If it's you, you can do it!

[S] Ah! I didn't make it in time!!

[M] Nice [G] AA!! Sirukosan!


[S] You're terrible

[G] It was insane just now

[G] I became like the Nomiyagai [Nomiyagai - bar strip, an alleyway lined with bars and pubs]

[G] My surrounding was covered in vomits

[M] It's okay. You can do this!

[S] Good~ bye~

[M] Ah, I'll be going first~

[G] Sirukosan?

[S] Yes

[G] I think I can go-ah

[M] I think I cannot

[S] I was the last one [G] AAAHHHH FORGIVE MEEE!!!

[G] Stop it!!

[M] You can do it! Gzira! Believe in yourself!

[M] JUST DO IT [T/N Is this Shia Labeouf reference?]

[S] She's doing her best to save you [M] JUST DO IT

[S] Aaaahhhh

[G] It was no good [S] Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

[G] I'm being splashed (with puke)

[G] What's with this guy?

[M] So kind. Ah, oh no!

[S] Oh no [G] Run. Just run

[G] This is enough

[G] I choose to escape!

[G] Believe in yourself!

[S] Grab it! the 4%!

[S] Get it 4%! [M] You can do it!

[G] Believe in it!

[M] You can do it!

[S] Aaaaaaaaaaahhh [G] It was no good

[G] Thank you everyone

[M] That was close. Just one more step

[G] But it was quite grotesque

[S] Goodbye Gujii~

[G] I got killed..

[S] So

[S] This is all for today

[G] The other person was a really nice person [The fourth survivor]

[M] Yea, she was

[G] Thank you so much

[S] Please watch the next video too

[S] Bye-bye~

[M] Get more heated!!!

[G] Bye-bye~

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