Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vasectomy Reversal Success Stories

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What do you know about vasectomy reversal success stories?

I know a lot more about vasectomies themselves.

I heard there were companies promoting vasectomies during March Madness. Some were even giving

away buckets of chicken or pizza.

Theres even a group advertising that a vasectomy costs as much as one month of child


But guys do change their minds sometimes.

I dont think it is as often as women, though. About half of all female sterilizations are

in the first 48 hours of having a baby, when they are still going OMG I never want to go

through THAT again.

So what are the odds of a successful reversal for guys?

There is about a one percent chance over five years for a guy to get her pregnant before

a reversal. This rate is higher in the first few months after the vasectomy, before the

lines are totally closed.

It would be ironic to tell him he has to use a condom after having had his tubes tied.

What are the odds of success if it is undone?

The odds are highest if he had it done in the past three years and doesnt have an

STD like Chlamydia. In that case, the odds are about 50%.

What if it is done later?

If the vasectomy was more than ten years ago, the success rate goes down to 30%.

Ive heard guys can have major complications after it, though Id suspect ultra smooth

aftershave would help.

Guys once in a while develop antibodies to their sperm, essentially rendering them sterile.

If hes had untreated Chlamydia, the tubes may be blocked off even after theyve technically

been connected.

What happens if the reversal fails?

The doctor could do in vitro fertilization using sperm recovered surgically from the


Guys are already squeamish about surgery down there. I dont think hed tolerate a third


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