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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reef Energy Plus – A superfood that’s super easy to use!

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Youre going to love

Reef Energy Plus!

Pour it in your tank

and boom

your corals will thank you!

Youre gonna see crazy polyp extension

Puffed-up corals

Better growth

Higher resilience

And brighter colors!

All with minimal over-skimming effect

Its a superfood

thats super easy to use!

We all love feeding our corals

With Reef Energy Plus feeding is my favorite time aday

Reef Energy Plus is the complete package

It gives your corals all the stuff they need on a daily basis

Amazing polyp extension with corals so juicy

youll use up all your phones storage in no time!

More growth!

Delivering an even faster growth rate than the original A & B two-part formula

Brighter colors!

Healthier more resilient corals!

Maximum energetic efficiency!

Consumed entirely preventing Nitrate and Phosphate buildup!

Ease of use!

It can be used with a dosing pump

You can keep it unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week

Plus and its a great plus

It has a minimal over-skimming effect!

With that many pluses you should give it a try

and take your reefkeeping to the next level

Reef Energy Plus is part of our complete recipe program

Check it out on our website

If you want to know how to make the most out of it

or which pumps to turn off and for how long

Check out our Tips & Tricks video for some practical advice

And if youre curious and want to understand the science behind coral nutrition

watch our Red Sea Insights nutrition video

Happy reefkeeping and thanks for watching!

The Description of Reef Energy Plus – A superfood that’s super easy to use!