Practice English Speaking&Listening with: They Call It The PowerHouse...

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Woo! Wake up,

you know about batteries.

You've got 'em!

You need 'em!

You love 'em!

You might run off of them.

I hope not.

They might run out.

This is a big one. This is the biggest battery that's ever been on the desk here.

Probably ever been in the studio, for that matter.

It's called the PowerHouse.

And when ANKER reached out to me and said, "Hey, Lew, can we send you a giant battery?"

I said, "Of course! I want to see this giant thing."

It can do a laptop,

it can recharge a laptop 15 times,

It can run a TV for 4+ hours.

That's an appliance!

Post-apocalyptic scenario,

or maybe you're a camper.

What if you plug your networking equipment into here?

And you have a little uhh... power outage.

You've got battery in your phone still, and in your laptop,

and in your router!

And now you're still connected.

Checking the news,

watching UnboxTherapy.

The power's out, you've still got UnboxTherapy.

I don't even feel...

I don't even feel concerned anymore.

Camping stuff,

it can do a mini-fridge!

Laptops, lamps, TVs...

It's even got a display on it.

It charges via household outlet.

You can add a solar panel to it if you want to go even more zombie apocalypse...


You can do a phone forty times,

a laptop fifteen times,

a camping light one hundred times,

TV for four hours,

a mini-fridge for seven hours.

The mini-fridge is cool, you know?

Keep the food from spoiling, right?

Seems important.

It's gonna be a big battery.

And this is for the boss players,

the battery champions of the world.

Ooh, wait a second.

Siilicaa gel,

for Jack

It's what he likes to eat!

Silica gel for Jack...

It's his favorite treeeeaaaatttt!

This baby here... woah...

That is...

The quality there...

That's metal...

That's a serious handle as well...

You've got plenty of ways to interface with the battery

Here you've got a full size --


Hello there...

Seventeen hours...

AC power outlet...

Four DC five volt IQ USBs...

Twelve volt DC output...

A DC 16.8 volt input,

that's for charging it up.

The detail provided by -- *beep* --

the display itself,

Now it looks like you can turn on and off specific outputs,

so if you just wanna have the USB on, or the AC on,

just with the press of a button you can turn one or the other off.

Now it is heavy, I will say.

How big is the battery, actually?

434 watt hours.

So we're, like, beyond the scope of miliamp hours,

someone do a conversion for me, down below.

Four hundred...

and thirty four watt hours.

Oh you know, um, what else it is?


You could have a stereo running off of here,

a little mini-fridge comes off of it,

your phone is charging,

and you've got a stereo connected.

Who's better than you?

You're the party animal at that point.

USB, micro-USB,

power cable,

power brick.

That's gonna take a while to charge.

It's 434 watt hours.

I'll put it into one of these IQ ports,

and then press this button.

And we're juicin'!

See that?

The zombies are banging down your door,

you're like,

let me just board that up,

I've got forty more charges on my phone.

I'm just gonna play a little more... Fruit Ninja, or... Tower Defense games until they make it through.

Keep it anywhere you want power in the event that you need some serious juice.


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