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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I SPENT $3,000 AT THE TRENDIEST INSTA STORE: haul/rant

Difficulty: 0

hi guys

its tana mongeau welcome to my haul or welcome back to my haul


*awkward silence*

i spend the majority of my money

at dolls kill, i kid you not when i say that

last year at the end of the year when it was time for me

to pay my taxes

believe it or not i pay taxes now, *woah such an adult u are*

my cpa looked at all of the money i spent throughout the year

and he rounded up the things that i spent the most money on

and there are probably like five things

the majority of it being like

flights or like uber or like

you know normal stuff like that *right totally normal*

but one of the five things was clothing

but the majority of the money spent on clothing was at dollskill *wbk sis*

i kid you not it was in the top five things

i spent the most money on last year

- in total

which is absolutely terrifying

i'm sure that if you have been subscribed to me for a while

you know that i love fashion

i love fast fashion *the heck is fast fashion*, i love

current trendy stuff

i love shopping

you get it i love spending my money recklessly *Wish i could relate*

normally this would probably be a vlog channel video

i don't know if you're subscribed to my vlog channel

but shameless self promo

i will link it below

i'm constantly doing hauls

over on my vlog channel

however, i think i spent too much money this time *nO wAY*

so i'm needing to put it on my main channel so

if you wanted a story time or

a comedy video this is really just a haul

and i'm sorry in advance for that

i'll try to keep the majority of these videos on my vlog channel

but today, this is some main channel content

and I have actually been avidly trying to suck the fart out of Doll Kill's ass for the last year

and emailing them and talking to them, working with them on little stuff here and there.

and the majority of companies or like clothing companies or instagram companies or companies that I fuck with

will just kind of send a bunch of shit to influencers. Dolls Kill like used to do that. Whatever.

and I've been trying to tell them everyday like listen I spend one fifth of the majority of my money at your store.

If you send me the things I want, I will literally take all of the small amount of clout I have and just give it to you

and they're like, and at one point they were saying yes and I got so excited and whatever, but just we keep going back and forth

and they keep kind of offering me an inch but im trying to take a mile here!

a few weeks ago they actually reached out back to me and they said okay we would love to send you some stuff for a video

and I was like oh my fucking God, I'm so excited you are my favorite store in the world. Thank God. I promise you I will not do you wrong.

and so then they send me this link and they're like okay you can pick out stuff from the website through this link.

and so I click the link and I was just like expecting the whole website

and it was just like this link of preselected things for influencers if that makes sense.

and so I was really bummed out being the I am GIA basic little slut that I am

that the majority of the stuff was like their cheeper stuff or stuff that was their brand or stuff that whatever.

but I still was like okay I can still make a video out of this

and so I pick out like 20 to 25 items and I send them back to them.

and not to suck my own dick but normally a dedicated haul video where i'm showcasing 20 to 25 items

if I was doing that for a brand I would probably charge upwards of 25,000 dollars

that makes me sound so put together and rich.

and because I love them so much and at the end of the day yes I do sponsor posts and stuff like that

but also the majority of the stuff I talk about on my channel isn't sponsored. I do just wanna share shit with the people that watch me that I fuck with

because that's what this youtube channel is about you know. I don't wanna become one of those channels where everything is sponsored.

so obviously, I was just excited to do the haul video. I wait like 3 weeks

I finally get a box in the mail. Im so excited.

Dolls Kills boxes are so iconic so literally when I see them I like have an orgasm.

they look like this they're all black and super cool or whatever.

and so I'm so excited I'm like oh my god all my Dolls Kills stuff is here

I'm going to film this fucking kick ass haul video or whatever

I open up the box

and like 6 of the 30 things I picked were in the box.

I realize how first world and stupid this all sounds.

its not that I'm being a dumb entitled bitch and they didn't like send me my stuff and im throwing a fit over it

I guess I was just looking forward to making this whole video and now I realize I didn't really have enough stuff for a whole video if that makes sense.

and it's not like the stuff was out of stock either. it was more so like they just took 6 of the 30 items I picked and sent them to me

and thats okay im fucking grateful for that they're still my favorite company. its awesome

but then I decided like any rational, responsible human being

that because they didn't send me the other items I picked that I would just go on their website and spend 3,000 dollars

so that I could like make a whole video ya know like that makes sense. it was like an investment like for my business

and so I'm going to start off this video by showing you the 6 items they sent me because I do still fuck with them and I do want to say thank you for that.

and like whatever. But like im definitely pissed. like hey Dolls Kill can you please just like furnish my wardrobe.

and them im going to get into showing you what I spent my 3,000 dollars on on Dolls Kill.

So I guess I'm just gonna hop right into the haul

like I said this video isn't really a comedy video

it's just a haul for the people who do fuck with me on a level past me ranting and swearing and telling storytimes and being a psychopath

if you fuck with my... my style

that's what this is. I really just need to make my 3,000 dollars back

one of the first items they send me in the six was this little skirt which I'm absolutely obsessed with

it's like a tv static print and it's like this little tiny skirt and it's so fucking cute

I... selected them with a top of this. They... they chose to just go with the skirt and that's okay

I sound so passive aggresive

I think this will be mad cute though with like a matched turtleneck bodysuit and like some thigh-highs?

even some little like *??* fucking big ass shoes with like a platform and like a little crop top would be very cute


you guys remember in every gigi gorgeous video how she would literally take like any item and just throw it behind her like that

the next thing I got I'm absolutely obsessed with

everyone when they saw me open this

was like *inhales* yeah... yikes...

but it is just so up my alley

it is this giant oversized colour-blocked hoodie


I like it cause it's... different colours on each side

I like things that are spunky and quirky and not like most girlss

I don't know. I like this for the airport because like what says like comfy, cozy and don't look at me

but also I'm drawing the most attention to myself possible

it's actually very warm and a really nice hoodie so I'm super excited about this

and it also reminds me of like something I would have like looved when I was a little kid

never let the little kid go

Then I picked out this bra and underwear and they chose to send the underwear

I was intending on taking a photo in the bra and underwear and that's why I selected them

but now I guess Brad (Sousa) can just like fuck me in the underwear

Basically they are all covered in rhinestones like this

and they have these cute little straps.

They are actually very high quality

with like valentine's day coming up these are very like sexy and cute

expensive-looking and we all want our pussy to look expensive on valentine's day so that's that on that

The next thing I got is actually from one of my favourite companies

and it's this little black tank top that is covered in badazzles

and it says "bitch" on it and there's a little underboob-moment and it's so cute

I'm actually going to nikita dragun's birthday tonight

and this is kind of nikita-y

I think she would approve of this

It's stuff like this that actually did inspire me to make my badazzled cancelled-hoodies

definetely gonna have a lot more badazzled merch and stuff like that coming out in the future

speaking of badazzled shit that I don't need but really want

I also got this set

which is also postergirl and it is this black badazzled bralette with a matching black badazzled skirt

and the skirt is super sick cause it has these like little strappy straps that go above your...

I was literally gonna say hippy hips and I...

yeah I know

I could also wear this tonight though it's like so *??*

and then the last two things that they sent me are...

these little orange mesh biker shorts which I'm soo obsessed with

I did wanna get a matching top to this as well but I'm still glad they sent me the shorts

so I think this is gonna look so cute with a big t-shirt over it

I know it's kind of like ass-showy

but I do also feel like everything I wear is a little ass-showy

and I do think with a long enough t-shirt it won't really matter

or it could be cute over like a bikini or something for a rave

but I definetely do just see myself wearing this in my everyday life so...

The next thing is this black skirt with little zippers all over it

and all of the zippers are fully functioning and actually do unzip

and I kid you not. This skirt is so fucking heavy

like this skirt weighs more than most instagram models

this is leaning more towards something i would probably wear on like a red carpet or like to a movie premiรจre

just cause it is cool and edgy but it's still like very thic, very heavy, very high-quality

basically me

so yeah, now that I'm done showing the things dolls kill was gracious enough to send me

I'm gonna move on to the 3,000 dollars of my own money that I spent

I'm like "I'm gonna move on to the 3,000 dollars of my own money that I earned so hard and totally wished they would have sent me

that I wish I wouldn't have had to spent but I did end up spending on these clothes that I bought"

I'm just gonna start with the first box in front of me

there's literally giant dolls kill boxes the size of my whole body

all over my floor so I'm gonna try to move as quickly as possible

I guess actually before I talk about the stuff in the box, I'm wearing two things I bought today

the first thing is this shirt

which actually ended up breaking uh so

hey dolls kill you didn't send me this and I don't have to pretend it didn't break

no I'm kidding

they have these nipple piercings and it was so sick

but this one just like broke and fell off over here

I'm actually very very pissed about it

I might just run like a cool chain through it cause Iove this shirt so much

I would wear this shirt all the time

I'm actually very very sad it broke

I literally think it is the best shirt ever until...

it broke

it was one of their cheeper items on the website

so I guess I'm not that mad but at the same time

I do hate when shit brakes and imagine

this was the only thing you ordered and you really fucked with this

that's annoying

hey dolls kill

send me another shirt

and then these awesome leggings

which are actually very very well priced

they're just like uh-uhh

pleathery vibe with these like cut-outs all down it

Brad was holding his juul in these earlier

and I was like

okay... me

I really love these leggings and see myself wearing these absolutely a lot

just because

I'm always wearing big t-shirts or big hoodies

I think this is cool because it adds

another form of texture or something else cool to the outfit

but I can still be wearing like a t-shirt and leggings

and they are very comfortable and stretchy and like move-y and...

it's big huh

the next things I got are these joggers

which I'm so obsessed with

it's insane

they literally just say the word "boy" all over them

over and over and over again

but if you've ever watched any video of mine ever

you know I'm constantly saying like

I'm just a boy, I'm a little boy

and then the sickest material

they remind me of something billie eilish would wear

or like her merch that says "billie" all over it

the thought of being like in the airport in these

or just like chilling at home in these

I'm obsessed

These were definetely a little on the pricy side

Ashley (Schwan) was trying to talk me out of them

She was literally like

"a hundred fucking dollars for these fucking joggers and you don't fucking need them"

but they did end up being really high quality

now that I'm touching them and feeling the material

I don't know. I'm justifying a 100 dollar pair of joggers

I'll stop

I love them

I'm a boy

The next thing I got I'm so obsessed with

I just love things, again

just like these leggings even, that are really comfy

and easy but like make it look like you're putting in

more effort than you did

this is like this, black mock neck shirt

that looks like there's a long sleeved shirt

underneath it and it just like zips up around the

neck and it's super sick

I really really like this cause again,

I could just throw this on even with these leggings and it looks like

I have a put together outfit on

that I like thought super hard about

but I fucking didn't

the next thing are these little red leopard

biker shorts

I just thought that a big t-shirt with these

and like sneakers would be so cute

versus like a plain black pair of bikershorts

it like adds something to it

I feel like the leopard would do a little something for my butt

so I'll test that out and get back to you

The next top

Ashley also tried to talk me out of buying this one

She said that it gave her mustang sally vibes

and I was really offended by it

I do this thing when I online shop

where I show my cart to Ashley before I check out

and I make her go through the whole cart and tell me things I shouldn't buy

because I have no concept of like


and to be real, now that I'm looking at it, it was kind of cuter online


it's just like this little white thin button-up top

with black stitching which I really like

some thight black jeans and like some cool boots

it would be like a cool vibe

I'm literally going to Dallas on tour this weekend

I felt like it was like a little texy and like cute you know

I just feel like you at hime right now don't like this

and I need to stop showing it


the next thing I got is this kappa jacket

um I'm not a huge kappa person

but I definetely do have a decent amount of kappa stuff

and I felt this would look really cool over a *??* for the airport or if I was like in a cold city or like whatever

it's basically just this black hooded kappa jacket that's super long

and on the back in shiny black lettering it says kappa

basically if it's cold and rainy I feel like this is a good addition to pretty much any outfit that I would wear

the next thing is this little zebra bodysuit

I feel like animal print is just like taking the world by a storm right now

and I felt like this would be really cute just like with a plain black skirt

ooh even like a big, black, beefy jogger

and it's cool to see like zebra and leopard and shit make a comeback

because I feel like when I was younger growing up

that's like the prints that were everywhere

so it's cool to see fashion like resurface

like I'm finally old enough to be seeing fashion actually resurface from when I was younger

I bet you always hear your parents talking about that

how fashion always resurfaces

but then when it actually starts to happen to you

you're like "damn, am I old?"

then I got this little polka dot top

it's like

it's like polka dot

with the little ruffles and it's like blush pink

this will be so cute just like with the rest of the outfit being like emo af

like this the only like pop of girliness

a big black jogger

with like chains

and like a bunch of chains

and like dark (Dr) Martens

even like a beanie

but then you just have on this little like


wait I'm a girl

Then another item that Ashley tried to talk me out of buying

and I should have listened to Ashley

so it's this black strapless bodysuit

with butterflies all over it

super cool in theory right?

like with some black joggers or like a skirt

you know love a good butterfly moment

super nice material but I'm having two issues with it as I'm opening it

I feel like online in the photo you couldn't really tell

but I also just might be a stupid ass bitch

I will confirm on the screen right now

inside the butterflies

it says "LTT" over and over again

like the name of the company

whatever their like little name is

like girl I did not pay 40 dollars for a bodysuit

to like be giving your company this much promo

and like who the fuck is LTT?

like I don't care

oh I guess I could take a black sharpie

and every single one

like colour it in

but like the fact they were oh so audacious

to think that like every girl wearing this

like wants to like...

just me?

but what if the average girl likes the brand?

SOMEONE ELSE: but like no one's heard of this fucking brand

no offense LTT

like what does this stand for?

like little toddy tod?

love too true

like okay me fucking too love too true

and it's long as fuck

like bitch my dick could fit in this

I like it. I like it in theory

I'm sorry I'm just really cooking this one fucking item

I need to chill

Oh my god the next thing is by Jaded London I think

I love then. They're really dope

they've offered to send me stuff

I'm just like a stupid bitch

who continues to spend my money on their shit

This could be fun for tonight!

it's this little black top that laces up over the tits

and then has little buckles on it

and the buckles are reflective

so when you take things with flash it will like

which I always think is fun cause it fucks up everyone's photos

yeah I like this

it's actually a lot more high quality than I expected it to be

I felt like it would just like fall apart

and theen

the next thing I got are these I AM GIA joggers which ugh

I'm such a little stupid slut for I AM GIA, it's insane

don't get me wrong I feel like they're mad expensive

but I also feel like their stuff is very very high quality

and it's not gonna like

go south anytime soon

like this little fucking nipple ring shirt, hello

it's just these really thic black cargo joggers

and there's a bunch of little tassels hanging from all the pockets and stuff like this

I thought these would look cute like wide legged at the bottom with like big shoes

or tight at the bottom like this with this little string and wearing like smaller shoes

Next thing is this little black velvet dress



it's black like velour with these little crosses all over it

it's super cute

totally thought the crosses were silver in the photo

and that's why I bought this cause I don't really like gold

But again I just like might be a stupid bitch who like didn't really look

so I'm not really placing blame anywhere

I still think this is gonna look mad cute on me, don't get me wrong but...

so yeah I still feel like this will be cute

it was pretty cheap though so that's okay

The next thing everyone tried to talk me out of buying

I'm not going to lie to you but I'm so fucking obsessed with it

it's crazy

it is this pair of red ... overalls


I just didn't need these

and there's just such a good chance I'm gonna look like farmer fucking Sally in this shit

but like also I think it could look cool

stay tuned... stay tuned to see if I end up wearing these

this little white dress

it's just little white, tight, silky, strapless dress with little white fur on the bottom

and it has matching furry gloves!

I do love it. I can't wait to wear this shit

and be a regal little cunt


the next thing was way too fucking expensive

and if I had any fucking brains in my head, I absolutely wouldn't have bought it

but umm it's this little strapless denim corset from from levi's

isn't it so cute?

with like

I feel like this is just gonna be so dope with like pretty much every single pair of pants I wear

and I've been really into corset tops lately and that's why, as you can see, I've gotten a few

But definitely pricey so I'm hoping it

I'm hoping it ends up being pretty high quality

it still was expensive as fuck

which is why Dolls kill probably didn't want to send me it

The next thing I'm so fucking obsessed with it's insane

I really do see myself wearing this a lot

unless it's breaks like the shirt

umm it is this black little

it's just this little black dress that's super silky

I feel like you can already tell by looking at it, it's going to be very flattering

it kind of goes out a little bit at the hips and like butt area

so that your waist looks smaller and whatever

and there's just this little butterfly on the titties

I'm like ASMR


Dolls kill haul: extreme crunch

Okay the next thing I got was incredibly pricey I'm not gonna lie

and I really debated putting it back

but I did at the end of the day think that this would be so perfect for like a good red carpet moment

or like I feel like I have constantly last minute appearances or like movie premieres

or like shit Mario drives me to so I need to be fucking

so I felt like this would be something good to have like under my belt int the next like month or so

like if I needed to pull a fucking head to toe outfit like out of my asshole in twenty minutes

which I actually need to do a lot more than you woud think

it is the Swarovski cristal-covered pants that are silky and to the ground

with a matching Swarovski cristal-covered, silky blazer

and like imagine this and this with like just a little simple black bralette and like black stilettos and like nice hair

and it's just like a moment so stay tuned for that moment

yeah it just kind of looks like pyjamas the more I'm thinking about it though

oh my god fun

so Dolls kill actually has a lot of like slutty little lingerie sets too which are actually very well priced

like if you need some creative ass lingerie for a good price

I do recommend Dolls kill because they have a lot of cool sets

so I got this like bondage-y, bdsm-y vibe

black little stutted little bralette

with some black leather stutted thong

and the thong is very like chappie, garter-y, like beat me with a wip like you know

along with a waist garter that's stutted as well

I'm not really showing the waist garter very well

it's cause like I don't really wear these that often because like I'm lazy


I don't know I feel like this would be cool for a photoshoot

Am I becoming a porn star?


like this is like what a porn star would buy for a photoshoot

SOMEONE ELSE: "I see you with like a gagger in your mouth wearing that"

Lately so many more of my comments, more so than usual, have been like: "do porn, like just do porn already

like you might as well be doing porn"

and I feel like I'm not really doing anything that differently than I used to do

so I'm a little confused by that but I just wanna assure the viewers at home

I won't be doing porn any time soon

The money is far too good with this youtube shit baby... I'm just kidding

Oh my god fuck my little ass and I'd literally come everywhere this is so cool... this is so cool

Me:"I'll never do porn"

Me two minutes later: fuck my little asshole"

oh my god I love it

I love it. I'm gonna wear this to my wedding

which actually might be next week

it's this black like oh my god I love it so much

like vynal leather super high rise bodysuit that like straps around the hip. Oh, it's so good

like go the fuck off random bitch on this fucking piece of paper

The thought of this with like some cotton-y like random, casual joggers like

it's just... it speaks to me

this is for like the majority of my body and I can like hold in my hand like this

The next thing I got is like a three-piece-vibe in case I'm just ever casually in Tokyo

I think actually Hailey and Michael planning for their trip to Tokyo

made me have to buy some like Japanese shit too

which is just like not normal. I'm sounding more and more like Trisha Paytas every day.

It's umm... This black dress that has like a photo of neon signs that are... chinese?

no Chinese. It says chinese right there. I stand by Chinese. I stand by Chinese

maybe I'm wrong, I dropped out

It's not a scandal. I'm just fucking dumb.

and I'm admitting that.

like what are like

"Tana Mongeau Is Dumb: The Scandal"

and then there is a denim jacket over it with the same pattern which I think is so good.

i love anything like monochrome in that sense

so like it's a super easy outfit

and then just to take it to the next level

it's these mash tie-high socks to match it so like

with like a little black heel

The next thing

is this little leopard beret

oh it's so cute! like hihi I am a girl

I really like berets. They don't stay on my head at all

I don't know if that's because my head is too big or too small

but umm... I think they just make every outfit like a little more...

cunty and put together

The next thing was really really well priced and that's why I decided to get it and just try it out

But it's just this little black button-up, thermal top

with matching black thermal leggings

These came as a set for like 40 bucks

and that's another thing I do love about Doll's killis how they have so many sets

like this is instantly a put together look

it's a good little titty moment

even just like when it gets warmer and the thought of wearing these with like sneakers to the airport

is just like right up my alley. Even to like sleep in

The next thing was literally 50 dollars. I think more. Maybe even like 70 and I definitely did not need these in the slightest

like I'm such a stupid bitch. I can't even believe I'm about to show you this item

I can't even believe I spent my money on this item

But I was just thinking like album cover like crazy photoshoot.

Crazy moment where I needed a crazy earring.

It's like these earrings with a little disk in them

like are you fucking kidding me?

oh my god they are low-key kinda lightweight

and they say SONY on them

so as I'm deciding

if I wanna sign with SONY I'll just like wear these earrings and

jump cut to me in dea... in five years

just like "did you need those earrings Tana?"

I felt like with valentine's day coming up

every year I do a bunch of valentine's shoots and looks and stuff like that

That these

I was gonna call these earrings

that these sunglasses

would be super dope

a little arrow through the heart

that's me

that's Brad

even my cancelled hoodie with these

Then I bought these earrings which I'm obsessing over

This was one of the things that I really wanted to get

they are just these big silver earrings that say "freak"

and they are jingling and I just think that's so cool

Because like if you didn't know that I eat ass then now you do

SOMEONE ELSE: oh my god

I really don't eat ass like I haven't eaten ass in like years

The next thing are these little black crosses

I love that like this is a clothing haul and I'm just like talking about eating ass

but they are so cool. They don't have a wire up here

They only have

you're literally looking at them like why am I explaining them

are they crooked or is my head crooked?

When they like ripped my ear off to give me a nose job they like put it back on lower

oh fuck but I really like these they are gonna look super cute when I wear them one time and then lose them

Then I just have the same pair of silver earrings but with little crosses so like same shit

in case I wasn't feeling wearing the word "freak" on my ear I've got like a back-up

Then I just got two little chain belts

I definitely didn't need these but I feel like they are very in right now

and instagram bitches be wearing these with everything

so I'm always trynna up my accessoire game

yeah it's fucking tangled as shit but it's this belt

I think that will be mad cute with like boyfriend jeans and stuff

and then I just bought a regular belt chain too

just to like clip onto joggers and stuff like that because I've had 4000 of these

but I lose them every 10 seconds of my life

but I do think that these always just like make an outfit cooler

Then I got this Sherpa Plaid jacket

which I just love so much I think it's so bitchy I wish I would've had this in New York this weekend

It's so New York

so good and fresh. It's actually so soft too

and I think this was like 30 bucks

so go the fuck off Dollskill

it's also like shorter which is like cute with like a longer shirt

love this oh my god it's

literally feel this it's like a comforter

SOMEONE ELSE: "oh wow"

right? You wouldn't expect it to feel like that

The next thing I got I'm literally having a full body orgasm over like a full body orgasm

Really I think about these. I go to bed thinking about them. I think they're so good

They're these little blue and white boots

like hurt my fucking little ankle bitch

with like angels all over them

I was thinking about doing a photoshoot with those

and then just wearing these little

I'm turning into a porn star

blue silk bottoms

oh they say "angel" on the butt in rhinestones. You're not gonna be able to see that but

and then the blue underwear also come with blue off the shoulder top

and it has like rhinestone straps that I'm like far too lazy to unwrap and show you

and again Dollskill isn't paying me for this video so like am I really gonna go out of my way

so I thought that this would be a very cute like photoshoot moment

if not like I can fuck Brad in this and then just wear these

then I got a pink chain choker. Absolutely nothing special. It's just like a hot pink chain

I'm always wearing a bunch of silver jewelry

so I thought sometimes to be able to throw like a pink chain choker up there that that would look kinda sick

guys I've been wanting Dr. Martens for so long

I ordered some on cyber monday from urban outfitters

and they like never came uhh this video is also shading urban outfitters apparently

but I finally just bit the bullet and ordered some black Dr. martens

and I think these are like the Jadon 8 style. I was wearing these earlier today

and then the white and black ones which I just think are so sexy

like you little fucking slut

I love these. I feel like I'm gonna wear these so fucking much

I wanna take a poll in the comments below

Do you guys think Emma Chamberlain popularised Dr Martens again

or do you think they were gonna come back in style anyway?


If you thought my other shit was honky tonk

if you thought my other shit was fucking *??*

SOMEONE ELSE: I like those


come on

come on

first of all yeah it's literally fucking cura cura in real life

but the thought of these just like with a big t-shirt was super cool to me and a super easy outfit

and I do think because they're black and like leather and like thigh highs I'll probably wear them

Three times before I depop them

And the last item

I really just had to be out here ordering 5 pairs of fucking shoes I didn't need

I really doubt that I'll ever wear them

like these were 90 dollars and I so wished Dolls kill would have just send me them

alright guys I spent 3,000 dollars at Dolls kill and that's what the fuck it looked like

but thank god they sent me 6 items worth 40 bucks, right?

so my e-mail is below

I think all of my hauls are just me begging certain companies to work with me

No tea, no shade I'll admit it I was definitely just making jokes

Thank you to Dolls kill for still sending me those 6 items

but I would love it if you just gave me

a stock

a share in your company

like I would do so much

for a share of Dolls kill

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul

I definitely wanna continue to incorporate fashion stuff on this channel sometimes

I know I keep doing it mainly just on my vlog channel

but as the year progresses, a goal of mine is to continue to showcase my fashion on this channel as well

but umm I will talk to you guys

in the next video


alright bye guys spend your money wisely

or the IRS will come for you

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