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Hi, I am Kelvin Hoefler,

a street skateboarder for the Brazil national team.

I've been competing since nine years old,

and today I'm gonna teach you some tips.

Lets go!

Today, I'm gonna teach you how to do a 360 flip.

It is a combination of the kick flip and a 360 shuvit.

For me, the 360 shuvit is way harder,

because when you pop your board,

always gonna flip your board.

So, I prefer to do a 360 flip

because its way easier to land it.

So the first step, you just need

to put your feet over here,

and when I do flick-around tricks,

I put my feet way back

so it's way easier to spin my board.

If you don't like any ramps,

like large ramps,

you're better to do over here.

So, your board is gonna flip slowly.

You don't wanna lean back and forward too much,

because you need balance to do any trick.

The biggest mistake that guys do

is the front foot.

If your front foot isn't on the right way,

it's gonna be way harder to do it,

because you're not gonna flick your board.

You need to pop and scoop your back foot,

and your front foot, you're gonna flick,

and you're gonna jump.

So you have time to land your trick.

The 360 flip needs a lot of power and spin

at the same time.

So, your board is gonna do a 360,

and you're gonna lock your front foot first,

and later you are locking your back foot

I learned because I watched a lot of videos,

the pros doing.

You just need to practice a lot.

Remember your foot placement.

Flick with your front foot.

And jump as high as you can.

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