Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ο ΜΠΟΡΑΤ του ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ | FUNNY SHOW Part TwO | The Video-Movie (2012) Eng Subs

Difficulty: 0

-Good evening,ladies & gentlemen,I am the famous voice & I am here today to tell you a few words.I begins.

-Everyone has three characters,1 that shows him,1 who has it & 1 who thinks he has.He who has patience,has what he wants.

-The real virtue is to do, without being seen, what you was capable doing in front the world.Wanting to succeed without

effort's like to want to reap without trace to sow grain.Many times regretted it cause I spoke,but never cause I silenced.

-It's hard to fail but Not giving away.No matter where you go you smile in front of the cavities.Small moments to love & away from the big arms.An oath give me,good find & keep strong

though to squeeze in this corner of the world,"do not throw towel".Because betrayals lurk in the most,shoot me Smile & go away forever.Its worse haven't tried to succeed than had.

-Goodnight ladies & gentlemen,I was the famous voice & I was here to tell you a few words that I told.Bye!

-Hello,I'm Leonard Thimo.The show will follow up,complete,with my friends after 3 months.Firstly,we did it because we like it & secondly,showing you that the meaning of life is...

the laughter,the joy,the happiness & satire.But above all,I wish you good health.Also,I hope you spend a good afternoon watching our show,after Yellow Balloon's Journey to Life.Thanks a lot!

The Complete Works of George

With Jordy Smith Manarakis

-Hello my friends.I'm Smith Jordy Manarakis & I will recite the complete works of George

-Hey George,did you hear the news where reached up to Kalamata views?

-I do not know what you're telling me,you manfucking but quickly explain to me without kidding or fucking!

-Hey George,the whole world knows & you don't have anythings in your bag,everyone knows now that you are the biggest fag!

-Lefteris,pepper in your mouth,what words are those bagpipes in front of me,in south? -The truth eh,I heard from my aunt's mouth!!

-She poke her nose everywhere,the only thing who knows her to do best is seeing Themos & "OLA"(ALLWHERE)(TV)

-My dear friend George,get me a liar if you want but all these said by Mike the... -The Pussy "First-Liar"!!!

-If he's an Alpha Male,propably,let's come & say in front of me,the old Judah!But he knows that I'll spank him badly as Buddha!

-When Buddha,when"Koudas"?When you were"Skioudas"?But this "Kaliakoudas" said to your parents too & they're goin'to come in a bit!

-Its not sticky? -Sticky, not sticky, your parents are coming to Hawaii, my friend "Flicky"!Ha,ha,that sticks!Sticky!

-Aah,here comes the Father!! -You bum-kid,you destroyed your own mother!

-What happened to my mom,dad?I'm very worried in any chances! -She took her packages & she went for holiday's vacances!

-Where she go?Tell me,old man! -Old,to tell your father,you bum-kid!Uh,what I was saying?

-Father,tell me where is my mom?I'm very worried really! -The stupid woman!She learned that her son wears dresses,freed herself & went in Showeses!

-Father,I will explain to you one-by-one,from the beginning I'm not a fag ,after a month I'm going to marry with Helen Bag

-Who is she again? -His girlfriend,sir Paschalis!

-Ah Lefteris,here you are,my boy! I didn't see you at all it's wrong that my mind travels back to hell as all!

-It's continuing...wait!Take a break now,until I find the continuation because I recite it.

-Eh Dad,stops anymore! Come to your senses now,what you learned is a lie,do you want to swear in my own blood,for a peace of pie?

-Okay I believe you,son! But when you say to us for Helen Ban?

-She's name is Helen Bag,dad! I've sent invitation to you with some guy calling Al Bud!

Ahh,that's why your mother left home(crying)& made relationship with Bob the badass,who said you before,Mother-kisser-ass!

-And that woman who comes... who is it,old man?

-Paschalis,step aside,sorry! I'm going to salute our own daughter tutory!

-Strong man I born with two strong balls & finally he went to be a young man with rotten balls!

-Mommy,what are those words bagpipe in front of me? I'm a man 100%,confirmation from my girlfriend too.

-What says Paschalis,little fancy? -That he's not a pansy!

-Little George my lad, she is our bride that comes on a horse riding,isn't she?

-Oh,I smell go for HANGMAN!Helen my dear beautiful,these are my parents,father Pasxalis is this man & my mother Mrs Passy.

-How do you do,mother Pussy? -My Boy,she offend me this old barnyard grass pussy!

-George,she needs spank for you her we confuse our bottoms & we're in the air!

-Good evening gentlemen & ladies,the evening will continue with unforgettable hits of the 80's!

-Good marriage,my boy George!Once you come to Greece,Mommy will make you a political leader to eat everything for the people,all the euros & don't let any crumbs or zeros!!

-Mom,forget it!I'm not leaving from Hawaii without her pusssy but neither Helen leaves the other to touch her happy hour.

-How you dare to talk just like that,you useless jackass? In front of our bride & your momma,you useless badass! -Excuse me,daddy,excuse me!

-I'm not your nanny,but not even old or zero! I'm Paschalis the ultimate & I'm like Bolero!

-I have told you,a thousands times,you useless Paschalis!If you don't know a word don't tell it to makes rhymes unnecessarily! -Leave me alone,you old-crazy bitch,I'm going for pee!

-Go to lost,you crazy old man!In front of our children! -Shit us woman,they are our children,no strangers!

-Shit high & watch, ou crazy old man! -Done,you old-crazy bitch! If you allow me,of course!Son,where is the WC in this place of source?

-Third door in right,father! Cool for a bit,mother!

-Didn't hear the useless old,how he's talking to me,did you?He Climb my blood in the head!

-Cool for a bit,mom!You know Dad doesn't know some! -Damn,the hour & the moment that I got married with him the poor woman,some...Lefteris how is your mom?

-Very well,Mrs Passy!But how was sticking in this conversation? -My mom sees that if the conversation doesn't stick always good she changing the subject,dude!

-Oh dude,it took me blood down there!

-What "gav-gav-gav" you say my little puppy? -Mother,I told her in English to feed the little puppy!

-You don't understand woman,why you try to be smart? You humiliate me before! -Shut up,Paschalis!I will arrange you later,just in home!

-Cause,it expecting become a great fight!I'm out from here,buddy! -Bye-bye,Lefteris buddy!

Who you say dirty,woman?I'll reach in the courts,I will divorce in the minute,no more tortures!

-Then I go in the locker room to become an athlete,throwing the javelin! -You're able,only breaking any teeth travelin'!

-These told me then & the same telling me oral I'm not ignorant,I'm like Pandora'l!

-Parents,do not scold!What are all these things?Do you want when I grown up,having childhood trauma things?

-Do not bother,my son,I will separate with him,right now!I'm a girl from home and from Sfakia(slaughtered place in Crete),I'm not one of the street's whore!

-Mother, thinks again,come to your senses.Don't forget your 2 children.Okay,Stella married with Alexis,but your own son,whose starting with the G,tell him a word?

-Ah,"the g-word."!!Gaylord-Gayfucker George,why I childbirth you the poor woman? -Once,you were a very beautiful woman!

-Thank you,my boy!We will not break up never!I give you the word of masculine honor,even inside me crying ever!

-All good,all Flourishing!The story ends here!Happily n'ever after,compulsion in the end.The guy who is responsible for all this Story,I think his name is Armando

-Hey you're wrong!His name is Thimo Leonardo,good boy & crazy makes future dreams,writes many stories & does one man showses comedy,but enough,I'm sick,it became disgusted parody!

-He think that one day he become an important person,but has mind either,it's not nice person neither!Among us,guys,not even talent has,he's a big vain also,with a bit temperament.

-I would say more for him,but enough for now he is a good guy,pride & a little buddy"How?"

-I leave,I go now,you have"bye-bye"kids,& don't forget,that in life we need the laughs,I greet you,Farewell & Goodnight! -Mom,which idiot let the TV open throughout the night?

-That's all my good friends,finished the story now,who understand-understand,the others are blind-cow!

-Excuse me for disturbing & I'am really sorry,my dear lovely narrator.But I didn't understand,would you please make a replay for me the little boy,wouldn't you?

-Which part don't you understand,litlle fella Stamatis? -The one that the elders are fighting,that was awesome!Will you tell it again,Mr.Teller?

-Not Mr.Teller!I don't sell my knowledge in a kiosk!I have an Alpha level!I'm not one of the streets!I finished university,

colleges & clubs of Sidewalks on the streets!I got scholarships & I will state in the police department now!

-Leave it,grandpa,I'm bored!Don't say another shit!Enough with all this shit!I'm going to cinema,watching Taviani & Marlon Brando's next hit!

-Your parents didn't go you anymore in school,zero on education,zero on behavior & you call me grandpa!

-Come on,grandpa!Ends anymore!You got our ears,in 20 minutes playing Gate 7 at the Piraeus. -You don't want to start talking me for ball(a),will go far the suitcase up to Kavalla

-You don't fight anymore!I'm going to see any match I will go to Lisbon match!(celebrating)Bye-bye! -Bye,Stamatis!I'm Awake & shake!

-Hey indefatigable grandpa,if I lose in football match what will happen next station? -You'll close the playstation & you'll play Games station!

-I'm not grandpa,I'm not even older! I have a black belt & I'm kick-boxer!

-Okey then,sorry!I'm going to watch Fame Story! -Goodbye,I salute you,I was Smith Jordy Manarakis & it was the complete works of George.Have a nice day!Goodbye!

4TV Presents

Broadcast the satirical show

Presents himself the Captain

TV-Directed by Captain

-Aloha my friends,aloha I said,don't you recognize me,uh? It's me!Captain Jokes Parrot! I am here in this beautiful landscape

to get in the climate of today special emission this special show

-I recite to you,one of the finest satiric poem,written by Leo,the beloved Leo the Artist.Titled"Nondas the Restless"

-Hey,ridiculous cameraman,hey,you ridiculous cameraman,finish & bring me the file because we've other works!Come on,don't get pissed me off & I come there!Come on!Come!You're insufferable!


-Come on!He stressful me again!I begins! Let drinks a sip of coffee,firstly.

-Did you learn my Nondas,what they said in the square? -No, my hapless Pericles,I was in Sofia's, so tell me to know,what they said again-again?

-Ah Nondas,my dear friend,spoken words heard oftentimes & bad words too,the one call you alcoholic and the other call you punk

-Do not pay attention,my Pericles,bums are bums & let's saying but when I spanked all of them,they would say not blaming!

-Grande cuore,Nondas.Really,I don't know,from where it comes Nondas? -From Pocahondas!From Epameinonda,Pericles,it comes my name!Epameinonda!So I sold Lanzia & got a Honda!

-You did a big stupidity with such crises,man! Tell me how much you spent for beautiful Gemille,man?

-All for my girl,all for my sweet baby! I sold the car & got a motorbike,baby!

-You don't tell me again!How much money she ate for these bullshit? -Not too much,bro!Up-down,in 2,3,4 & half thousands about,but worth it!We've one life & I'll wasted again!

-So,well they did and they swore you in square packet, you don't need a wife,you'd need a straitjacket!

-Beware,your words Pericles,will be killed now,the smart bird caught by the nose & didn't come your time suppose!

-Hey sucker Epameinon,once again proved that you're a big living creature! -Hey get out of here,don't come any Stella & comes surprisly Gemille with a red Umbrella!

-Ah poor Nondas,what happened to you,1 is your wife & the foreign your chick,I don't know,how became your chick?Nor handsome are,neither young,the gifts that did her had some awe?

-I'm not young & not even nice but the chick preferably my own dick!You need to listen it again in some-ache,go away now before I give you a terrible headache!

-I'll leave Nondas donkey,right now,but don't blame me tomorrow if they call you sponge cow! -Go away from here & let's call me as they want,I'll arrange them all & then they cry like doll!

-Ah poor my friend,what awaits you in the square?Tittle-tattle & bailer gossip,also from Mrs Oship!!

-How is her lost soul?She's gossiping yet? -She ate her husband & threw him in the dust,just like just!

-He was a good man,ah you poor Theodore.Do you remember buddy Pericles,that I break his hapless jar at the door?

-Ah,what memories my friend,I'm gonna cry,I leave slowly,cause get up at dawn only!

-Have a nice night Pericles, & what we said "honey-milk for sell" & let's all go to hell! -And what about morning,about tittle-tattle & bailer gossip?

-Certainly not me,Pericles,I must go,farewell,see you,be well! -Goodbye,Nondas,you have a grande cuore(big heart),be very careful,people are helots son,don't let them enter you in prison

-I'll notice,beloved friend,I'll be careful! -So,friend Pericles gone,Nondas went elsewhere.

-Good evening to the beauties ladies of our neighborhood good evening Mister Lambros too,you are the leader Robin Hood!

-Hello Nondas handsome boy,join us happiness,tonight I engaged my daughter Stella with George from the down place -Oh yes,I know the idiot,he try to take my place!

-Not moron the groom of Mr.Lambros,mate! -I don't mean this,Gemille,say something!I want my avocate! -What dou you mean,mate?

-He try to take my grapes that I have in my yards,next to Pericles'doghouse owner. -Not like that Nondas,now you call him robber!

-I ask you 1000 apologies & I drink raki for your joys,& don't worries!Cheers!Hey Gemille,come here for a bit,to play together"cello",well who am I,the pointless Othello?,how I would impersonate her? (he cough) (female voice)-What do you want,my Nondas & isolated me? -I want to congratulate,for cousin's engagement,my sweet fly

-Leave it,you dirty boy,I know you very well,you isolated me to shagged "the little bear"!(female voice) -What do you say,my dear roe?Who am I? Samson or Hercules? -Hercules!(female voice)

-Probably,he's right to mock me Pericles! -My dear love,I have a bad new to tell you,but don't know how!(female voice)

-Please,don't tell it!

-You must know!Through my breasts hiding another person...(female voice) -You cheated me with other dick,did not you ugly chick?

-"Whistled for a little & then piss"!I mean,that I'm pregnant my dear Nondas,waiting your child!Say something,Nondas!Why you are so quiet?Hey my love,hey you,psit!!(female voice)-OH SHIT!!!!

-Oh dear,what happened out of blue,now I have to take the responsibilities,I should have put condom,I shouldn't spit in you... -Uh,what? (female voice)

-Uh...I said,the water spit on the floor,what is this again? -Oh my god!My waters broke from the pain,call an ambulance!I think,it comes the boy!Now,you dirty boy!(female voice)

-Oh dear,I should have put condom,me the stupid boy! -Run to bring the motorbike to go faster,don't forget to jack the gasoline & change the oil in master Solon! (female voice)

-Oh dear,I should have put condom the moron!

-So the poor Nondas runs at the hospitals,to learn where will end this whole I"ll tell you,what happened next

-Let drinks a sip of coffee! I Can't stand anymore!

-I had to go through all this,it is so unfair & all the spank that gave lady Sofia was fair!

-My love,my bug,it's not what you're thinking,I'm trustworthy baby,but Gemille expecting my own baby!Once we did it only,when we we're separated,was the time when were not dated

-I don't know how she got pregnant,damn night,I slipped somewhere,sorry,it has dark everywhere!Finally,we split up with sweetheart Sofia,it's not my fault a bit,it was a piece of shit!

-I'm wildcat by my nature,my blood boils at 200 degrees Celsius kelsouss,I don't remember now!

-For all this is responsipble some guy Nikos something Tassius,I don't remember now! Uh,the fucking doctor,guys!

-My son is such an adorable,he took from me,but he is quiet chubby from the fast food of Bubby!

-He entered into adolescence,became trendy,fashion and emo. Forgive me,it's not my fault,responsible for all of this is Leonardo Thimo!!

Moutsatsos,we're not finished!There's more!After the next video,I will be back as Jim! What says here,ridiculous cameraman?Who is Jim?

-My name is Captain Jokes Parrot!!Don't piss me off,again!For 4TV,I'm Captain Jokes Parrot.I'll be back as "Jokeser-er"!

-Shut the camera off,idiot,we finished!It have other series after us!Shut off,moron!Don't make me come over there!Shut off now...I'm coming!


-Oh,I thought that was exclusive,man!

Let's not talk about that.I sing tall guy,I'm starting (laughs & whispers)Like some concerts with little girls

"In the gate I was awake & I was sentry guard again endless fuel until two in the morning,it's going insane"

louder"I continued bleeding for two weeks now,I speaks so truly & we still continues"

"I go, in 12 o'clock I am the sentry guard & just please change me early if they can...Oooooh"All together,guys!

"Sentry,endless sentry & no sleep any more!Sentry,they give me an output,it looks like as a lie!Sentry,for a sleep I beg them,in the gate I can't stand anymore!Oooooh...Oooooh"

"Oooooh...Oooooh"Tempo!(layghs)"Oooooh...Oooooh" "Oooooh...Oooooh""Oooooh...Oooooh""Oooooh...Oooooh"

"I listen the snoring guys,but I don't close my eyes & the chamber guardian seems to hate us" (laughs)

"its past quarter,you'll be late again,he said & from outside voices said:where are the sentry guards?Oooooh...Oooooh"

"Sentry,endless sentry & no sleep any more!Sentry,they give me an output,it looks like as a lie!Sentry,for a sleep I beg them,in the gate I can't stand anymore!Oooooh...Oooooh"

"Oooooh...Oooooh""Nanana...Nanana"Sentry,endless sentry & no sleep any more!Sentry,they give me an output,it looks like as a lie!Sentry,for a sleep I beg them,in the gate,can't stand more!"

-Nikos Mihelakis in guitar,George Lymperis in the michrophone,Lioutas!Additional voices by Lioutas, Spyrouhos,Bamiris & guest star,Thimo!(laughs)Sing it again!

-Aloha my friends,we return to the emission & we continue with "Rhymes Glory Moments",mio moutsatsos...

-Firstly,it was a true oasis,the music listening of Oasis

-Secondly,severe and formal with everyone is the Chief Manager!(ouououou)I'll not listen any ouououou!(ouououou)I didn't say politician,did I?

-Thirdly,clean,say authorities inches,should be all the beaches!

-Fourthly,in exactly same gender,the weasel & the badger!!

-Fifth,in Matter has a limit mule,the smallest molecule!

-Hey,what is this?

-Comments from the people,for the Funny Show,huh?

-Funny Show Sucks!Captain Jokes Parrot is the worst character in internet!The most annoying youtube star of the Year!

-Jim Fucking-Spree took it from the front!Vermoutsos is not a reporter,he's not an artist!There's more,right?

-All negatives!Neither one positive!Ah,is something here!The only positive of Captain Jokes Parrot is his monocular eye,he sees only from one side,the poor,cold and upside down!(angry)

-Stone Stone is not rock,she's only plain plant!Unfortunately, all negative!Here a positive message!

-This I must say more formally,I stands up!Mr.Mitsotakis is alive!Get off,Great Alexander is alive too,man!All negative!

-No comments!

-I Continued with the"Rhymes Glory Moments",moutsatsos.With the current public,unfortunately,I disagree!(ouououou)Don't make ouououou!(ouououou)You don't want to get up & come there!

-Seventh,want our fruit picking,rather our vines pruning! -I don't understand that!

-Eighth,on the opposite shore plus,I see ships with Spyglass! -Why you laugh,guys?This had told my great-grandfather,Captain Laugh Parrot!Long story,I'll talk you another time for him!

-Ninth,the old women in the reel,picking the weft.I've told you 1000 times,not put difficult words to me,don't you understand?

I finished only primary school,4 classes!The other 2 years,I went off...Of course,I did!...Hello!I'm Pirate!

-Next,I joined great-grandpa's ship,in his side,dad didn't like it,that I left school & became a pirate & I was involved in spoils,fiasco & rum.Ah,to had little rum,damn,he suicide

mother gave me the TV channel to get back in the real world & she told me that she forgive me for all bad things I made.

-I told her::whatever you try to apologize,I'll not change my opinion size & she terminated her life also.So,remains to me the TV Station!

-Don't laugh,I said!The coffee is strong,but not in quite size!Where is my coffee guys?

-Eleventh,he arrived here feeling exhausted tryless, but the race was pointless!

-The virus disease will pass with caution, because he has strong constitution!

-Thirteenth,smoking freely if you want,in the right place of road!(ouououou)I say don't smoke at all!

-Fourteenth,I can't speak now,it's not raises,when we're alone we find ourselves!This is for you,love!

-Go on,cameraman,we're not finishing yet!People were tired & I got bored too!Go away from here & make me some eggs,Moutsatsos,I promise you,I'm in end!15th,I love him very much,especially,when he's playing funny Dutch!

-You're still here?Thumbs up to us!Well done! Sixteenth,of course & certainly,in the school had sent him with a plaque and slate pencil!

-Seventeenth,in tradition faithful man lives the average townsman!

-Eighteenth,as much as was keeping the conversation fint,she chewing gum with mint!

-At last,finally,nineteenth,little melons in the bag & watermelons with Madame Jacques!Madame Jacques?

-Oh god,now they will sue us,we entered in the personals of Madame Jacques!Do not laugh at all-at all!I'm serious,last time I mentioned in Joy and now we runs and does not reach

neither can pee,nor can pee,think,no pee place because we runs in all courts space!

-That's all,folks!"Rhymes Glory Moments", twenty rhymes glory moments!

-What?Yes,yes!The ridiculous cameraman told me that I said only nineteen moments,where is the twenty last one?

-Stop it!"Where is Wagner?Where is Puccini?"I said stop it! "Where are all these people?"Here it is!

-Captain,you're black-kite man & you do art!Stop being a vain anymore & represents the artist of the art!

-Now you'll not escape,you opened your hole with your own hands.Prepeare to die,you ridiculous cameraman!Where is my sword?Damn,you're so lucky!

-I forgot it in the studio,you escape again!Fortunately, he escaped,because I've already killed six & coming hard times!

-That's all,moutsatsos!We'll be back in the studio to finish the show!Watch something that interests you and we'll be back in a quarter on the studio

-I salute you,mutsatsos!Bye-bye!Goodbye!Arrivederci!Ciao,chin chan chon!Goodbye!Farewel,mio moutsatsos!Mirupafshim!Aurevoir!Eeeh,bye-bye...and bye-bye!!

4TV Broadcats: >

"The Dancing destroys the Artist!"

"Danced by Leo the Artist!"



-Aloha my friends,I'm Captain Jokes Parrot,today I'm going to recite my own poem because I'm jealous by Nondas'poem listen mio moutsos amigos!

-As you go out,go-come-stand up-sit down! Do not forget the pinky dog!

-Dude Sifi from Chania,your head doesn't get anymore hair!

-I was looking to get wrongs,but always have a Fiat & those who don't believe me I beat them in the end

-Trying to figure out all this time where is going,what I tell without rhyme,my sweetheart cousin,my dear Mary!

-You're not going back Zenoby,for all blame democratic state -Hey clownish,you could say Democracy to succeed the rhyme

-With what you say & do,you will end up at the end,deceased. -Trying to fix poem,make some rhyme,but unfortunately,I have rate my bottoms with Helen.

-Not even one succeeded,I failed to achieve anyone (he's crying)I go home to watch the news at Sky!

-Damn it & damn it again!What happens to me,what? And nothing sticks,they curse me these Zulu,don't they?

-It happens nothing,I'm Captain Jokes Parrot & I do a little jogging!I achieved it!Yeah,finally,I succeed it!Now I go to drink rum with sailor Paschalis!

-I'm out,not repeat another poem,at the end, they would cry me & I don't want to be a corpse!

-Oh no,bro!See you,grandpa!Shut off & go away,kameraman before I would fly and I get forums like Captain Hook!

-Go away,I said!I'm very sick tonight! I can't insult you either,go now,goodnight!

-No, no, turn around, turn the camera to me,well,who am I,Michael Jackson or Chuck Norris again?Leave it,I missed again,I go banging on the wall my hollow...

was the satirical broadcast show

Presented himself the Captain.

TV-Directed by the Captain.

Jimmakos -7-

Channel 4 presents the show

"Drink Milk" with Jim Fucking-Spree

Together with Adonis Georgiades

Produced by Jim Fucking-Spree

Directed by Jim Asshole

-Ladies & gentlemen,is the show "Drink Milk"with Jim Fucking-Spree.Today on the show,I'll drink milk with the Greek friend Adonis Georgiadis -Politician also!

-I'm sorry,the Greek friend and politician Adonis Georgiadis -Stay cool,queer!Greek I said!

-Ah,I'm not queer,Mr Adonis!I'm famous reporter Fucking-Spree! -Excuse me,Mr.Chatzinikolaou!My friends,catch up my new book "The Leap-years"released from Editions Manolidou & Georgiadis!

-Please,Mr Adonis,please,it was prohibited promotion in show!I'm not Mr.Chatzinikolaou! -I'm so sorry,Mr.Kouik!Catch up my new book"The Leap-years",only 200€!

-Make an order in!Please,Mr.Adonis,please! Catch up!"The Leap-years"released from Editions Georgiadis & Manolidou!I forgive you,bouboukos,I mean Mr.Adonis!I'm sorry,Mr. Evangelatos!So sorry!But,I'm not Kouik!No Evangelatos!(screams)

-Stay cool,queer!Stay cool!Who are you? -I am Jim Fucking-Spree for Channel 4 & 4TV! -Oh Dimitris,congratulations for your show,watch it for years

-Jim,fuck bitch,my name is Jim! -Stay cool,queer!Stay cool! -Thank you,Mr.Adonis!Drink milk with Jim Fucking-Spree!Mr.Adonis

-Dear viewers,we'll go on a short break and when we return we'll drink together with friend Adonis our fresh milk

we got it from lady Marigoulas'cow,we'll learn how passes everyday moments of his life Mr. Adonis with Eugenia Manolidou in time of crisis!Back in any minutes!


Coming soon on cinemas

Channel 4 presents

-Good evening,my friends!Together again for other 1 day! "Jimm Fucking-Spree in the Movie"

with Jim Fucking-Spree,today we'll do tragedy

-I'm preparing for a new play,a comic tragedy play & I want to portray you how I play,I have here the words

-Oh no,oh no,oh no,we're taken us to Ayvalik'ho!Me & my nine siblings who grew from Asia Minor grandmother!Oh no,oh no,oh no,go above Panteli yo!

-Oime,we are 10 orphans,we don't have food on our plates & our grandma is dead!(he's crying)our grandma is dead!Eight brothers,two girls only,we ate cheese,tomato & olives only!

-Unjust society for the poor and the hapless!You give all the money to the rich & they're throwing us in useless buckets(he's crying)

-Oime,oime,oh no,oh no,somebody call Mister to go!

-I married my sisters with two bravery man,yesterday! Now,it's our turns!I tell you goodbye today!

-I do not know how you thought but I need a lot of rehearsing.

-But apart from this!I prepare a new one now something more entertaining,more spectacular,I think!

So there you say we feel so great,it sounds folk songs like "Entelemagken de Votanik" & "Prosefxiiiiiiiiiii...your lips say about me and your eyes days and nights crying amman..."

Just at that moment,what is doing?The sucker Dj changes the songs and puts the love-sick man!The love-sick man!

-He starts"Where do you go around?Where do you go?Where do you go around? Why don't you love my pound?"I was sick,I can't sleep for ten days after that!

-Happily,during at 3 o'clock turned good songs again,"To take revenge on you,I glue gum to your bench,your mom takes my mind out of the skull!"

"To take revenge on you,I'm making realtionship with my mother-in-law & we do threesome!I comes out in the street naked,but I forget that it's cold,that it's cold!

-That's all folks!I was Jim fucking-Spree & now I finished!

-Today,I am here,I do not know exactly where,I'm in a forest & by the way,I want to tell you some hassles that occur in our world,I have here a few on the list & I start with the first

-It was two friends and talked:Kostas,you stop smoking,I see, how did you tide over it?There's nothing special,George,just I stop it!

-Yes,well done!But if you stop smoking,starts drinking.In my case,George,it's not applicable!Why?But how?If you stop smoking,starts drinking alcohol,how is this done?I'm married!

-Somewhere else now,a real story.Is it a true story?Yes,true story,in the museum!A couple go to a museum:Honey,look an archaeological museum!Entrance:10per person.5for groups

-Helen,let me be in charge for the tickets!He go to the conductor:Good day,mister,what would you like?

-Good morning,we are a group & we would like to enter in the museum,Mr.Conductor!How many people are in the group?Two,me & my wife!(laughs)It has happened!

-The price of a woman!We all know that women aren't worth more than split olives,to say the truth of course!

A couple talked:Woman,you're not worth more than split olives!Why you said that?said puzzled wife.I've to break up with you,wife,nor have you or not,I spend the same money!

-The woman tells him angry:How dare you dirty pig to say these words to me?The man calmed her & go in a taxi,man asks the taxi driver:How much cost from here to the beach with my wife?

-It's 20€,sir!How much cost from here to the beach without my wife?It's 20again,sir!Woman,I was right!You're not worth more than split olives!(laughs)

-Let's continue to one last,not the final!

-It called "She apolgized".After fierce fighting,Peter & Stella break up!Stella leave the house & dumps Peter.

-2 weeks later,she turns & says:Peter my love,I'm sorry that abandon you,I want to fix it up!Because you dropped me I forgive you,because you came back,I can't forgive you,NEVER!!

-Ok,finally,It's called"My job or my husband's job?"A young man who had just closed the 25 years of his life,says to his father:Dad,I want to fianc?!

-Overjoyed father says:Very nice!Which do you take?I'll take Helen,dad!Not Helen,you can't take her,she is your sister!But how?Dad,how is my sister?Long story,it's my job!

-Next day,his son don't know what to do,what to do,how to overcome from Helen,says to father:Dad,I want to marry Mary!Not Mary,you can't take her,,my son,she is your sister too!

-Again son says:But dad,Helen & Mary,both are my sisters,how?Long story,it's my job,my job!says father.

-A few days later,his son was trying to forget Helen,Mary,wept on the table,comes the mother in & says:My son,why are you crying?Leave me alone,mom,leave me alone!

-I told Dad that I wanted to marry Helen or Mary,tells the story generally.His mother says:My son,marry whoever you want!But how,mom?It's my job,it's my job!(laughs)

-That's all,ladies & gentlemen!For Channel 4,I'm Jim Fucking-Spree & I wish you a good afternoon!Bye-bye!(laughs)

-Okey,shut it off!Okey!Here with Thimo,he rocks! He rocks,that's right?

Coming soon on cinemas

-We're Back,ladies & gentlemen,from the ads!Still here!

-Today,my guest is the beloved Adonis Georgiadis & now with happy he respond to your message you sent us in ads -Ads again?,we just returned from ads!

-Nice movie this,I'll watch it! -Watch it,watch it!My friend Adonis,you got ten questions to answer in our emission.Are you ready?People are you ready? -I'm ready!

-Ok,I'll answer!What write here?Question 1:How many times we go shopping with Eugenia?Listen,Jimmy!Jenny go shopping all day until 9 before shops closed,me 1 or 2 a year,to buy a suit

-Hot new exclusive,Mr.Adonis cheating Eugenia Manolidou with someone call her Jenny. -Hey Demetrios,when I said Jenny,I mean Eugenia,in English Jenny!Next question!

-Question 2:How many times traveling with Eugenia? Well,before crisis,we're going abroad,Bahamas,Maldives,Peru,Hong Kong, Taiwan,Kenya,Australia,New Zealand,USA & throughout in Europe.

-Now,in crisis,going abroad in yard of house & drink coffee.We travels again,Kostur,Florina,Ioannina,Preveza,Corfu,Crete, Mykonos,Mytilene,Rhodes,so we've turned over the Greece by hitchhiking.

-We travels with several people with trucks,farm trucks... -I'm sorry,Adonis!

-I continue,what I say?Yes,we travels with several people in trucks,farm trucks,with some gypsies who goes to a feast, Eugenia gave a recital at the feast,

-She's dancing in circus,she's dancing with the stars.Stars like,Chimpanzees jugglers,singers parrots,monkey dancing belly dancing,cockroaches who make newspapers & many others

-The most of them took the mr.Psinakis for Greece got talent! Conclusion,we travel a lot!Next Question!How many times we go with Eugenia for romantic dinner?

-Huh,I'll say you,I'll say you...usually twice a week but lately we hosts my mother-in-law and she cooks at home -We have phone calls,hello please,do you speak Greek?

-Damn you,useless man,I try to be a good mother for you & you eat out,I'll show you when you come home!(female voice) -Oh god,my mother-in law was in the phone!

-Next question!Mr Adonis,what schools have you finished!Hmm,I finished with A+ the primary,with 17,88 grade quadrants the gymnasium of Athens-Lamia & surroundings villages,6 classes twice!

-I have Master Chef in Hell's Kitchen & Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,I was Unisex,I finished Univeristy in Pargas,Souminou,Hiroshima-Nagasaki

to be jacket & pants at the Institute of Fine Arts in Hungary and recently acquired diploma for cycling,to not pollute the environment from the flue gas and Manufacturing activities!

-These generally!Do you understand Jim? Jimmy?,not at all! -Neither do I,as I told!Next question!

-Question 5:How many times have sex with Eugenia?Hmm...


-Ladies & gentlemen,I'm Jim Fucking-Spree,interrupting the flow of the program,because just arrived in our country the trillion Sheikh,who will save us from economic crisis

our envoy reporter Bob Vermoutso,eh sorry,Kostas Vernikos will show us what answers him to our cameras,let's see the video!


-Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen,according the Sheikh's speech in fluent Arabic,we translated that Greece will pay off from the crisis until 2444

SHEIKH SAID:GREECE WILL PAY OFF FROM THE CIRISIS UNTIL 2444 -Despite,we must be patient,that's mean 432 years of patience

-I said,better 1 hour free life rather than 432 years in slavery & in charge! BETTER 1 HOUR FREE LIFE RATHER THAN 432 YEARS IN SLAVERY & IN CHARGE!!

-These from me,Nikos,back to you!

-I surrounded by idiots,it's not be otherwise!These from me,ladies & gentlemen,for more news we'll interrupt the flow of our program later,? tout ? l'heure!

-Sorry,darling,we had a breaking new! -Car Accident,really? -No no,a breaking new!Where were we? Question 6:Did Eugenia count the bites of her bouboukos?

-Well,I explain for no misunderstanding,bouboukos(bites)it's not from bites,its by floral,boubouki(rose)!My rose,my flower, the other half of me,my brunette boyish boy!Understand?

-Do you understand?The thus & shall & everything at all! -Yeah,but how many bites,you didn't tell us,did you?

-The not eaten chicken nuggets are 6,eaten are 36,I measures by myself!Next question!Let me see the questions alone,you say bullshit,moron!

-Do you expecting a baby with Eugenia?Well,unfortunately,not yet,but I hope someday become the father of Eugenia's child!

-Next question!What write here?Doesn't distinguish the letters...d-ick,pu-ssy..brea..sts,bot-tom...What's going on,Jim?Shame on you!What are these?

-Do you have a relationship with a chick,before Eugenia,a pussy called Litsa with large breasts & if they know both about it & when reached all this tom-cat things?

-It wrote all of this here?Okey,I must confess,before Eugenia,I was the first,the best bachelor ever born!I had my chicks until came into my life beautiful Popi!

-Who is that Popi? -Stay cool,queer!Popi,Calliope-Callia,Callitsa-Litsa!

-Well,Popi & I loves together very much,these intellectuals easily destroy our relations & the evil eye!

-We go to the beach for swimming,she goes to the locker room to put her bikini & everybody peep an eye on her!One day,they shag her properly!The intellectuals easily that I said before!

-I closed in myself,I didn't broadcast,I let my brother in my place & one day I told myself,Enough!So I became politician,I went to a party,there I met Eugenia who played piano

impressed by her beauty,she told me that playing piano,to draw her livelihood & I told her,grab it different!She grab it too & from that moment my life started from 0!I was a new Adonis

Friends,catch up my new book"The Leap-years"released from Editions Georgiadis & Manolidou,only 200€!In,I repeat,!Sorry!

-Next question!Question 9:Very personal question...that is to say,how personal?Face to face?Stay cool,queer!We did not say like this!

-You not understood,dear,the question is indiscreet.How many times do you masturbate and what type of woman you like?

-Interesting question!Clinically,I masturbate every time I'm in erection & my dick works in normal room conditions,I don't know if you understand?

-Secondly, he type of woman I love is Eugenia Manolidou's type so,for this I already married her!Did you catch the point?Jim,did you catch the point?You catch it?

-I catch it!Oh my god,What is this huge thing in the front pocket of your pants? -Stay cool,queer!It's my cell phone!

-I have MMS,SMS,shit-in-side,GBS,GPS,GTS,MP3,MP4,MP5,Give me 5,take my 3,bluetooth,mauvetooth & beigetooth,in all colours!

-Where is the next question?Question 10:When you were little boy,what was going to be when you were growing up?

-Fuck!I screw it all!I've been waiting for this question,it was S.O.S.,I'd put a lot of asterisks..uh...

uh...when I was little boy,my friend Jim,very recently I wanted to be a bus driver

-In college,I was in Italy,uh in Hungary,I saw the bus-driver that every day,he scratch secret parts of his body & I told to my classmate Alex Tsipras.

-Alex,when I grow I'll be like our bus driver,Mr Spyros,you know,he scratch secret parts of his body every day!What you reminded me now?Ah memories...

-Finally,did you became? -Yeah,I'll scratch my secret parts of my body in the Parliament!(laughs)Just kidding!Catch up my new book"The Leap-years"

only 200€!In -Sorry,they inform me from the control,you didn't answer a question,question Nr.5 -Five in your face,queer lady!Oh yes,Question 5,uh..

-Yes,question 5:How many times have sex with Eugenia? -Also,they say in the previous break the director has been to the toilet & cameraman fell asleep

-Who is the director? -I'm so sorry for the incident! -Tell me!Who is the director?

-We have Jim Asshole! -Oh well,& you have a cameraman,who? -Cameraman name is Jimm something..

-I see,I see,the show is going in bad way!Okey,I tell you,how many times have sex with Eugenia?Uh..


-Ladies & gentlemen,we interrupt the flow of our program because the Sheikh kissed the Greek dirt & spoke Greek we emitted first in the Greek TV this shocking historic event!

-Watch the next video & you'll be shocked as I'm shocked also


Nikos,ladies & gentlemen,Sheik's words,connected us politically & religiously,that God exists & Greece will be saved from the economic downturn & it will return rich

we hope someday!Back to you Nikos,for Channel 4,Gas Vernikos SHEIKH SAID:GOD WILL BE SAVED GREECE FROM ECONOMIC CRISIS

-Thank you Kostas!Finally,I surrounded by idiots!My name is Jim,not Nikos,you son of the...Goodbye!

-I apologize again,buddy Adonis,now you can answer! -Well,I'll tell you... -Not now,after the ads,Adonis,yes & after Butter-Shut Up's show,back in few minutes!

-Ladies & gentlemen,I'm Jim Fucking-Spree & now follows jokes about blondes from Butter!Starts your speech,Butter!

-Hello,ladies & gentlemen,hi Jim,I'm Butter-Shut Up & I'm here because it's my own hour show,my blonde hour show!

-Today,I'll tell a few jokes, starting with "The blondes & the ducks"

-It was 2 girlfriends & they went for duck-hunting,in one case,they know nothing from that game,after 2 hours they're nor had caught even a duck!

-The first thinks & says:Hey girlfriend,we catch even a duck!I don't know why,said the other girl,perhaps we don't fly too high the rope,do you?

-We continue with the"Do you want to tell a joke about blondes?"Do you want to tell a joke about blondes?Of course you want,about this thing you're here!

-It was 2 blonde girlfriends & they went in the supermarket entering in the supermarket,the first run where wrote Palmolive & one other Omo

to get detergents,she go to detergents &the other girl said:Hey girlfriend,what detergent bought? Omo,yo!Get my dick and go!

-A blonde sees her girlfriend on the road & says:Hey girlfriend,did you stop smoking?Yes I did,with much difficulties!But how?Firstly,I put patches & stickers

next,I try the gum!the blonde asks:You try the gum but how you light it up?

-We continue with"Falling down the whore blonde"!It was 2 girlfriends & fight in the 40th floor,in one case,the brunette pushes the blonde & the stupid falls aaaaaaaaah...

& the 30th floor,comes one hand out & draws her in,he's one ugly fat man,he says:Ah,I didn't save you so simple,I want from you to take me many blowjobs

-But I don't do such things,says the blonde girlfriend,I'm a good & modest girl!No,I want from you to take me many blowjobs!I don't do such things!Okey then,go to hell!!He throws her out!

-In the 20th floor,comes one hand out & draws her in,he's a naked black guy with huge dick,I had to be there too,he says:Ah,I didn't save you just like that,I'll take you from behind,the ass!

-But I don't do such things,says the blonde girlfriend,I'm a good & modest girl!So,go to hell!!Nigger says & throws her out!

-In one case,in the 13d floor,comes one hand out & draws her in,he's a normall man,he says:Are you okay,Miss?

-Thank you very much,thak you,thank you!I'll do everything!Blowjobs,you can take me from my ass,just let me live!You harlot bitch!Man says & throws her out!

-We continue with"A blonde girl in Electronics shop"

-A blonde girl goes to electronics shop,she gets in & says:Hello,how much costs this TV?

-Excuse me,madam,but we don't sell to blondes ladies!Tell me,how much costs this TV?Don't offend me like this!I told you before,madam,we don't sell to blondes ladies!

-The blonde girl leaves out,masquerades in black hair,she gets into the shop & says:Hello,how much costs this TV?

-I told you before,madam,we don't sell to blondes ladies! -Aaah,but how he understand me?

-The blonde girl leaves out again,masquerades in black hair & black glasses,she gets into the shop & says: Hello,how much costs this TV?

-I told you before,madam,we don't sell to blondes ladies!The blonde girl leaves out & gets in as herself:Sorry,I want to ask you something,how you understand that was me?

-Ma'am this is not TV,it is a microwave!

-We continue with"The blonde girl & the car type of Smart"

-The blonde girl drives a Smart in the road,suddenly,a truck crashed her smart,she gets out of her car & starts shouting:Well don't you see,you destroyed my car,stupid,ignorant,vile,rude man!

-I'm so sorry,my beautiful lady,but don't worry,the Smart easily corrected,inflate in the evaporation & soon it will be alright!

-Really?blonde says.Yeah!So,the blonde girl begins to inflate her car,after 2 hours,she has failed to do anything,her phone rings:Girly,I'm trying to inflate my car cause I had accident

-Girlfriend goees to her,she sees & says:Well, are you stupid?How you inflate your car with open windows?

-We continue with"The smart blonde girl"

-The smart blonde girl goes to a supermarket,she gets in,the very clever blonde girl & says to the cashier:Mr cashier,I would like to go in appointment with you at night?

-Ma'am,this is impossible,I'm working here,why do you want to go in a date with me?I want to go in a date with you,beacuse I'm smart blonde!

-If your're smart my lady,you must go to put candidacy for prime minister,don't come here again!.(laughs)

-We continue with,one of my favorites,with "The blond-hair-head girl & the red-hair-head girl"

-The blond-hair-head girl & the red-hair-head girl are 2 good friends,one day,the blond-hair-head girl returning from a trip,she gets on the road the red-hair-head girl & she says:

-Hey girly,have you been traveling?Yes,I was in France!So you went to France,uh,did you see the Parisians?What Parisians? You went in France & you didn't see the Parisians,fool girl!

-She runs home,open a dictionary & read:Parisians synonym word of French people,she brought me the old crazy red-hair-head!

-Next time,she's returning from another trip...hmm..."Hello Borat of Greece!"Hmm...from another trip...they make me compliments now,so I stuck...from another trip...

-She gets on the road the red-hair-head girl & she says again: Hey girly,have you been traveling?Yes,I was in Germany!Uh yes, Germany,did you see the Lutherans?

-Blonde-hair-head sticks & says:What Lutherans?Well,you went in Germany & you didn't see the Lutherans,did you?Hmm,I didn't see any Lutherans!You stupid girl!

-Uh...she runs home,open a dictionary & read:Lutherans synonym word of German people,she brought me the old crazy red-hair-head again!Aaaaah!!

-Hmm,next time,the blonde was prepared that she would ask for something she knows,for example,I'll go to Italy,she ask me for the spaghetti & other things

-So,the next time,she's returning from another trip,she was happy & prepared for pasta and spaghetti,she gets on the road the red-hair-head girl & she says:

Hey girly,have you been traveling?Yes,I was in Italy!Ask me anything!Did you see the Neapolitans?Who Neapolitans?Well,you went in Italy & you didn't see the Neapolitans,did you?

-I didn't see any Neapolitans!She runs home,open a dictionary & read:Neapolitans synonym word of Italians,she brought me the old crazy red-hair-head again!Aaaaah!!

-This time I go to Africa,& whatever she ask me I'll understand that she mean the Africans!

-So,she's returning from another trip,she was happy & prepared for everything,she gets on the road the red-hair-head girl & she says:Hey girly,girly,have you been traveling?

-Yes,I was in Africa!Did you see any Pyramids?Yes,girlfriend, I saw all of them!Wow,girlfriend,they're perfects & in the bed they had 100% balls!

-We continue with"What do many blondes in the fields?"What? I know,they are grown their cultures!

-What do 2 blondes on my plate?Really,what?They do the dinner service!(laughs)

-It was a blond girl & a robber,in one case,the robber knocks on the door and says:Excuse,my lady,I will offer you a glass of wine.

-To taste you the wine that we promoted in recent days.Thank you,thank you,I'm not interested!It's free product!Okey,then!

-The blonde girl drinks a glass of wine outright!The robber says:What do you think?Very good!But I have feel a great mood! I got drunk!Don't say that,you're okay!

-Now,I want to offer you a glass of raki.Greek Cretan Raki!Do you want a glass of raki,just for a taste?No,no,I'm already dizzy by the wine!Oh come on,It's free product too!Okey,then!

-The blonde girl drinks raki outright again & she was dizzy,the robber begins to empty the house slowly,slowly & he says:How do you feel now?

-I don't know really,or I have an empty space in my head or an empty space in my home!?!

-"A blond girl in the bank"A blonde goes to the bank,the blonde goes to the bank,to make money & says to the cashier:I want to make some money!Okey,how much money you want,ma'am?

-I want 5€!The cashier sticks!Do you came to the bank to take only 5€?Yes,I want 5€!For what?I want to buy a lipstick!

-My lady,take out more money,not only 5€!But the lipstick costs 5€!I don't want something else!Please,take out more money,buy a comb also!Okay,I want 10€!

-Yes,yes 10€!No,perhaps more than ten!Tell me,madam,5 or 10€? I don't know exactly,I have to I make my nails,my feet,my hair

-I have to feed my clothes & go the baby in,no,to feed the baby & go the clothes in laundry,thats,right!I want 50€..yes,50€!My lady,take out more money!No,50€,I want 50€!

-So,the cashier takes off the 50€ & the blonde woman says: Sorry,I forgot something...maybe...Can you take me off 100€?

-Next,what do many blondes out of the theater? They expect to open the curtain down

-Next,what do many blondes in bikini bottom? They expect for Sponge-Bob Squarepants!

-I was the "chatterer-blonde" Butter-Shut Up & now I shut it up!Goodnight!


-Thank you,Butter,thank you too,ladies & gentlemen! For Channel 4,I was Jim Fucking-Spree!Goodnight!

-{Holy shit & damn!It will become a once correctly this emission?Who is calling?Just in ads,dear Jim,don't worry!Fuck,fuck,fuck!}

-Dimtrios we're in the air!

We're back,ladies & gentlemen,my friends,the moment that everyones waiting,Adonis will answer in the fifth question -What was the question?

-Question 5:How many times have sex with Eugenia? -Hmm...I'll tell you... -Escuse me,Adonis,we have phone call from Salonika!Hey,hello? -Hi,to Salonika!

-"Demek"to say & the rel(l)ated!Mr.Adonis,Bill PapadopoulLos from Sallonika,with what you say the Turks will get in Sallonika & you gonna still do promotion on TV!Asshole!

-What was I saying?Dear Jim,why is this wand among us? -It's magic wand,because we are magical show. -Thanks for the information,now I know!

-Well,I'll tell you,1,2,3,yes,yes,idleness,bla-bla...20 times! -Sorry,since finished the show ""The moment of truth",the voice remained unemployed & we hired on our show

-I want to remind you,it's a lie detector,so,you can't lie. With a hand on heart,how many times have sex with Eugenia? -Hmm...Here you spoil me,you flatten me down!

-18 times!YOUR ANSWERING IS A LIE!15 times!YOUR ANSWERING IS A LIE!Oh,I get upset now!10,9,8,7,6!YOUR ANSWERING IS A LIE!IS A LIE!Fine,3!LIE!1 with congeniality!YOUR ANSWERING IS A LIE!

-Fine,fine,only one,only one! YOUR ANSWERING IS TRUE!

-Well done,Adonis!Thanks Adonis,who were with us today! -I thank you for inviting me & don't forget,released my new book"The Leap Years"

-Catch up my new book"The Leap-years",Only 200€!Released from Editions Georgiadis & Manolidou!!In www.poutsoukos...sorry,,I repeat, up!

-Don't forget! say, -Stay cool Mr.Adonis,please!The show will continue with a video made by my assistants for a new comedian,Leo,the Artist

-Who is he,Jim? -A young comedian,do you wanna see the video? -Why not! -Ladies & gentlemen,Leo,the Artist!



-My friends,show will close with popular repertoire from the most important popular singer in Greece,Paola! -I'm an admirer of her! -A warm applause for her! -I'm an admirer of her! -A warm applause for her!


Music:Kuriakos Papadopoulos Lyrics:Ilias Filippou

-Once again,I wish to sincerely apologize to Paola,we had some technical problems with the sound,sorry again. -Your show sucks!Your show sucks!

-I want to thank again friend Adonis who came to our show voluntarily! (Adonis coughs) -1000we said,Mr.Kouik!

-Here there are,Mr.Adonis! -Oh thank you very much!But I came in your show voluntarily!

-So,he took from us 1000€ & he left! -Goodbye,I'm out of here!! -It was the show "Drink Milk"with Jim Fucking Spree!Goodnight!

Leo:"Cold sweat on my body,when I faced you Cold sweat on your body,when you heard about me"

"I lost my love,I lost my dream,I felt your sweat on my face,Jim!I lost my love,I lost my dream,I felt your sweat on my face,Jim!"

"Cold sweat inside me,but you weren't here Cold sweat inside,but I'm looking to find you"

"I lost my love,I lost my dream,I felt your sweat on my face,Jim!I lost my love,I lost my dream,I felt your sweat on my face,Jim!"

"Cold sweat for a forbidden love,my beautiful eyes Cold sweat for us and I come apart,my love"

"I lost my love,I lost my dream I felt your sweat on my face,Jim!'

Tony:"I felt you nightmare,burns inside me,I got lost,my love, along with Angels,but never again I LOVED so TRULY!"

Leo:"But never again I LOVED so TRULY! I LOVED so TRULY!I LOVED so TRULY!"

"I lost my love,I lost my dream,I felt your sweat on my face,Jim,on my face,Jim!"


-My dear friends,I'm Bill Sotiriou & now begins "The Game of Luck"!

-Let's go to the first player,who is on the phone? -Hello,boys,congratulations for your show,I'm Paul Pitoulakakis from Sfakia Crete,I want to play on your show

-Hello buddy Paul,kisses in the beautiful island of Crete. Are you ready to play? -Okay my child I'm ready! -Nice!

-We begin,I want to tell me 4 times... -4 Times! -No,no,sir! -No,no,sir!I won?

-You didn't understand me,let's begin again! -I want to tell me 4 times... -I said it before 4 Times! -You didn't understand me.. -You didn't told that before!

-No,no,let me finish first!First I'll tell you what you have to say & then you'll say it.For help,I'll say to you "now say it"okey,do you agree with me?Why don't you respond me?

-You didn't tell to me,"now say it" -A simple question I do!Now,do you understand? -I understand,my boy,I'm not dumb!

-I hope so!I want to tell me 4 times,tie-tie-tie-tie,"now say it" -Tie-tie-tie-tie! -Congratulations,you won a necktie! -I'm very happy,my first time I won,thank you,boys,thanks!

-You are very lucky,Mr.Portokalakis! -Thank a lot!But my name is Mr.Pitoulakakis,not Portokalakis! -I'm sorry,Mr.Pitouleki...I mean Mr.Paul..

-Did you see how lucky is Mr.Paul,Ladies & Gentlemen?My buddy Paul,how do you feel now?Paul?Are you here,Paul?(strange sounds)Sorry what happening over there?(he screams)Mr.Paul?

(gun shot sounds)Sorry,we have some technical problems in connection...(gun shot sounds)Sorry,I'm sorry,what's going on there?

(cold voice)Hello there,hi Mr Feredinos,I'm Taqis Polasimiakakis,I had a vendetta with Mr.Pitoulakakis but finally I regularized it!

-I'm not Feredinos! -Is that you,Andrew? -Who Andrew?Whom do you mean?

-I mean Mikroutsikos,boy! -No,I'm Bill Sotiriou from the show"The Game of Luck"! -What channel plays this?

-In Lucky TV! -My name is Taqis!Since you're not Mikroutsikos!Bye-bye! -Sorry,where is Mr.Paul?

That things happens also in live shows,ladies & gentlemen!If you want to have the fate of Mr.Paul,call in our show...Not exactly,his know,go in Ads & returned in a minute!

-Back to show,Mrs.Producer,we've something to do,a man died. -Bravo Bill,other 1 incident & we'll become the best channel in Greece!Good idea,Bill!Starts Breaking News! -Yes,ma'am!


Ladies & gentlemen,interrupt the flow of our program for a new of last minutes,in Sfakia of Crete,2 families killed for an old vendetta,Mr.Poalsimiakakis murdered in cold blood Mr.Paul

Pitoulakakis,our current winner of our quiz show. We are the only channel that we show the facts! EXCLUSIVE!!

-Did you see how lucky is Mr.Paul,Ladies & Gentlemen?My buddy Paul,how do you feel now?Paul?Are you here,Paul?(strange sounds)Sorry what happening over there?(he screams)Mr.Paul?

(gun shot sounds)Sorry,we have some technical problems in connection...(gun shot sounds)Sorry,I'm sorry,what's going on there? EXCLUSIVE!!

(cold voice)Hello there,hi Mr Feredinos,I'm Taqis Polasimiakakis,I had a vendetta with Mr.Pitoulakakis but finally I regularized it! EXCLUSIVE!!

-I'm not Feredinos! -Is that you,Andrew? -Who Andrew?Whom do you mean? EXCLUSIVE!!

-I mean Mikroutsikos,boy! -No,I'm Bill Sotiriou from the show"The Game of Luck"! -What channel plays this? EXCLUSIVE!!

-In Lucky TV! -My name is Taqis!Since you're not Mikroutsikos!Bye-bye! -Sorry,where is Mr.Paul? EXCLUSIVE!!

-Greek police will take appropriate measures,in order to solving this mystery.From me,Bill Sotiriou have a good evening,farewell!

-We go in Ads & we returned in a minute!

would be a difficult financial year.After 8 years would follow hard poverty & combat crisis & those who survive will receive a pension at 88,all 11888!Random?I don't think so!(twice)

"Yesterday you left,Mary,you forgot your court shoe,uh...your bag!This love!Taxi-taxi!Mary,Mary...I'm in love with you...Mary,Mary,wait!This love is true or fairy tales?"

"Mary it wasn't a fairytale!Please,please!Ah,what a love!Ugly Mary,Love does not look beauty" -It's nice series,where are you Paul to watch it?(he laughs)




(refugee accent)Hi,me name Fu Man Xu,stay in Hellas for 15 years & half,2 months,25 & half hours,33 minutes & few seconds.Here in Hellas people are good & gold!

-Let Fu Man Xu in the shop alone!Mr.Alex gold man,give money to Fu Man Xu,2 euros for day,cigarette packets & half croissant,not forget,give me a bottle of water too!

-X-mas & Easter,give me 3 euros cause Hellas has some feasts,I don't know what feasts,prickle eggs & break lambs,I don't know why,I'm a Buddhist!But,well,after food,give us shells & bones

-Now,crisis,very bad,Mr.Alex give me only spank!But,well no problem!He me bros Lu Man Xu,come to Hellas for best life but give he spank only,me bro work Mr.Thanos,not gold man!

Bro,tired very much,1 year in Hellas & want go back in home,Kenya,but no money at all!Me picks up some money for Kenya,no too much,only,60.000 euros!!

-When go back home,me open first souvlaki shop & be new president of Kenya!That's all for me!Lu Man Xu,go back work now,go beacuse wait more spank us,spanks with whips(crying)

-Me don't know whips,I know only butter & sugar.Me put hand in butter & spank it all!(crying)

-So,life is good in Hellas!Very good,but well,know,econimic crisis,Greeks has no food,but no problem!be happy,guys,so happy,listen me story,thanks a lot,also me thanks producers

for put my best Greek singer Yannakis Parios,accompanyment my story,thank you Yannakis!

-Bye,bye!Hey Lu Man Xu,say bye to people you too. -Bye,bye!

"Don't talk it's not necessary,don't talk,I'll be gone in a quarter" -Thank you very much!Thank you very much!

In every city,in every neighborhood we build wells like the punch

Fucking bitch Police!!

Greeks & foreigners,hanging fascists!

Shit in fascists!

Attack on State & Capital

-Hey you,hey you,I said you,you with ugly face!What is it?You stuck on me,dude? -No,no!You can't hit someone who wears glasses!

-Of course,I can!I don't care if wear glasses!I'll hit you! -No,no,no!

-Aaah,aaah,aaah,it hurts!Ooooh,ooooh,it hurts!It hurts! -You asshole with glasses! -Aaah,aaah,aaah,it hurts!Ooooh,ooooh,it hurts!It hurts!

Subtitled by Kilorenzos Smith.

The Description of ο ΜΠΟΡΑΤ του ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ | FUNNY SHOW Part TwO | The Video-Movie (2012) Eng Subs