Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Using Gods Name with Care

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- Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada.

I received a text from a Christian friend the other day

and she was all excited about this dinner party.

And she was talking about the banquet center.

And so she texted me, quote, "Oh my God, it was so cool."

Now, some might say I'm old-fashioned,

but it really hurt my spirit when I read that.

You know, when I hear brothers and sisters in Christ

use God's name carelessly, flippantly,

because the name of God means, literally it means,

Elohim, and that's a precious name.

David laments in Psalm 139 verse 20,

he says, "Oh Lord, Your adversaries misuse Your name."

Look, friend, nobody wants to be God's adversary.

Especially if you're a Christian.

So let's not buy into the ways of our culture,

using popular idioms that everybody else uses.

Others may, but you are a follower of Jesus, you should not.

Don't use the Lord's name in vain, the Bible says.

In other words, don't use it meaninglessly or carelessly.

Please resist the cultural trend, would you?

And take the name of God seriously.

You may not fit in with everybody else.

You may have to call out a few Christians,

as I did with that friend who texted me.

But hey, whoever said that Christians

should be like the world, right?

So be different.

Be faithful to God's name.

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