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This is Vallette - vinyl that looks and feels like hardwood without the cost.

Vallette from Empire Today is extremely durable, looks and feels like real wood,

and is easy to clean. First, let's talk durability. Vallette is tough. It stands up

to wear and tear from kids and pets in high-traffic areas. Vallette is 100%

waterproof, making it great for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, basements,

and laundry rooms, and even resists scratches and stains. Next Vallette vinyl

looks and feels like real wood. The swirling grain patterns, modern wide

planks, and popular colors make this a stylish versatile wood look for any

room. Finally Vallette is easy to clean. With the resistance to soil and water,

it's easy to mop or sweep everyday spills. No harsh cleaners or aggressive

maintenance is required, which makes Vallette easy to live on. Don't take what

goes under your feet for granted. Vallette is extremely durable, similar to real

wood look and feel, and it's easy to clean. See Vallette vinyl in person when you

schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate.

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