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tired of cleaning that stubborn brake dust with sponges chemicals and brushes

that simply just don't work introducing the brush hero the brush hero easily

cuts through dirt and brake dust blasting through tight spaces around lug

nuts wheel spokes and grilles brush hero's patented technology is created

with high quality injection molded plastic that never corrodes requires no

batteries or electricity and provides strong water-powered cleaning and

detailing for cars motorcycles bikes furniture barbecues window screens pets

and more the brush hero has an amazing amount of torque and is powered only by

your garden hose it's strong enough to remove muck and grease but soft enough

to clean paint and car windows without scratching use the interchangeable soft

brush for Chrome and the harder brush to get stubborn grease off your grill or

caked on muck off your mountain bike boat or garden tools simply push on a

brush flip the Handy on/off switch and start cleaning get your brush hero today

and blast the grime away

the maxim park right parking mat signals you to stop your car before hitting

walls bikes mowers or trash cans in your garage the parking mat is easy to

install position the mat at your ideal parking spot then use the included

heavy-duty tape to keep the mat in place Park after park the parking mat helps

you perfectly Park any type of vehicle whether it is a car SUV van light truck

or even a golf cart or RV you'll park in the perfect spot now you can use your

remaining garage space for storage and organization after you hit the first hop

the second larger hump signals you to stop you'll know you are parked right

use the park right parking mat to get the most out of your garage while

protecting your car and belongings from parking miss apps available in black red

and yellow


this is the only cordless car Soph automatically when the chosen

pressure is reached the unit can be stored in the glovebox and used at a

moment's notice simply set the desired air pressure and

squeeze the trigger it inflates a car tire from 25 psi to 30 psi on just 90

seconds and could also be used to inflate bicycle tires pool toys and

sporting equipment the inflate is rechargeable battery lets you use it

anywhere or it can be powered by a car outlet the only automatic cordless tire

inflator makes it easy to maintain optimal air pressure and like every item

offered by Hammacher Schlemmer it comes with a lifetime guarantee of

satisfaction Hammacher Schlemmer offering the best

the only and the unexpected since 1848


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