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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kitchen Care | Basics with Babish

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hey guys let's be honest kitchen maintenance is a real pain in the nads

but it's one of the most important steps in the creation of great food so every

once in a while take an hour out of a lazy Sunday and give your tools a little

trip to the spa because if we take good care of our utensils they'll take good

care of us let's get down to basics .. shouldn't of winked just

then that was weird

all right so let's start with what I definitely get asked about the most often

cast iron if you don't wash it promptly after cooking and don't apply a

thin film of oil all over before putting it away or if you do everything right

and you just have very very bad luck you could end up with something like this

rust, discoloration, chips, seasoning, or weird smell are all indications that it

might be time to re season your cast iron we're gonna start by giving this

guy a thorough scrub in soap and hot water but instead of reaching for the

usual sponge action we're going to use a steel wool this is going to get rid of

any rust or weaknesses in the seasoning think of it like a cleansing fire we

must first burn everything down in order to start anew that sounds a little bit

supervillain monologuey- how about gotta clear out your closet before you

can fit in all of your new clothes that doesn't work quite as well but anyway we

scrub this down to the point that you can start to see the raw steel peeking

through and now we're going to coat it with a generous but even layer of

vegetable oil making sure that every square inch of every surface is coated

yes that includes the back sides and the handle and whatever other features your

cast iron has that mine does not so now we're going to place this guy directly

on the oven rack in a 375-degree fahrenheit oven for one hour with a

rimmed baking sheet underneath to catch any errant drippings the seasoning

didn't come out perfectly evenly so I'm gonna hit it with another layer of olive

oil and throw it back in the oven until it gets a nice even Sheen upon which any

unlubricated egg would be happy to be cooked... what? the point is it's nice and

reasoned and ready to cook on again but how are we going to cook with this one

of the most dangerous things you can have in the kitchen a dull knife the

standard can this cut through a sheet of paper without pressing too hard test is

being failed miserably and before you know it life turns into an infomercial

you've tried everything why can't your knife just be sharp why can't life just

be easier when it's hard stop throwing money away or something and get yourself

a knife sharpener like this one if you want the easy and quick way to freshen

up your edge press down firmly I like to do 10 passes through the core side 10

passes through the fine and as you can see it makes a market difference in the

sharpness of the knife but it's still not as sharp as it could be the fact is

that these quick sharpeners are good for touch-ups every now and again but

they're not going to get your knife as sharp as a whetstone look for a

two-sided stone like this one that has a grit of one thousand

and six thousand for the optimal home sharpening experience wet stones are

called wet stones because well you got to get them wet soak for ten minutes

completely submerged in water or until bubbles have stopped coming out of the

stone then place on a non-slip surface a towel or paper towel works fine and then

we're trying to hit an angle between 17 to 20 degrees a good tip for finding

that angle is to start at 90 degrees divide that in half to get 45 and in

half again to get 22 just a couple degrees lower than that and you've got

17 to 20 starting from the bottom of the knife and working towards the tip we are

sliding it diagonally across the stone so the entire blade gets exposed to the

sharpening goodness let's turn on the audio for a sec for all you ASMR heads

out there hmm that is a delicious noise now you're

probably gonna want to clean up all the gray stuff that accumulates on the stone

but no no no that actually assists in the sharpening process so resist the

urge to clean off your stone in fact the only thing we're going to do is

occasionally re-wet the stone with water from a very fancy glass anyway after

about 10 or so passes on each side of the knife I've now flipped the stone

over to the 1,000 or fine grit side this is going to refine our now very sharp

edge by removing any burrs or rough patches left behind by the less refined

side of the stone then after a thorough cleaning to get rid of all the metal

shavings you can see this knife is ready for business but we are not done yet it

is time to talk about honing rods most folks think that these are knife

sharpeners in and of themselves but they are not they are rods designed to hone

your edge or straighten it back out as the edge of your knife becomes

microscopically bent after each use simply run the length of your knife down

the length of the Steel as though you're trying to slice off a piece trying to

maintain an angle of 15 degrees and making about ten total passes that's

five on each side of the knife you'll find yourself with a well honed blade

this is how you maintain your knife's edge between sharpening --zz sharpen

once twice a year own once to twice a week depending on how often you cook

next up how to maintain stainless steel a good stainless steel pan is super

expensive and it's discouraging to see this crap build up on your once pristine

cooking surface you only need one addition to your kitchen to get rid of

this junk and that is bar keeper's friend or an equivalent like bonhomie I

like to wear gloves because this stuff can be pretty rough on you

hands you're basically making a paste out of it by wetting your pen and

sprinkling it on generously you'll notice that I'm rubbing in circles

because this stuff is basically like sandpaper and it's going to leave lots

and lots of little scratches in the grain of your steel so you want to wash

in the direction of the grain of your steel which in a pan is in circles it's

gonna take some elbow grease but once you've got it all off wash it with soap

and water and boom you've got yourself some beautifully refreshed stainless

steel ready and willing to be messed up all over again the next time you want to

sear a steak these guys are so pretty I might go easy on them for the time being

now last but not least is the subject of wood do you respect wood not by the

looks of this countertop you don't that's why I like to keep a spray bottle

of this stuff around a mixture of 1 to 1 water to plain white vinegar which makes

an excellent cleanser for wood surfaces I know I've got a whole wood table here

but if you've got a wooden cutting board these tips are for you I'm sure you've

run into this problem my board is all dried out and scarred up well this is a

job for food grade mineral oil available on the cheap online and in stores once

you've cleaned your work surface simply apply a liberal amount of mineral oil to

the affected area and beyond rubbing deep into the grain of the wood

and letting dry overnight this is good for regular maintenance and keeping your

board from drying out but if you want to really pull out all the stops every few

months hit your board with some boos block

board cream which is really just a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax and

with repeated applications will seal and waterproof your board beautifying and

protecting it from your constant misuse and mistreatment so hopefully that's

taught you a few things that are going to help you grow closer to your kitchen

utensils and various objects now since kitchen maintenance isn't really

livestreamable and since we jumped back in time and did tacos last week on

the livestream we're going to do salads next week and then the week after we're

back on regular basic schedule as I'm saying that I realize it doesn't make

much sense point is we're making salads next week and the week after it's back

to business as usual thank you guys for watching now go clean or maintain something

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