Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Análisis FABIAN SCHÄR

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Hi guys, im TheKyLer and i bring to you this player his name is Fabian Schr

he is a defender that plays in FC Basel and before he played with FC Will his citys team.

Here you can see a general information about Schr

and in the interested clubs is FC Barcelona too.

Here we can see a graphic that show the matches and goals of this good defender.

Now I show you the trophies that Schr have won.

The first characteristic of this player is mental speed

that is anticipate to the opponent to steal him the ball easier.

The second characteristic of this player is his attack incorporation

in the free kicks and corners.

The third characteristic of this player is goal shot

when he passes to his forwards and also when he shoots into goal

and in his team he is the person who shoots penalties

that its so strange.

That goal he scored with FC Will

hope you liked it and I see you in the next video.

The Description of Análisis FABIAN SCHÄR