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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Not So Smart Car

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Alright welcome back to shiddy car mod. I hope you've been having a good day

I'm just trying to not get that

Caption to be able to figure out what exactly I'm saying. there's one particular car so many people have linked me

Over the past few weeks, I wonder if that will be on here it probably will be start off with Audi take the wheel that

Really doesn't look safe at all

Like what happened here ya turned an Audi into a Reliant Robin. Did you get into a collision?

Did you have your tires and wheels stolen and you're just like you know what I'm not gonna get new ones

I'm just gonna turn my car into a lot Reliant Robin. I really enjoyed that segment on Top Gear it was great

I want to drive and have my car flip every time. I go around the corner as well, okay

There's no way that actually drives. I refuse to believe it also doesn't have headlights

You would get pulled over in two seconds that thing is not going anywhere

I don't know why it was done, but it's not going anywhere. It's no longer a Mustang. It's a disgustang

Good pun great um

Well this looks like it's actually at a SEMA or some kind of car show

So it's it's probably a body hit

that's actually sold in order to turn your Mustang into sort of a

Batmobile and while it's not really up my alley of things that I do to my Mustang if I owned one

It's not the worst thing I've seen on the subreddit. You know when you go to a

Place like SEMA or even an LA Auto Show they have like the bottom

Floor that has all the aftermarket tuners and stuff you see some out there things, but there's a market for it obviously

There's a market for certain Mansoori kits for cars that I don't necessarily agree with the look

There's some things that Mansoori does that are that are not bad at all, but others? I'm like

I don't know about that one

I don't know about that, but anyway at least it looks polished right host some other stuff. The shiddest mod of all

Actually, though it is it's literally a the-- but for the sake of practicality. I mean does it

Get any better than that

Granted I don't think there's anywhere for it to be disposed of it's not particularly comfortable

This alleviates any problems that you would ever have on a road trip finding a toilet

You're sitting on one the whole time isn't that just the best though

the only problem is that wouldn't be a very comfortable seat, you know what's just the

Would there be a market for?

Custom molded toilet seats say you live alone you have multiple bathrooms

So one of them completely dedicated you you're the only person who would use it

Sometimes it gets uncomfortable if you're on there for a long time for whatever reason that might be

Just the default toilet seat shape

It's just after a while it wears on you imagine having something

Completely custom molded because a soft cushiony toilet seat mm-hmm. No one's and that's just it's gross

I'm it's just psychologically. I can't get over it but a molded toilet seat

I don't know I bet it does exist

There's some niche company out there that does it to each their own

But I will never understand doing wheel camber you and me both, my man


I know that in certain cases if you camber the front tires ever so slightly

Ever so slightly it can actually improve handling, but it's very slight

Not just tilting your wheels way the hell out there, and then it's just like the tires

Just get real wouldn't you just buy new tires all the time and then it's like

Turning it's like a weird

Prospect when you have whatever when functionality meets breathtaking design spoiler alert

It's actually a spoiler like to see the spoiler oh

That's beautiful. It's like you took. I don't know something that you would put a shelf on you'd mount it on a wall

And you're like you know what would be great we could use this to support our spoiler

It's already supposed to support a shelf

But instead we can flip them upside down and then support a couple of PVC pipes that are definitely very good for improving downforce

This probably gets 50 percent more downforce than without the spoiler actually it might very well

It's incredible whenever I read stats on improve downforce from say like the the regular version of a car to the track performance

model say like Ferrari 488 to 480p stuff

I was like downforce has been improved by 100%

And it's just like a couple little arrow chain at least that you can see from the exterior. It's like 100% improvement

Oh my god. That's wild. I'm saying. I'm not like I'm not knocking it. I'm saying that's actually a wild from an engineering perspective

Yeah, you can double down for us, and it seems like it always like what is the limit to downforce?

When are we gonna get to the point where it's like you just can't know because then when it goes from

Pista to whatever the 488 successor is there like downforce has been improved by another 100 percent

I'm like how do you when do you not? What are you not able to do that anymore? There's got to be a limit.

It's just crazy, but anyway downforce probably was improved by 50%

Remember to feed them once a day

No, that's that's not that's not a thing that's not a thing you know

That's gotta. Just you did that for it cuz that's like animal cruelty. All right. You can't just be like haha

You know be funny. I have a broken light. Let's just put some fish in it the fish didn't just spawn there

You know no fish you didn't Park this next to a lake have it rain

And then a fish was like you know what I'm gonna

Do I'm gonna spray my fertilized eggs inside of it like up in the air?

And then they landed inside of this broken light that didn't happen you put those fish there. Those poor fish

Okay, it's quite possible. It's Photoshop. It could be Photoshop the bottom the top could be yeah

could definitely that's what I'm gonna go with we're gonna go with

Photoshop because nobody would ever go on the internet and tell lies there. I'm at a loss for words

This isn't the first time. We've seen a truck like this either

It just it always

Looks like it's breaking way too hard or it's trying to look at something like well look at that you see that little

Indentation oh now it's behind me. Oh you see that oh no and so it's never satisfied until you park it

I think you're just really closely examined exactly what's going on on the ground in front of it

So what happens when you actually do brake hard is it just like slam the front end into the ground

Why though?

Also, isn't that impractical a pickup truck you probably want to have the bed to be flat for so many reasons

but instead it's just your

I don't understand

I don't know why you would do that but that's also

I don't know why you do any of the things on this subreddit. Seen from my Prius. I identify as a Prius.

Oh boy does that mean that you are not a good driver

And you're self-aware because I suppose like in respect of that, but it's probably done is irony also

I like how the exhaust is just angled out

So that anything dry God you imagine driving by in like a low sports car just if I had my window down

in one of my cars driving by that I would go up to the top of his wheel and I would just get a

Face full of exhaust, I'm gonna try to avoid him. When you can't afford a Hummer

But you still want people to know you have a small pain and just add the Hummer on the back

Also the quad exhaust I wonder if they're functional probably not oh boy

See the thing is I bet you you could actually make one of these look pretty cool with the right tasteful

Modifications to it kind of square off the back a little bit more

Make it a little bit less, bubbly. You could make one of these things look pretty cool instead though not quite so much

I'm be honest there was a time

probably early elementary school

And I was like uh Hummers are pretty cool when I would see a kid at school be dropped off in a Hummer

Now I'm just like oh

I'd be kind of embarrassed to do that the old Hummer the h1 like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Hummer

That's a I'm cool with those, but it's like the newer ones. It's just it seems too

Tacky a little bit too tacky

And then I think they went through their phase of like super popular and now they're not they've kind of

fallen off a little bit, but I still see them couple people on my street have them and

It's interesting man. It just seems like the fad came and went kind of like fidgets spinners, and then they fade it away

But then you still got a few people who have them a few people still spin the fidgets spinners, and you're like

Oh, that's I thought the fad kind of died there. Dubai.

Is it actually in Dubai though because there's no license plate for me to tell for sure?

but also like just

Hey, ya guys. Can you make the whole car gold I mean?

Yeah, sure we can do no I mean the whole car like also the windows

I don't want to be able to see out of the car. You just want it to be gold well

How are you gonna drive?

I'm not gonna drive actually gonna try to drive it, but you're gonna install cameras on the front

And then you're gonna turn the front windscreen into a monitor

So and it just takes the input from the camera so I can see what I'm doing

But it's just like I'm playing a video game, and there's no light anywhere else

Can you do that for me, but sir you're gonna pulled over. I don't care

I will pay lots of money to make sure that it's fine. I will keep driving. It. Don't worry about it

Windows are just gold ok. This was posted on I funny

That's kind of great actually

I bet the red interior came first, and then they're like you know what I don't really care much about this car

What can we do to it wrap it like a watermelon?

I'm more impressed at just how well done the watermelon wrap is that's awful taste, but great execution right there

Just a it probably cost a lot more to do the watermelon wrap then it cost to buy that car in the first place

Because like that's well done well applied not a whole bunch of pixels, so you know could be some air bubbles in there

I don't know for sure, but well Nets also this car looks a bit like a fish with those headlights

Just a little bit. They must have hit every Auto Zone in a 20-mile radius

Wow it's like it's like what I would expect if someone were to

Try to make their own

knockoff of like a

Christian Louboutin shoe

And then be like I want to take my knockoff and apply it to my car as well

For any of you out there like why do you know what a Christian Louboutin shoe is? You just don't worry about it

I've heard of it, but they're the ones with the red soles, but they also a lot of spiky stuff on them all the time

No, I don't wear high heels. I'm just I know what it is ok don't need to explain myself

It's fine, but anyway a lot of a lot of spikes there Jesus Christ

I guess they just want to insure, and you know what actually it's a safety mechanism

you know how you

Put those spikes on ledges certain sometimes on buildings to prevent birds from setting up nests there and then pooping on things

That's what this is you know sometimes people sit on cars to take photos

I don't know how often they sit on Toyota Avalon to take photos

But this is just motivation to not

Have you do that you saw this Toyota Avalon in public and you were like man

I really want to take a photo of it and pose in front of it

And this is like no you're not gonna do that there are spikes on it

It's gonna hurt when in reality what you've done is you've created the opposite effect now because of the spikes people are gonna be taking

photos of your car so you just played yourself.


that's that's not really a

Shoot the car mod. That's

Something that they either did it just to see I wonder if this will work or explode or out of necessity

I guess that's one way to do it wonder if they like measured the other the

thickness of the tires on their other wheels and they're like this is the exact thickness of

A bottle of soda, so why don't we just this will be fine? There's no way this could ever not work

there's no way that the tape will break or

that one of the soda bottles will explode from the weight or that the tie the

Wheel itself will chop into the plastic and eventually just nope this will work. This will be great. Don't worry about it

It'll be fine totally safe - no risks at all looks like cartoon dynamite in the thumbnail wrapped around a wheel.


It's a Crayola drive shaft

That's actually that's kind of amazing the thing is it looks like it's red-hot right now

Like that thing is actually been driving for like is it is it actually oh, it's illuminated. I think because it's little lights all

Incredible, but also like how do you illuminate? I don't know 10 out of 10 for originality that'd be a really cool promo truck for

Crayola to have at shows and things like that. Dunno, I don't think it's it was bad

Good promo for Crayola and really good free promotion if they didn't actually create that truck themselves. I don't think you can get any lower

That but I mean does it is it does it go does it move because um it's not bags

I can tell you that much, but what might happen is you see it has these rings here. You might actually be able to

Prop it back up when you need to move and then you get to the car show and you like bring it down so that

If it moves I assume that's how it works. How do you do that you went to a show once?

He's like I'll look at all these people

Bring in their their lowriders to showcase. I'm gonna outdo them all went back and like put this thing together

I just hope you never get into an accident cuz you'll you're dead you're basically dead

That's the one thing I think about when it comes to like the Ford gt40 which I've contemplated one of those replicas

It's like it's cool. Problem. Is if you get into an accident you gonna die and granted

I haven't gotten into any accidents

But if I did cuz it's not always something you can control

Could be someone else running into you you dead and that scares me a little bit modern cars are a lot safer

Look semi smart to me. Oh here. It is this is the one no one everyone sent to me the last month

They're like Jordan. Have you seen this one? It's pretty shittee yeah, you know

Oh, it is actually though

So I've seen this one before I had plenty of time to digest it to reflect on it

And I don't know why I'm hoping it was done for like a promotional stunt or something of the sort

But you know way to make a car

That's supposed to be extremely practical and able to fit just about anywhere not that

Just make it so that it can't go into a lot of parking garages

Cuz it's just gonna hit the top can't go into any residential garages

Yeah, I don't I don't know it's a thing certainly attracts a lot of photos

I'm sure so at least that that's yeah that going for it. I don't know what else though probably kills the

Arrow who kills the gas mileage? We should probably know the reason you buy one of those things for good gas mileage

Yeah, I don't know. Lightning McMath

How can we make this Miata better put some teeth in the front obviously

You know what maybe if I get in the autos for learning to uh

drive a manual transmission, I'll

I'll just I'll go ahead and add some teeth in the front just to carry on the spirit

Cause it'd be getting a car on purpose that I am NOT going to care too much about so why don't I add some good

Aesthetic teeth to the front be nice

I still I do think that this this should have taken the cake for number one for the month

But it's fine since we already saw it so left some surprise for number one anyway

that was it for the last month of shid the Car Mods

I hope you've enjoyed make sure to like if you liked check out the playlist in the description if you want to catch more videos

subscribe if you're not already and

That's that's it. That's that's about it. So thanks so much for watching. I'll see you next time

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