Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Outre Melted Hairline Aaliyah ? Collab Feat Asheley Laf ?#VDAYVIBES2020?

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and its a collab guess who with with #TribeSquad

its your girl chandism101 back again with another video girl and I'm

reviewing Aaliyah with the melted hairline we gon see I know you may have

seen some other videos but you ain't seen our collab girl I'm collaborating

with Ashley with an extra e will be posted her video down in the comment

section and in the description box and it'll be tagged in this video girl we

are about to give you guys the honest T on these wigs right here so make sure

you give this video a thumbs up and definitely #Tribesquad

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down below let me know if you're a living for this collab in this color and

this lay girl I'd appreciate it alright guys and also shout out to Ashley with

an extra eat she's a part of my tribe squash she's been supporting since day

one and I really appreciate her I love her spirit she has so many good fun

videos on her channel so make sure you guys check it out let's get into this

color girl outright knew what they were doing

obviously this color is cherry red they do have cinnamon mocha golden honey

hazelnut honey and strawberry gold I got cherry red it's Valentine's Day coming

up why not have a little inspo girl so let's throw her on and find out if the

claims are real so it claims that it lets you show off those edges go ahead

and slick hair back tuck it behind your ear girl and sweep those natural looking

baby hairs and I will tell you all facts honestly one of the things that I loved

the most besides this weird hump situation girl I

can't see anything but you can't really see that lace either so that's nice but

they have what's called the comfort fit ear girl you see I just

discovered it and this is major for girls who wear glasses to like you know

myself but this part in space it's kind of got a little hot bitch going on so

we're going to figure it out we're gonna definitely lay it flat but before I do

that I'm going to show you guys exactly how this week looks if you just cut her

and put her on let's say you didn't do anything and you stuck to all of the

claims that outre is claiming aleeah's got going on with her which is the

frontal effect hairline which I'm again I'm telling you right now girl hit that

thumbs up because you go like this week so I'm gonna use my razor to go ahead

and cut the lace which I'm in love with by the way it actually I don't know

about other people I've watched several reviews and nothing

a little powder can't fix but for me it blends really well

like it loves my skin girl I'm gonna use my got to be because I

want her to lay flat flat and this is my first time slaying her and I really want

to kind of slay her how I think someone would slay her if they just opened her

up and put her on really kind of didn't do anything extra because I mean this

wig is claiming that you don't have to do any of that extra stuff so I'm just

putting it on I'm using my blow-dryer girl this blow-dryer is old it's a

little old faithful it really is it's been with me it has helped easly mini a

wigs girl for sure so then we're gonna do the other side and also make sure you

watch this video to the end because I have a bonus lay a little double up for

you so this will be how I initially slater and then the the final result

will be how I wore her out girl how I was flossing I want you guys to pay

attention here I am cutting off this lace and it's like wet wig girl I used a

little got to being now some people don't want to do

this step because the lace may blend really well for you I'm going to go

ahead and use a little bit of the powder I have a very very very fine

let me repeat it this fine angled brush to put this powder on I'll link the

powder down below to because this powder blends efforts I'm girl send it up by

the way I'm four foot nine something I'll be like girl it's because I'm four

foot nine I say oh my I got to say it every video but by the way I'm four foot

nine make sure you check the description box to catch up on some other wigs that

I've done but this wig is a little long on me so I just want y'all to know that

it'll probably fit really perfect on you this is my first lay this is my second

leg girl so flat I mean come on says come through with the flat vibes

this is literally like melted I'm not kidding I'm about to show you guys

shout out to Kyra Sean she did this wig and when me and my homegirl Ashley were

like talking about collab and we were like let's just do that way cuz she's

like we host lay this week and like I mean pull it back says they really knew

what they were doing is laying so flat I had to go to my son's basketball game

and this just was serving like I just got out their chair what do you mean the

only con I have would be the tangling you do kind of need to have a brush with

you but girl I'm telling you right now and they didn't win the game but that's

okay you know you learn life lessons for not always taking whiz but hey if you

guys liked this lay and the bonus clips drop a comment down below and check out

my homegirl Ashley with an extra eager you already know she's gonna give you

this look sis until her Shandi sent you I will see you guys for another bomb as

wig review and sis like I said if you are filling this color tell me in the

comment section if you like how flat it lays let

you know anyways thanks for watching y'all I'll see y'all next time

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