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The FasciaBlaster tools by me Ashley Black are to be used on bare skin with oil.

Step 1 Prep the myofascial tissue

With one of our FasciaBlaster prep tools, just use light and brush strokes up and down or

side to side you will press just hard enough until the tissue is pink or warm

signaling that there is temporary blood flowing

Step 2 Massage harder as your tissue allows

If the tissue is no longer sensitive you can switch to a FasciaBlaster massage tool.

Continue to use light and brisk movements pushing deeper and deeper like a massage

Step 3 Refine stubborn spots

As the tissue opens from the prep and massage tools you may find fascia tissue that feels like gravel or stubborn spots that feel like big chunks.

Simply use the token wiggle wiggle technique with the refining tools on these areas.

These ultrasound images from our recently presented study show the tissue before

and after 90 days of fascia blasting

Slow and steady wins the race.

For best results I always recommend to use on bare skin with Blaster Oil on heated tissue.

Cool the tissue after you blast and apply After Blaster cream

Thank You and blast on!

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