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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess That Lyric! (GAME)

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How well do we know the lyrics to popular songs?

Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪

- Good mythical morning! - The Grammy's were last night and whether

you enjoyed the winners or disagreed with them, today you're going to enjoy and agree

with this because one of us is gonna win something.

(both laughing)

- We're all winners here today. - Okay. We're gonna play a game is what

Link's getting at and one of us has to win it, there are no ties. Or maybe there will

be, who knows?

- We're gonna pay a game where each one - There's pins. But no ties.

of us-- I will take some lyrics and deliver them to Link and then he'll take

some lyrics and deliver them back to me and we're seeing if we can complete lyrics

to popular songs. Now let me go ahead and say I'm not hedging but I'm kinda hedging.

I suck at this. I'm horrible. I never remember the proper lyrics but I think

you've kinda got a gift so I fully expect you to win.

And you know what you can win today, Link.

- Okay. - You can win the Bammy. It's a Grammy

- made from bacon. Yes. - (laughs) Yes!

- I'm getting excited. I may not win. - This happened.

You know, I'm not as hip as I once was.

- But there's a twist. - When you get your answer wrong you have

to put a clothes pin on your person. On your face specifically.

- Yeah. - And then it has to stay there for the

- rest of the game. So by the end of this - Yep.

thing if you're as bad as you say you are you should have clothes pins all over your

face enduring the pain of that.

(Rhett) It's time to play... Can you guess the lyrics to the popular

song? And if not you gotta put clothes pin on your face somewhere.

I'm gonna go first starting with a very popular song from Taylor Swift called

Shake it off.

- Okay. - But I keep cruising. Can't stop, won't

stop grooving. It's like I got this music in my mind, saying...

- (singing) It's gonna be alright. (laughs) - Woo Taylor Swift fan, huh?

- Congratulations. - (ding sound)

- Unabashedly. - I'm a Taylor Swift fan.

- I got no shame. - So that's one point for me.

- Do I get to eat some of the Bammy? - No, you get it if you win, man.

Oh, okay. Alright. Here's one for you.

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse." So you want to play with magic?

Boy, you should know what you're falling for. Baby do I dare to do this?

- 'Cause I'm coming at'cha-- - I wanna say,

- (singing) "Like a wild boar." - (laughs)

(normal voice) That's what's in my mind, but I do know this one, it's,

- (singing) "Like a dark horse." - That was basically a gimmie.

- (ding sound) - (normal voice) Yeah.

- I told you the name of the song. - It's the name of the song.

Well you said you're so bad. I wanted to start easy on ya'.

- I know that one. - I'm gonna ramp it up.

- I've seen the video a few thousand times. - So you don't have to put on a

clothes pin yet, but ask me one.

- Keep it moving. - This is "Happy," by Pharrel.

- (laughs) - (sings to self)

It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say, Sunshine, she's here, you can take a break.

I'm a hot air balloon that can go to space, with the air--

- (sings to self) - I feel a clothes pin coming on.

- I know this song, but-- - With the air--

(singing) With the air I'm-- I'm gonna inflate!

- Nope. - (buzzer sound)

Like I don't care baby, by the way.

- (normal voice) What? - You would have never gotten that.

- Put this on your face somewhere. - Ah, okay.

Alright. I'm gonna ask you one here.

This is Coldplay, "A Sky Full Of Stars."

I've heard this song, but I wont know the lyrics.

- I want to die in your arms, arms. - Oh, serious.

- Arms twice? - 'Cause yo-- Yes.

'Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark.

- Oh, shiny. - Dark rhymes with arms. Who knew?

I'm gonna give you my heart, and I don't care--

- If you light a fart. - (Link and crew laughs)

- Really? Sing it. - I don't--

If you think that's it you sing it. And I don't care...

(singing) If you light a fart!

- Now I'm back at happy. - You're singing happy.

(buzzer sound) I don't know the-- I have

- heard the song but I don't know the tune. - I don't know this song.

- Go on and tear me apart. - Oh. Fart would've been better.

Put a clothespin on somewhere.

Ooh, you're going for the nostril. Once it's on you can't take it off, can't

change your mind. Ooh, that's gonna hurt. (laughs)

- Alright. - I like pain.

- Alright so give me one. Lay one on me. - Oh, sorry.

This is Fancy. We played this with the Blue man group, remember that?

- (singing the beat of Fancy) - Unintentionally. By Iggy Azalea featuring

Charli XCX. First things first, I'm the realist. Drop this and let the whole word--

world feel it. And I'm still in the murda bizness.

- (laughs) - This is not what she sounds like.

You're making it-- I thought it was gonna easy until you started reading it.

I can hold you down like I'm--

- Ugh, read it again. Faster. - And I'm like in the murder bizness.

I can hold you down like I'm--

(mumbles) I know this.

(whispering) First things first, I'm the realest...

Down like I'm...

- I hold you down like I'm... - Yeah, you're gonna fail.

I'ma hold you down--

- Fist things first I'm the realest. - This thing's really starting to hurt.

(whispering) Like I'm teaching you a lesson in physics.

It's something physics.

Like I'm teaching you--

- Like I'm teaching you physhics. - Giving lessons in physics.

- Half point. - (laughs)

- I'm gonna give you a half point. - Half point? What am I--

- So I'm supposed to take half of this and-- - Put it in your hair.

- Oh, yeah, do half of it in the nose, yeah. - (laughs) Okay. I'll give you one.

That's not gonna stay in there. Gotta go way up in there.

This is Chandelier by Sia.

- Sorry, not familiar with it. - (laughs)

I'm-- Let me get this in my mind here.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier-eer.

I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist. Like it--

- Is the next year. - No it's,

- (buzzer sound) - (singing) doesn't exist!

(normal voice) She does something. It doesn't exist.

- It doesn't rhyme? - She said, "Like it doesn't exist."

It's just repeat. I've given you the answer.

Alright, so give me-- Give me one.

This is "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. I have this album.

It's very good. Guess it's true,

- (crew laughs) - I'm not good at a one-night stand--

- My nose hurts badly, that's me talking. - (laughs)

- Oh. - But I still need love 'cause I'm

- just a man. - (singing) Guess it's true that my nose

- hurts badly. - These nights never seem to go to plan.

- I don't want you to leave--. - (sings to self)

- (singing) Would you hold my hand? - Correct!

- (ding sound) - (laughs)

- My left nostril's a lot more sensitive. - That's some Sam Smith.

- That's some good stuff. - Ah!

- Gosh! What's wrong with my left nostril? - I got that one! Alright.

Alright, this one's pretty easy. No more nostril action for you on this one.

- Gosh. - John Legend "All Of Me."

Ah, that's a great song. Very romantic. (pained yell) I can't do it.

- I can't keep it on there. - Do you-- You got-- No. You can't!

You gotta keep it on there! Come on, Rhett.

I gotta take a break from it. Oh, hurts so bad.

- 'Cause all of me-- - (sings) Loves all of you.

- Shh. Not yet. - Love your curves and all your edges.

- (singing) - Shh.

- All your-- - Crazy inhibitions.

- (crew and both laugh) - I don't know, man.

- I'm sucking. - Crazy inhibitions.

- (buzzer sound) - All your perfect imperfections.

- Aah! Crazy inhibitions, man! - Put another one in the nose.

- Gosh. - In the nose.

- Alright, you gotta ask me one. - "Bang Bang."

- She got a booty like an hourglass-- - Who is this?

You know, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, man!

- Okay. Okay. - She got a booty like an hour glass,

but I can give it to you all the time. She got a booty like a Cadillac,

- but I can-- - (singing to self)

- (crew laughs loudly) - (singing) Take it into overdrive!

- (normal voice) Is that it? - Send you into overdrive.

Other half point. So now put that one in a nostril.

- (ding sound) - Okay, I'll replace that.

I knew it was overdrive, I'm pretty good at this. I love me some Arianda Grande.

- (laughs) Arianda. Arianda, she's-- - Meghan Trainor, All about that bass.

Oh, this is good. (singing) All about that bass.

Yeah it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two. But I can shake it, shake it like I'm

supposed to do. 'cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase.

- Yeah you do. - All the right--

- (singing) Stuff in all the right places. - Think about it. What--

(singing) All the right bumps in all the right places.

- First of all it's not those bumps but-- - (singing) All the right-- (whistles)

- You're closer with bumps. - (singing) All the right b--

- Butts? - (laughs) Alright, I'm not giving it to you.

- You gotta get junk. - (singing) All the right butts in all the

- places. - It's junk.

- (both) All the right junk in all the right-- - I get a half point!

So I got one, two, I win. I win the bacon

- bacon thing. Is that it? is it over? - Okay.

♪ (victory music) ♪ Yes you win.

- Give me the Bammy. - Congratulations, Link.

You knew I was gonna win this anyway. I should have done even better.

You should have won more than that. You should have less than two on there.

I'd like to thank all the pigs that contributed to this Bammy and I just wanna

- thank Ariaana - (laughs) "Ariaana."

and I wanna think Rihanna. I don't even think she was in the mix this year.

But I know you're coming back, girl and I'm here waiting for you, musically.

We also-- Great job on that speech. We also wanna give a shout out to our good

friend and fellow internetainer Julian Smith. I don't know if you saw it but if you watched

the Grammy's last night but he actually had a commercial that he made for

- Purina Beggin that premiered. - Yes.

He directed this commercial and it premiered along side the Grammy's during

♪ ( Dog Rap - I Get Bacon) ♪ the Grammy's. Congratulations to Julian.

(Link) You can check out the whole video on the Beggin YouTube channel.

Link in the description. Click on that, watch it, enjoy.

- And thanks for liking and commenting. - You know what time it is.

Hi I'm Ellen from Austin, Texas and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality.

♪ (violin playing) ♪

Thanks to Purina Beggin for sponsoring this video and make sure you check out the

"I get Beggin" video on the Beggin YouTube channel.

Click through to Good Mythical More where we explore the most

commonly misheard lyrics. They're hilarious!

And you probably think some of them are the real lyrics.

- (laughs) - That's quite a spin, Link.

(in unison) Inspirational pep talk to migrating geese.

(yelling) Hey migrating geese! Bring it in!

(yelling) Alright! Everybody gather around! Listen! You gotta go south!

- That's the main thing, okay? - You gotta stay in a group!

- Preferably in a 'V' formation! - And you! You! You lead!

- You! You follow like a 'V'! - Everybody!

- Get in a 'V'! - Everybody!

- Pretty much be a 'V' the whole time! - Listen, you guys can do this!

You can do this! Are you ready?!

[Captioned by Whit and Hayleigh: GMM Captioning Team]

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