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But I do want to hit up these topics and I didn't wanna wait til tomorrow or whatever

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As soon as we can so we'll just start off with right away with the first one remote play on switch

Apparently Sony was sending out a survey

talking about

our asking where

consumers would like to see raw meat remote play goal and one of those answers or

Choices was the switch now for those that don't know

Remote play is an application that you download on your device

I think it's currently available on iOS devices, you know your iPhones. It's on PC and it's on Mac

I think it's those advice and then it's also an Android but specifically for the Sony Xperia phones

I don't think it's available on other hand ROI devices like your Samsung galaxys or whatever pretty weird

I think they're trying to use as the selling point for the Xperia but doesn't make sense

But anyway what this app does it let you roam it rowboat in to your PlayStation console

That means the council that you own you can remote in from this device and play the games

For example, if you have your iPad, right, you know, you open up the app you log into your PSN account

and you know, obviously when you first do this you have to do some little

Coordination, you know do some stuff

To make sure your council and all that setup but once everything else all setup based on the instructions

You have to follow now. You could be anywhere in the world that has an internet connection

Raise your said it's on other Android devices. It'll good

It's good to see that they opened their up to other Android devices, but you know you log on to this app

You know you log on to your PSN account and now you have access to your PlayStation now

one thing a lot of people don't know you cannot be part of

Share play or you know I'm saying you cannot not share play, but you can't um

Oh my god, the word is slip it for me. Oh

My god game share. There you go

You can't beat game share with somebody, you know

If for those of you from they were games here on the PlayStation you pretty much have somebody log on

Somebody's console, right? Like for example, me and my brother-in-law right we game share right? So his counsel that he has

He has that as my main counsel, right authorized counsel and my counselor I have here. It's like his counsel

So it's like I had his counsel and he has money right? So that's how we do it

Right. So really I have access to my games too, you know station IB

He has access to his game to patient ID, but natively to the console

He has access to my games and I have access to this game

So for example if the Internet where now because this is not my console if the internet goes out

I only have access to his games and not mine. All right

Bye anyway, but in order for this work

You have to make your council the authorized council your login with a remote app

And now you're playing your games that you want on your console through this app streaming right directly. There's no extra fees

There's no hidden fees. It's not PS now. It's just remoting

You're literally using your console as a remote server and you're playing on your iPad

Apparently iOS now has PlayStation 4 connectivity so you could connect bluetooth your controller and you're playing the game

Calum hunter. What do you think of the whole? Jtech DM leaks I believe in that alone

I'm just gonna say I told y'all. Thank you. Come on for the $2 you for the 2 euro?

Appreciate it. I've been said I've been said what I said, I'm leaving that alone

My name is Winnie and I ain't in it how much just that touch that it's crazy. But


Well anyway, so you roam Olli and you play the games, right? And that's what it is. It's not PS

Now is you directly promoting into your PlayStation?

So I think this would be a great idea right because this can make a lot this I think everybody could come out and all

Grow to this for example, if you got a switch on right and that's the only platform they own and you advertise remote play

You can remote play PlayStation games and they could be like, you know, what?

They're interested in that because now they could take PlayStation games on a go and play with their switch, right?

But in order to still do that

They have to go out and buy a Playstation and they have to buy the games on PlayStation

So a switch owner who probably never even bother with an Xbox or Playstation or even PC because they want they still want great games

But they primarily want it on the gold. They don't want to be tethered to the house

Well now with this remote play option. They can buy that PlayStation console

They can buy the PlayStation games, right but they don't have to play it at home

They don't have to actually play the console they remote into the console with their switch even at home

You can local/remote offline remote play at home

And then when you undergo remote into your Playstation gives them a bigger access to library of games that don't exist on PlayStation

I mean don't exist on switch

For example, like Madden pretty sure some guys on switch would love to play, you know, a console version or PC version automatic

Well now they have the opportunity to do it through remote play maybe call the duty online

You know Modern Warfare they want to play those games

Maybe they want to play God of War and Rises robe on Gran Turismo when infamous all these other games

But they just don't want to play it tethered at home. They want the ability

They want the ability to be portable great option. Now. How does this help our Nintendo?

Well, simple, you probably have PlayStation guys who wouldn't mind playing, you know these games

but they

necessarily don't want to play it on their phone because their phones a little too small and then they have to carry a controller or

They have an iPad and they have the carrier controller. They want something more

Unique and more, you know packed into one platform

Which fits the bill it's a handheld, you know?

They got everything there the joy comes everything there and now they have access to even more games

Which is the designer exclusives Zelda Mario and all that stuff. It's a win-win I think for both companies if they allowed this

PlayStation user base grows more PlayStation games or bought but on the flipside

I think more PlayStation gamers will buy the switch now they have access to remote play and games on a go

I think the thing that really will slow this down is I don't think a lot of PlayStation gamers

I don't think a lot of gamers in general know about remote play. I think it's a very niche type

Capability that a lot of people don't realize they have and it's easy to do and it's free, you know, that's the crazy part

that's why these things about X cloud and PS now, I never


the I

never understood from people who owned

consoles the big deal about streaming on the go like if you own an Xbox one if you own a Playstation

You can remote into these devices and play primarily. I know I know definitely with the PlayStation 4

So when I hear a PlayStation 4 game we're talking about streaming unless they're concerned about ps3 games

You can do that for free with remote play

You know I'm saying and it's with a bigger library of games because there's a lot of games thats not on ps3

And like da de Wars gone, right? You ain't getting on there's no Red Dead Redemption - there's no Jedi

There's no call to call the duty amount of warfare

There's a lot of games aren't just not on PS now

but it's on your

PlayStation and you'd look at the huge library that you have you have access to X amount of games that you buy and

You can play it with no extra cost. You know me personally. I don't really care about streaming in general

You know, sometimes just watching like Netflix or YouTube on the go is frustrating, you know

because depending as you walk or you're on the train on the bus or something as

You drive in connectivity is not as strong

So you get stuttering, you know, it's just annoying and stuff like that

So I don't really I could just only imagine playing a game where you need good connection. Good latency

I think it'll be more frustrating for me man. I've had it just ever adjust not do it at all. But anyway

No play. I don't know if it's gonna happen

But I could see the positive sides on both ends

more PlayStation console sells more game sells and for Nintendo more switch cells and more game sells because again for

PlayStation on it don't have a switch. But because of this it makes them want to get a switch

Most likely the PlayStation owner is going to by Nintendo exclusives. We like exclusives

We enjoy exclusive and Nintendo has exclusives and since you're on the switch

Why not try some of these exclusives are not available on your PlayStation?

I think it's a win-win for both platforms in this case William Brown

Thank you so much for the super chat did beat Hong Kong Massacre. Did you like it Hong Kong Massacre?

Did you beat Hong Kong Massacre?

You know why cause right now I'm thinking of blood and truth you're talking about the indie game

Holy shit, you know why I say that cuz I bought it and I didn't plan yet. I

Completely forgot about me owning Hong Kong Massacre until you reminded me of it

Holy cow. I gotta put like a mental norther

I have a huge backlog, but I haven't heard of the name Hong Kong Massacre and you know grip you know

William Brown, that's


Right there. I completely forgot about that game

I bought it and then something I'm is one of those like a i'ma play something else and then it's just

Holy cow. I

Gotta make a note. Thank you for so much for that super chair for that awesome reminder. You demand William Brown?

I can answer if I like it. I have it. I didn't play it at all. That's crazy

P rock they have control attachment set up like switch

For like phones and stuff like that if it's usable great, that's cool

You know, um, but I think overall I think it's a win-win for both companies

mainly because of

That damn William Brown. You got me all messed up with Hanukkah Massa go. Oh my god, like right now yesterday

I started playing blood and truth on

The VR I went back on my VR grind and I'm loving your that game is dope

You know saying it's crazy dope and then after that after blood and truth, you know, why after blood and truth

I'm gonna go play in Hong Kong massacre

Just because you said that William Brown, right?

I'm gonna make sure after I'm duel blood and truth I go back and I will play calm massacre

that's gonna be my next game right after I was gonna play another of your game, but

you gave me that awesome idea, right but

After that, I got to play astro bar

I'm gonna go on my little VR grind for a little bit for like the next couple of weeks

Other than mahanakhon Massacre, I got to play that Oh

So with that said

I think we're more pleased or win-win next thing we'll talk about is this

Leaker, whatever everything's coming from. What's that crappy as Simon that starts with a hard reset everyone, whatever

anyway, apparently all reset our

Somebody posted reset our some hidden developer right talking about that. They have the

What they have is the current dev kits of these platforms and so far PlayStation 5

Is performing better and that later on?

They're assuming they don't have to find all that kiss that there's gonna be another final dev kit

Right, and he'll give an update on that. I

Mean it's been a couple of months. It's been months and we keep hearing about leaks performance

9.2 t plus 12t flops and all this but what they have to say about all this nonsense is I don't understand

You know shout out all my man big cloud came in. What's up, man? What's going on? Shout out to you, man?

Thank you for joining the chat. The one thing I don't understand about this is how are people having arguments?

between these platforms

using leaks that haven't been proven I

Don't understand trying to make art tryna argue or debate

With unverified information. It just doesn't make sense. Like you're using something that's not true. But you want to make it that is true

Oh man, check it down. You noticed I'm saying I don't understand

That logic like if if people are gonna debate and talk about stuff, right? Yo, what's up? Shawn was good

Yeah, has it hit my DM yet right, but if you're gonna argue debate on the merits of what game does water whatever

Shouldn't you be using facts information?

You know reality real numbers. I don't understand this argument on leaks and stuff

It just doesn't really make sense and stuff. Right so

When you have these things on when you have these things about all this council preferring better than another

It doesn't make sense

Because the reality is is this and this is this probably the realest thing I could tell you that nobody wants to tell you


These councils are both priced the same. Let's say let's say the price point is 500 islands, right?

Then they're not gonna be that much different. You're not gonna see a significant advantage

Between these two platforms. It doesn't matter, right?

Each one may have a

pet peeve for lack of a better phrase

like for example

Microsoft might say might pull a little bit more focus on a GPU Sony might put a little bit more focus on this

You know on their solid-state drive or the CPU, you know

But it's not gonna be a significant difference when it's all said and done right in order to have

a significant advantage in order to get a

significant power performance or something if it's significant, right a

significant power difference in regardless of our area whether CPU GPU

solid-state drive whatever

It's going have to cost more

You're not gonna be going to get a significant difference in performance at the same price

AMD is not going to sell

their products at different prices, you know to the company, you know, he's not gonna be like eh,

We got this powerful GPU, you know for one company, it'll be a cheaper price, but it'll be more expensive for you

That's not how it goes for them

It's gonna be the same price for both company

Whatever AMD offers it's available to both and it's gonna be sold to the same price to the same manufacturing deal

Right one's not gonna get advantage, right?

The only argument behind this is how much is our companies willing to take on a loss?

That's really the big

difference here

All right, my man showed a picture. Oh, it looks pretty cool

So he has his phone and I guess these two attachments that you click on a phone and it kind of looks like the switch

In fact, it looks exactly like the switch for the most part. So that's pretty cool. I see what he's talking about

It's about the size of a switch and he has these two little

Attachments that you put on the phone and I guess they work on Bluetooth. Alright, that's pretty cool. All right, that's pretty cool too, right?

That's a good option. Oh, that's good stuff

Right, but back to the performance, right?

Our last one company is willing to take a bigger head and and to explain what do I mean by bigger head

For example, you're gonna have the manufacturing cost of what these councils cost right? Let's pretend

Microsoft is willing to take a $300 per council rate

That means for every council they so they lose 300 hours and let's say Sony is only willing to lose

$100 per console that means for every council they so

They lose $100 and let's say the price point is $500

That means Sony's manufacturing cost on a place to five. We only go up to $600

so the $600 window is the build of the PlayStation they willing to take

$100 loss and they sell it for $5.00

That's the PlayStation 5 or Microsoft is willing to sell it also for $500

But they're willing to take a $300 loss. Therefore the build is $800

Much better hardware much more, you know better component. So if it's that scenario then yes, you can see it

I don't think any company is gonna be willing to take a 300 200 our loss

I think I 100 is going to be the max, right?


You think about it? The bigger the loss the harder it is for you to get it back even through games and

Subscription services. It is a hard sell think about it if you sell a million consoles, you just lost

300 million dollars that is a lot of money, especially if you sell it that fast three hundred million dollars

You've lost already, you know, you have to sell a lot of hardware

A lot of software allows subscriptions a lot of peripherals just to make up that 300 million let alone

To profit and go beyond that you understand

So these companies are not gonna go that deep into the hole per console

I could see maybe $100 wiggle room where they're willing to lose $100 per console

You think about it? If you lose $100 per console then, you know a combination of one game one controller

one game one subscription

That will even Steve in and out, you know a game in 60 bucks a subscription 60 bucks. That's $120

$100 breaks even 20 bucks a little overhead. These controllers are like $65 now, so one game one controller

That's all over $100 right there, you know and then later on the guy will buy another game the game was gonna buy another game

That's how we make it up but $300 they got you know

The game was gonna have to buy like four or five games and that's just to break even you know

That's a little bit too much for them. Right? But overall you could just count on one thing

They're gonna be around the same price. There's not gonna be a huge difference in price. Right, right

maybe around $500 and

You're not gonna see how huge that therefore Daffron

difference right

Digital phone is probably gonna be the only way to know the difference between these games and they're gonna nitpick little things

That's the way you're gonna know right?

So I'm gonna just leave it at that ultimately all this talk about

Leaks and leaked awards. It just doesn't make sense to argue with information. That hasn't been verified

This is this is the weirdest Jenna I have ever seen because I don't even see that during the 360 ps3

Launch whatever. I didn't see no weird stuff like that

I don't even see no weird stuff like that with the ps4 Xbox one launch and in seed leak wars

This leaked war thing took a life of its own, right?

It's just weird


next topic I know it's not even on the agenda, but

PlayStation 5 news or whatever like some people are stressing now that Sony hasn't officially

Revealed their date of when they're gonna talk about the police station five and they're coming up with all types of x-files

You know conspiracy theories about it. All Sony got caught off guard or the

PlayStation they ruined or they're terrible then a bad place place Enterprise gonna suck

I don't understand how any of those points came about

Simply because Sony has announced of reveal date

Again, I mean, let me really everyone back to reality. I need to reel you back to reality

Regardless of when the reveal is it's gonna be before the console launch, right? The console launch is most likely in November

Pre-orders probably won't be till at least August, right?

So you're not gonna get your hands or even put your money down on these consoles right until like August or so, right?

So a reveal in this in February March

April May or June is the same thing because regardless of when Sony talks about the PlayStation 5 it's before

You're able to buy the product understand this

by the time you're able to put your money on the PlayStation 5 you're gonna know exactly

What you're gonna get you're gonna know the specs you're gonna know what are the launch games. You're gonna get all that info

You're you're not gonna be able to buy the council and not know anything about it

It's not like November's gonna call the council's on the store shelf

but you still don't know the specs because there was no playstation 5 review by the time you even

Pre-order the console or you'll officially be able to pre-order the console. You're gonna know what the console is

You're gonna know the specs you're gonna know the games. You're gonna know about the controller and its features

You don't know about all that. Alright, so getting the review in February March April, May June

doesn't really matter because it's gonna be before you're able to make the conscious decision of

When you're gonna pay for that money, and that's pretty much all it really is

It doesn't really make sense to stress out buy anything else in the meantime

Focus more on the games because there's a crap a lot of games PlayStation 4 is coming out right neo to Final Fantasy

I am and VR if you have the VR The Last of Us 2 in main

Cyberpunk later around the year. I

Think I saw things about System Shock

Possibility of vampire the masquerade there's a lot of games going on

There is a ton of content and stuff going on right but don't stress out about to reveal. Yeah, it does

It just doesn't make sense that

Some so you guys are really that stressed over it

You're gonna know about the PlayStation 5 before you're able to buy it, and that's really that's just all it there to it

Final part is this backwards compatibility a guy named Paris?

He has his


I think some of you I don't know if many of you are familiar with him. I saw his vibe

I saw one podcast of his he has with two other guys

It's on

Spotify and there's other places

But apparently he's gonna talk with hip-hop gamer. I'm just looking through it. I'm trying to find here we go

So Paris, his name is vicious

696 he says get ready. It's about to go down

The remastering engine for PlayStation 5 hip hop gamer. So I guess Paris

Has gamer attack radio that's the name of the podcast gamer talk radio

He's probably gonna have hip hop gamer in game attack radio and I just are gonna talk about remastering engine for PlayStation 5

I guess hip hop gamers going around saying that he has connection and now Sony's working on some type of remastering engine


you know for the backwards compatible games to be played on PS 5 I

Don't buy it. I don't you know because the problem is

PlayStation 4 I can see PlayStation 4 because it's you know

X86 architecture, right as long as they unlock the frame rates of these games and stuff. It's like higher settings

It's like all you're doing is you know, improving the frame rates and higher settings on these games, right?

But where I where I have trouble believing this is the PlayStation 3 skeptical, right?

that's a better word is the PlayStation 3 2 1 because those are

PowerPC architecture and each console had its own specific CPU and GPU

Type which were all different it wasn't made to be compatible with what we're using now

So I don't know how this engine is gonna be able to remaster a ps3 game

That's all that's under a totally different architecture. I

Just don't know how work not granting. The guy is working on this

the MIT graduates and collegiate graduates and they have masters, you know mark Cerny and and you know

Some of these guys are geniuses and stuff like that. So that's all they do. They know about engineering and stuff like that

So, you know

To say that I mentally can't figure it out

is selling them short because they know way more about programming their level of mathematics and programming and

Science behind all this stuff is way beyond any of us know right?

But we pretty much know the very very basics and I think we all could agree on

Ps1 ps2 ps3 is on a totally different architecture and whatever

Science fiction they're creating. They would have to create a system that navigates all that, right?

There's one thing I will say

It's not true backwards compatibility and it's because let's say if you get a PlayStation 3 disc and you put in a PlayStation 5

the PlayStation 5 is not gonna run the game off the PlayStation 3 right chances are

there's a digital version and

The console will download the digital version install it on your hard drive

So pretty much the ps3 just appear tuesdays to ps1 discs is just a key

It's not actually, you know

When you used to play it back in the days used to play the games off to this not with this

It's just a key and the council recognizes you have that key but the games running off the hard drive of a digital store

Which which leads me to believe if if that's how they're gonna figure it out

you're gonna have a limited library of games and they have to build our library really no different than what x-box did right with their

Library, it's just they just gonna have to add games on the backwards compatibility list

you're alright, I would imagine so he might come up with a website or what would be easier do it internal to the playstation and

gamers are able to put and

Vote on or just recommend a add this to the backwards compatibility and then I guess licensing might be part of that

Right, but this remastering engine let's say if they are able to pull it off. That's a pretty big deal because you're talking about

Games breathing in new life, you know, you're not just playing

The same exact old game right you're taking the game to another level. So imagine games like I

Know they're remastering demon souls

But imagine you've taken a copy of demon souls

PlayStation 3 and you put it in and it's no longer 30 frames and even then it was like chugging right?

It's now locked at 60

I mean think of games think of games that hasn't been remastered on a PlayStation 4 that you would like to play on the PlayStation

5 right placing three games

resistance perfect game right

Imagine resistance with better graphics, you know better settings and locked at 60 across the game, right?

What are the games we could think about twisted metal is a good one?

What are the games that haven't been remastered back in the day?

The Warriors on PlayStation to imagine the Warriors, you know spruced up with better

graphics a PlayStation 2 game and running at 60 frames

What are the games fucking you know, there's so many games on the PlayStation 3, um

Mass Effect, I know some people are asking for a

Remake or at least a remaster of the mass defect trilogy, right?

imagine in Mass Effect one two and three you pop it in the PlayStation 3 and it's now running out LOC 60 frames and

You know improved graphics fidelity

Killzone 2 right the magic Killzone 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 at 60 frames

let's get this list on I know there's a lot of games people are thinking about

By man or 2 Trevino what sort of rocks are so how are you doing today, sir? I'm doing great getting ready song for song

Football in about 35 minutes, you know, I made me a juicy steak

I made me a New York Strip and I made all my wife of rib eye

You know, but that was earlier today because I'm not gonna eat at midnight. That's too heavy

So calm, you know, there's a lot of games on the place for she on the PlayStation 3 2 1

You know will be hard whatever. Oh, but imagine a lot of games that are locked at 32

I've just had bad framers and we had a lot of games

You know on the ps3 that have bad frame rates there were games that was sub 30. They were pretty terrible, right?

but imagine if they created this system where

This whatever this program this capability

It just does it for you, you know, you know, how many games are

Would take advantage of that and it's easier on the developers less time. It's just you just pop it in and this

Program just figures it out and it maximizes the best potential of the game. You know, I

Think that would be pretty cool when indicating will be another one ninja game with 60 frames anyway

Damn deep dead space. I know a lot of people want dead space back

We're not gonna get it back cuz EA close down that studio that made it so we're screwed up. We're screwed, right?

But dead space imagine that we might automatically re-engineered and remastered by the console better graphics locked out sixty frames

You know, a lot of people will go probably go back and play these games simply because it's not the same game or whatever

Right. It's been reduced better performance and stuff. So I think that's pretty cool arm and stuff like that Red Dead

I'm Red Dead Redemption right at 60 frames, you know instead of 30. I

Think they'll be pretty grand theft auto 4 has 60 frames, you know this I could go on right?

But I'm very skeptical about this right but I wish it could be done

I will say that you know, I wish it could be done

but again is skeptical Oh

At a minimum if they could just at least pull it off with the PlayStation 4 and 3 or really Playstation 4

Because there's some PlayStation 4 games that are at 30 frames, right 1080p 30, right?

You know like neo well Neil you could choose performance mode at 720p 60 but imagine 1080p 60 at least right or

Checkerboard 4k at 60, you know

horizons Oh dawn

remastered to 60 frames locked, right

native 4k, you know and stuff like that better performing a pro and it's just you just put the disc and it works a

Minimum if they could do this with PlayStation 4, that would be great. But if they're able to take a further into all the council's

That's a big deal. It's a pretty big deal, but I'm skeptical

But I wish I wish they did this. I wish this is one thing they will actually do right and

That's it. You know, I think it's about 30 minutes. I'm gonna do a quick Q&A you

Got a hundred people in the room hit the like button if you don't mind and retweet this out

But I'm gonna do a quick Q&A cuz I still got a little bit more wiggle room

Before I head out and shut this down and head out and watch the Super Bowl Super Bowl is about a half hour now, right?

Will they run? Well, I think the number one priority good question would be

Performance. I think 60 frames will be more important than graphics if they could get the game to run at 60 frames

Right make a smoother experience and then we fuck the graphics, you know graphical settings and resolution

I would say that's probably

The better route, you know

My man set PS 5 day one

It's gonna be a day one for a lot of people it was gonna be day one for the hardcore. I'll say that

There's an Evo cold Veronica remake I could probably see that I think I think I

Think that's gonna be the last we make because

if you notice

The remakes are taking the third-person view. So I think Conan Veronica will end up getting a remake

I don't think Resident Evil 4 is gonna get a remake because that's already a third person view and that's been done playing times

Thank you very much oh torille appreciate it

You think David Jaffe will come back to make a twisted metal remastered

Well if it's remastered, I don't think you need him to do it

Because she's just taking the same game and just improving the graphics or whatever

It's kind of like Blue Point blue point did the read the remake of shadow Colossus and I don't think I'm the original developers

Were part of it

MV dub was good

Parasite Eve remake

Yeah, that will have to be in square enix his hand, but that would be dope if they did a a

remake of that in a third-person view

That's crazy Cove Annika was on weekends, but I think was also on PlayStation. I think they had a PlayStation version of

Corny Brown ago. I think I don't think it remained exclusive to

so, um, I

Mean look right now

We look right now cool

Let me see I tell you right now I think it's on I

Played it on the Dreamcast, but I think I was on PlayStation also


Coding veronica was on gamecube

They have it on Xbox. So yeah, it was a multiplayer. They have it on multiple platforms

Yeah, I played it on Dreamcast when I first played it, but it's on multiple platforms

All the platforms in cast PlayStation 2 Gamecube PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 so they had on more than one platform

Um, yes, I'm still in Germany and I will be leaving Germany

around April timeframe

Be living in California now, I

Was a bad

Kissingen oh, right. Yeah, I live in bullion. I don't know how far I never been to back his engine

What do you think about the game line of 2020 the lineup is fire

It's just that everything's getting delayed towards the end of the year. It's crazy

I think MV dub infamy is one into a mess. I think they did remaster wanted to know

Am I wrong? I think they did register you

Do you know that

You know Porter do you know that the psi would be more energy efficient than Xbox series X question mark I have no idea

I don't know which one I'll be honest as long as it doesn't sound like f-35 airplane taking off

That's all I really care about because this counsel was crazy like certain like certain games or certain things

You know, this thing is ready to take off like you hear it bad

to where I have to wear a gaming headset just to muffle the sound or like because I can't

Raise the volume of television because then it gets ridiculous. Right? So then I have to put on a gaming headset

Because yo shit is ridiculous. Right and I opened it up and cleaned it to pristine condition

I know some people say all replace the thermal paste on my god. I want doing that

But hopefully the PlayStation 5 is whisper quiet

They put good cooling technology because I ain't trying to hear you know

I don't want to I don't want my gaming room to sound like JFK Airport. You know I'm saying I

Was a Soul Reaver remap remake hell yeah

Legacy of kain if you played the first one that started at all. It was like top down an actual remake of that third person

I'll be fire, you know saying

Let's see, I know some people ask for Sly Cooper remake what else

What else we got here

Hang on live man. I ain't trying to have my man cave sound like JFK I

else only think I am

Tower control ain't get paid to tower control and you know maneuver planes and stuff. I just want a game

Yo for real is man annoying and hearing that thing. It's crazy. How loud that thing is?

I'm not even I'm not even one of these days I'm gonna do a live podcast with that thing on

You ain't even hear me talk. He'll was crazy

I'm gonna have to put like a picture with like a noise level warning ensure you have hearing protection

Watch yeah, I think I'm playing, you know, cuz there's people who exaggerate stuff on Twitter. I

I'm not exaggerating, right?

This shit is crazy

Like is crazy. How loud that thing is? It's just yo, it's not even funny no more like

Vagrant story that's a good one and stuff like that, right?

You know be a good one man. I'm surprised I mean they did seven but I wouldn't mind a Final Fantasy 6 remake a

Full remake of six, you know, when I first played the game it was Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo, right?

Because now all the Final Fantasies will come to United States only certain one

So Final Fantasy stay at six

which is what we now call six was actually three when it came to the States because now all the games came, right and

That will game was dope

you know Kefka as the bad guy and all some of you don't know but

Dante's Inferno

will be a going, you know, but a

Final Fantasy 6 remake

That would be banging. Thank ally I

will also like

Shining in the darkness. I would like a Fantasy XI star the first one we make

Sega would be dope to do I know they have fancy star online

but offenses he stars the first one that came out I think was on the Sega Master System a

fantasy star remake

That would be crazy

I mean there's a lot of games there's a lot of nostalgia games that if they did a full-blown remake with the technology and

Gameplay of today or Golden Axe. We make an altered beast

Remake, you know, there's a lot of great concepts back then

You know and at the time when they were released they were fantastic games and fantastic and they push gaming

You know forward, you know


they used the potential power of what I could have back then but imagine now a

full remake of ultra beats a full remake of Golden Axe a

full remake of Shinobi, you know take these old titles that at the time were great vision the revolutionary

Fantastic games right, you know or remake of Ninja Turtles are back in the days, right? You take these games?

That at the time but the power that was available 16-bit graphics a big graphics. There are two big graphics, you know

But they were great examples of great games at the time, but now take them and remake them on the technology of today, you know

Phantasy Star altered bees Golden Axe

Even some Nintendo games like Double Dragon bad, dudes

No is it'll be crazy original a cruiser? I remember that game

Castlevania, you know

Try to take these classics and remake them where you have the spirit of the game kind of like Resident Evil 2 remake

but with just new graphics gameplay third-person view

Just take it to a whole new level, right? There's a lot of games

I I think that if they remake them remain every master, but we made them

With the capabilities of what we have today

They would be hits there will be pure heads because they're classic games that were hits during their heyday

but now you take them today and I think

Don't be dope. You know, I think I'll be crazy


Good pick would be bananas. Imagine rygar but kind of liking I got a war style like god of war changes pace and stuff, right?

There's some terms there's some crazy ideas that I think you know

These companies were all these titles that they took a chance and did for remakes on these titles, right?

There will be big hits. You know, I think you know

There will be big hits


Third person sign in he'll

Does a lot of there's a lot of good stuff, right?

But I think i'ma leave it at that because I think we're just extended conversation to 16, but I appreciate it


let me know what you think of the topics that I talked about hit up the comment section and

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