Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Santhanam tries to hide the call girl | Ishtam Scenes | Vimal & Nisha Aggarwal meet their fiancee

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- Why are you sitting so quietly? - Shall I drive the car?

1st call and find out if he's ready

- What is it, mom? - Your dad wants to talk to you

- Have you gotten up yet? - No, dad

You haven't woken up? We are almost halfway there

What! Halfway here?!

Why are you getting all worked up?

Dad, please just turn the car around And go right back to Pondicherry

Why, son?

Didn't I tell you that I don't like this whole arranged marriage concept, dad?

You can't really keep avoiding like this, son

That's not it, dad It's so embarrassing

I will see that girl, talk to her and call her if I like her

Please understand, dad

How will they agree to you meeting her before your engagement?

If you talk to them, they'll definitely understand, dad


Hmm...Turn back!

"When I wake up in the morning, The first thing my eyes search for..."

Yes, we are in an 80s movie, aren't we?

Please stop singing or I'll have to slap you

Why did you change the alarm from 5:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m?

So that we can take our own sweet time

Listen, you have to be like the moon

Come late at night, and leave before the sun rises

My friend's in the next room

If he sees us, it'll be trouble

- Go, Go, Go - Don't push me! Give me my sari!

Come out fast

- Dude, what are you doing here? - I came here to shower

This bathroom is inauspicious

Nothing comes out however long you sit there

We need to change it around a bit Before it's suitable for you so-

- Don't blabber! Move it! -, listen to me

Hey! Who is this girl, man?

Uh...she's come from the toothpaste company find out if our toothpaste has enough salt in it

Did you check, madam? You can leave now

Will you never reform how many ever times I tell you?

It's been a long time since I 'topped up'

If someone sees her they'll get a bad impression

- Ask her to leave immediately - Nobody even knows I came

How about you and me go for a ride?

Ask her to go

Dude, get on the Volvo bus when you can

Then later on, you might suffer when you actually need some

- Ask her to leave - 1 minute

You are the 1st guy to use a cheque in a case like this

I've given some girls even a demand draft

This only has Rs 4,500 You said you'd pay me 5000

- I took 500 off as tax - Even for this?

You need to pay up properly or the income tax people will raid

Go, get a life

- Okay Meera, you leave - Hey Sandhya! I'll come too

I won't disturb you guys

I'll stay a table away and look at him

Don't act up now

When I get married, you can come and look

You'll be late for work Please leave

Oh Lord! It's not like I'm going to check him out

I'll only silently watch

No, thank you Please leave

Hey Sandhya! Remember the bet we made?

Boys 1st look about 2 inches below the face

We'll see

Don't just see, be ready for the bet

'He looks much better in real life than in the picture'

Wow! Look at that!

- Hi - Hi

- Please sit down - Thanks

- Sorry for the delay - It's okay

Women have to wait at home after they get married anyway

'Boys first look about 2 inches below the face'

If you've finished scanning can we start talking?

Oh! I'm really sorry Don't take it the wrong way

My eyes lost control for a minute By the way, I'm Yuva



- Nimisha - Sorry?

- Nimisha - Nimisha...Nimisham (Minute)

Then I get to secretly call you minutes, okay?

- One green tea - Cappuccino

- Cappuccino - That's it, sir?

Have it, sir

Thank you

Did the broker tell you everything about me?

IT Professional, only son, flat, sight, fixed deposit

...earning 12 lakhs a year

- Blah, blah, blah! - This is what they all say!

Did he tell you something important?

Something important?

- That is... - Your 2nd marriage thing?

I know it

Did you say yes even though you knew that I've already been married once?

No one has forced me into this

I haven't compromised or sacrificed anything

Simple fact is that I like you

When you said you'd want to meet me, I understood

When a guy gets married for the 2nd time...

...nobody makes a big issue of it

But if it's a girl, they won't be understanding

Exactly! But after seeing you...

...I don't feel like I need to know any details about whether it is

...your 2nd or 3rd marriage the 1st time I saw you at Wipro

...I decided that I wanted you to be with me my whole life

I'm not worried about your past life

Because my past life had a lot of affairs as well

That's why I've decided that I want you to be my life partner

You are very broad minded

No, you are mistaken I'm smart minded

In this day and age

...marriage is based on either comfort or calculation

To want to marry someone who's settled is calculation

To marry someone whom you like is comfort

In your case, I've got both

I wanted us to meet here to speak frankly like this

- Once again, cheers! - Cheers

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