Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Czarny Protest w Paryżu

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We are in front of the Polish Embassy in Paris

where a protest is taking place against the introduction of a total ban on abortion in Poland.

Protestors from Poland and France, but also from across Europe,

have gathered here to show their solidarity with the Black Protest

which has been happening in Poland since last week.

Why are you taking part in the protest?

Im upset about the fact

that somebody wants to make decisions for my friends

who live in Poland.

I disagree that women who actually are not planning to have any more children

want to make desicions about my reproduction

and about my conscience.

It makes me angry.

Ive been following the political situation in Poland

watching whats been going on since the new government took power

and, obviously, I dont like it.

In my view, they are taking us back

to the Middle Ages.

Im here to fight, like the others, to stop this new law from being passed

and not only thatthe present abortion law in Poland

is not entirely accepted.

Thanks to our Polish friends, for the last couple of weeks

we have been following the events in Poland

and the Black Protest.

I told myself that I could not stay at home today.

What is the aim of introducing a total ban on abortion in Poland?

In my view, its all a big political fight.

It feels like a huge wave of outrage has been unleashed,

along with a heavy debate and a desire to change the current law.

I am almost convinced that this new law will not be passed in the parliament,

because the government will reject is at some point

to show how noble they really are.

And, instead, they will pass a very liberal in vitro bill.

I have a feeling that its all about showing

thatwe hold the power now and we take decisions

and manifesting their strength

What is your message to people protesting in Poland?

It is a wonderful initiative and the best thing that we can do right now.

We need to unite and not divide,

and we have a certain tendency to divide in our country.

You are great, and I cross my fingers for you and I am with you!

Im really proud of them.

Im here, in front of the Polish Embassy, because,

despite not being able able to join the protest in Warsaw tomorrow

because of the Fashion Week,

I would like to show that I am with all the protesters with all my heart and soul.

I hope that our presence here today will motivate even more people

To not go to work and to go on strike tomorrow

and I dont mean only women, but also men.

Apart from that I reckon that Polish women are tough and strong.

If there is anyone who can change something in Poland now, its women.

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