Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ringling Brothers Circus: The Naked Truth

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And we are here protesting Ringling Brothers and how we are doing that is we are attaching these scars

to her back they are of course fake and they look very real. They are to symbolize the really real

beatings that animal suffer behind the scenes at Ringling Brothers. These scabs are fake, but theirs are

real. They have been inspected by the USDA on numerous occasions and they have found wounds on

the elephants, they have found babies separated from their mothers, rope lesions on their legs. So that

is kind of what we are going for in this demo. People come up to her and they are like oh my god! Are

those real? That is of course our chance to say, no they are fake, she is shackled but she gets to go home

in an hour. These animals sit in their cages and rot for a lifetime.


The Description of Ringling Brothers Circus: The Naked Truth