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In this video

we're going to show you how to make this beautiful fitted bodice

with a lace up back

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Multi Cinderella Makeover

Fitted Lace-up Bodice

Welcome back to our multi Cinderella makeover

In the last video, I showed you how to make a lace bodice like these

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In this video,

I'm going to show you how to make a fitted bodice

like this blue one and this wedding dress

This bodice hugs her body snuggly

Because the fabric and the lace stretches

Now this bodice is made with non stretchy fabric

So I had to put in darts to make it fit

This bodice requires a bit more sewing

It also has a sweetheart neckline

and ruching in the middle

Okay let's get started!

This is the scrap of fabric left over from when I made the skirt

This corner is just enough to make the bodice

Here's the pattern I made for the bodice

5 inches wide and 2 and a half inches long

The top edge is the sweetheart neckline

Place the pattern on the fabric

If the fabric doesn't reach the bottom corners

No worries

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut

There! Done!

The most important edge is the sweet heart neckline

Take the other scrap corner

Cut another piece of the top edge

Pin and cut

Okay. So now I have a shorter version of the sweetheart neckline

Pin the right sides of the fabric together

I'm going to sew the 2 pieces together

I'll use orange thread so you can see what I'm doing

Sew really close to the edge

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

It should look like this

Flip it over

Now I have a really nice finished edge

Find the middle and mark it with a pin

Take the needle and thread

and sew a few stitches down from the top centre

Like this

Now go back up right beside those stitches

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

When you have the stitches in

Hold onto the fabric

take the ends of the thread

and pull!

Look at that! Instant ruching!

Tight the ends

Three times or more to make sure it doesn't come undone

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

Cut the thread and it's perfect!

This short layer is too long so I'm going to trim it

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

Now to mark the darts

Put the right side of the fabric against the doll

Pin the back together to hold it in place

I have to mark where the darts will start

It'll be right below her breasts

Mark the spot with a pencil

Okay. I drew in the darts

Let me show you what I did

These are like long thin triangles

There's an inch between the 2 darts all the way up

I'm going to sew this right along my pencil lines

With orange thread so you can see what I'm doing

All done!

I would normally use matching coloured thread

so you wouldn't see it on the right side

Let's see how it fits

Ooo. Very nice!

Fold the sides in at an angle like this

And sew them down along the edge

And here it is sewn down in matching coloured thread

Can't see it very well. Right?

I didn't use orange thread

because in this part of the bodice

I didn't want orange thread to show

This gap in the middle is for the lace

and that's whats going to hold the bodice in place

These 8 pencil marks is where the lace is going to go

You'll need about 20 inches

of really thin ribbon like this

a big sewing needle

Thread the needle with the ribbon

Go through the top pencil mark

The ribbon is going to be hard to pull through

Wiggle the needle around to make the hole bigger

Don't try to force the needle and ribbon through

Just keep wiggling

Pull it through gently. And there!

Now go to the opposite side

One pencil mark down

Wiggle, wiggle

and gently pull the needle and ribbon through

Now back to the other side

One pencil mark down

Wiggle wiggle and pull

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

Back to the other side

One pencil mark down

Wiggle wiggle and pull

Pull the ribbon out of the needle

Okay. Now go back to the top

take the end of the ribbon that's there

re-thread the ribbon through the needle

and go through the top pencil mark on the other side

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

Follow the same pattern all the way down

Make sure when you're pulling the needle through

that it's pointing away from your face

You don't want to accidentally stab yourself

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]

This is just like lacing shoes

[Music: Invitation To The Castle]


Loosen the ribbon so it's like this

Let's get it on the doll

Pull the ribbon. Working form the top down

Until the bodice fits snug on her body


and tie a bow in the back

Alrighty. Let's put her skirt and swag back on

Oh my goodness gracious!

This turned out so nice!

You look beautiful dearie!

Thank you Fairy Godmother!

I couldn't have done better myself

Let's have a spin around

so we can get a good look at your beautiful dresses

The pink ball gown

Look at this beautiful laced up back

So beautiful! Oh!

The blue ball gown

This back was made slightly different

A lot more work

The pink one was easier to make

Still beautiful!

Now that you've seen this in 2 colours

Which is your favourite?

The pink ball gown?

Or the blue ball gown?

Click on the iCard and take our poll

If you have a comment or question

post it on our community page on our channel

They're both so beautiful!

It's hard to chose a favourite

I just love the blue one

I love the pink one too!

Oh my goodness

There are more ball gowns to make!

So come back soon!

Thanks for watching!

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Don't make eye contact with them

Got that?

Oh right!

I don't want them to recognize me

You got it! You're such a smart girl!

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