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Rev up your engines!

It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your vehicle is making clunking noises

in the front end when you go over bumps,

then stay tuned because I'm going to show you how to find out what's making that noise,

of course the first thing you do is jack it up in the air,

and pull on the tire to see if there is any play,

but in this case the wheel doesn't wobble anymore,

so lets pull it off and look at the suspension inside,

and off it goes, so you start looking around and grabbing to

see if anything is getting loose, and here, you can see this bolt is loose,

this is a front stabilizer bolt (sway bar) assembly,

and as you can see, this is bouncing up and down, it's suppose to be a solid piece, so

it needs changing, here's a brand new stabilizer link bolt,

and you can tell the difference, when you bring it over to the old broken one,

you'll see the top bushing if there, but the bottom bushing is completely gone on this,

you just replace the whole unit, to get it off you look at the new one, find

a socket that fits the bottom, put it on the bottom and put a wrench on the top to hold

it in place as you take it off, just hook it up and start pulling, and then

finish unscrewing it and out it comes, now putting it back on is a logical matter,

you get the bolt and the first washer, and then slide it in so it's on the top,

then you get the next washer and bushing and the spacer and put them on,

lift this up, put on the bushing and washer, and the spacer goes under there,

you want it to fit like this so the rubber bushing is insulating it,

then you want to do the same on the bottom, you get the washer and the spacer and then

put it in the hole, then you get the last spacer, washer, and nut and put it on the

bottom, it just fits on the bottom of the bolt, then

you tighten it with a wrench, put the wrenches on and make it nice and tight,

and now you have a nice solid connection, no more clunking,

and of course, check the other side because the sway bar goes on both sides,

and as you can see, the other side is starting to come apart too,

we need to change that, in this case, the bottom bushing is completely

gone, so don't forget to do this side too,

you can easily see how broken apart it is once you take the wheel off,

so the next time your car starts clunking, get under there and fix it yourself,

that's all for now, I've got a rid waiting for me so I've got to go,

but if you've got a question, just go to and I'll answer it as soon as I get back from

this flight!

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