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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YouTubers React to Oddly UNsatisfying Compilation

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(mouse clicks)

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- (FBE) Recently, we did an episode of YouTubers React

to an oddly satisfying compilation.

- I watched this one before I came.

- Oh my god, I watched it. It was so cool!

- Oh! - Oh yeah.

- It's like the weird side of YouTube that I love.

- (FBE) It did very, very well, so we're doing it again.

- (excited gasp)

- Yay! I love satisfying things.

- Cool. Oh, I'm gonna get so oddly satisfied.

- Oh yay! - (FBE) Except there's a twist.

- Oh no. - Oh no.

- (FBE) This is an oddly UNsatisfying compilation.

- Oh no!

- NO! I picked the wrong day to come here.

- No! Why? I didn't get the other one.

- You dicks. That's-- that's cruel.

- Haha, no.

I don't know if I want to be unsatisfied.

- I hate when everything is so organized,

and then that one is not where it's supposed to be.

I'm like, ugh!

- Unsatisfying, great. Well, let the dissatisfaction begin.

(vacuum cleaner whirring)

- No-ho-ho-ho!

- No!

- Oh no! I feel the pain right now.

- That makes me so sad!

- (rustles in chair)

- No.

- No, it's so close!

- Come on.

- Oh my god, no. Are you kidding me?

(gasps) Just blow. (blows)

- It's not going in, fellas.

- Yeah, bro. It didn't go in. You're gonna have to hit it again.

- Come on!

(laughs painfully) That was. That was unsatisfying.

- Ohh... - He's gonna get all them but one.

Just watch. Oh my god. - He's gonna--

- All but one.


- This is a very long buildup.

- Come on.

- Why is nothing happening?

- Do it!

Are you serious? Just do it!

- I feel like I can't breathe.

- Oh my god, he's still waiting.


OH! - Come on, man!

- That was the worst thing ever.

- No! That is so mean!

- You got me good. I was like...

- Ha! Ha! Good one, guys.

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- (snickering) No.

- Finish it.

Finish it. - Just make it-- come on.

- Oh my gosh, why would you make that?

- Cool puzzle, Satan.

- You know, I didn't mind that one as much.

- Why-- why does that exist?

- That one actually sent a cringe down my spine.

- Oh. Oh yeah. I know where this is headed.

- ♪ (vocalizing Tetris theme song) ♪

Very satisfying

- Do not. Do not miss this little center.

- No!!! Don't do it!!!

- (whispering) Is it gonna go in?

(grunts) Why'd you move it?

- Do it, do it, do it.

(whispering) Oh shit.

- It's perfect, and you're gonna-- yeah?


(both groan)

- Idiot! - Oh my god!

- Oh, it's totally playing with my emotions right now.

- This is again the loop. This is a loop.

- (chuckling) You will go and hit it.

- Oh god, I knew it.

- That was unsatisfying.

- I'm feeling nervous right now.

I'm feeling stressed out, seriously.

- Aw, no!

- I play this game a lot. Chase the stray hair.

- Just get the freakin' hair.

- This is the one that is stressing me out the most!

- Okay, stop. Just stop.

- (chuckling) God, so [bleep] frustrating.

- (high-pitched voice) Yay, grab me.

I'm a tiny hair. Grab me.

- Just pull the hair. It's just a hair. It's not rocket science.

- Just take it!! Oh my god, just push it!

Are you serious?

- I want to watch this anymore!!

- Oh, he just gave up. Ugh, god. - Oh my gosh.

- That's terrible. I don't like that one.

- This is the most trolled that I've been in a long time.

♪ (stirring rock song intro) ♪

- The "Eye of the Tiger"?

♪ (intro continues) ♪

- Dun... dun... it's not starting.

♪ (intro continues) ♪

- Wait for it. Wait for it.

- Bah! - (both) Bah! Bah! Bah!

- There you go, there you go.

There you go. Oh, dang it.

- That one was definitely unsatisfying.

- I don't like that symbol.

- Is it, like, thinking?

- Computer not loading.

- Oh, not this guy. You guys have bad WiFi here.

- Is this part of it?

- This is a trick, isn't it?

- This is just infuriating.

- You should get penalties on the internet

for doing these things.

- Good one. Good one, guys.

- I was hoping that you guys would add

a really nice one at the end.

- I'm seriously unsatisfied right now.

Why did you do that to me?

- That's terrible.

(FBE snickering) You feel terrible after watching this.

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- (FBE) All right, so how do you feel after watching those?

- I seriously feel stressed out.

- My heart hurts. I got nerves.

I feel just really uncomfortable right now.

- I feel big discomfort.

I don't know how to explain it,

but it really does something to you

when you watch a lot of these in a row.

- Life is supposed to go this way, and it goes this way.

So it's like, "No, please go this way."

- You're waiting for it, and you're waiting for it.

And the conclusion never comes. It's almost like a prank video.

- Somebody took the time to put that together.


- (FBE) In your general day-to-day life,

do you have a little pet peeve that you know is something stupid

but it just bugs you when it doesn't work?

- Oh, when I can't do a [inaudible] because of my nails.

I want to punch 'em in the face. - A what?

- When you're driving and you're pulling up

and you almost stopped, and somebody unbuckles their seat

and gets out of the car while the car is still moving.

(annoyed) Why?

- Probably when I'm painting my nails.

And then it goes in my cuticles,

and the polish is in your cuticles. That's really unsatisfying.

And then you have to wipe it out, and then it stains your skin.

It's terrible.

- When you're cleaning with your broom and everything,

and you go to one corner, but the broom doesn't fit.

There's only this one corner who's full of dirt.

That's super annoying.

- When people don't let the microwave go through to completion,

and then they leave it with one or two seconds left on the clock.

And then they don't clear it.

And so the whole time, it's just beeping,

"two seconds, two seconds, two seconds, or one second."

It's like, NO! Let it finish!

- (FBE) So many people say that the oddly satisfying trend

and meme plays upon people's desires for things to be perfect

and in order, and it just feels good.

Why do humans enjoy things being so perfect

to the point that they'll get frustrated and angry if it's not?

- I don't know! But it is stressful!

- It's the need for expectations to be met.

- I know what's supposed to happen,

and it didn't happen. - And also why?

Like, why can't you do it? Why?

I know your tweezers are dull, but why?

- Obviously the world's not perfect.

We just expect those tiny things to be, you know?

Like, you just want comfort

in at least the little things going right.

- I think 'cause in your brain you already start

associating or connecting with,

"Oh, it's going to happen this way."

And then when it doesn't, (deep sigh).

- Humans like to have control over things. And it's so nice,

because so many things go wrong in our lives.

So it's nice to have that one little thing that goes right.

- (FBE) So this trend is an offshoot of another trend,

and memes just keep growing and growing and growing.

Do you think that that's gonna keep happening?

Or will there eventually be enough memes?

- Oh no, there's always gonna be memes.

- Yeah, there's always gonna be memes. - It doesn't matter.

I feel like back in the day, before the word "meme" was known,

there were memes. - There were still memes.

- Give it another two, three, five years.

Memes are gonna "supplace" everything.

- There's always gonna be trends,

because obviously we've tapped into something

that a lot of people relate to.

- Even if the term "meme" become outdated,

which I can see happening,

the general meaning behind it will never go out of style.

- This will go on forever.

The internet and the stupidity on it never ends.

- Memes are always going to be a thing,

because I don't see the internet or some form of the internet

going anywhere.

That's what a meme is, is just the universe

relating on one really dumb mundane thing.

- (FBE) We're gonna end the episode the same way

we ended the oddly satisfying YouTubers React episode:

by handing you something satisfying. - Ooh. I'm excited.

- (gasps deeply)

- Oh. What could be satisfying about opening a brand-new bottle

is the pop?

- There's no pop.

(cap clinks on table)

- Thanks. Thanks a lot.


- (sniffles) So sad.

- It didn't pop!

- Oh.

It took the satisfaction out of my life.

- It's not gonna pop.

You already popped it before you gave it to us.


- Oh. It didn't pop.

- (FBE) We pre-opened it.

- Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of You--

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- Please let us know in the comments below what we should re--

- B--

(end music cuts off)

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