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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mercier BEASTS The Entire Table | S5 E10 Poker Night in America

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- [Announcer] From Seminole Hard Rock

in Hollywood, Florida, this is Poker Night in America.

(upbeat music)

- Welcome to Poker Night in America,

I'm Chris Hansen

and I'm alongside

- Did you just give my email address

to our millions and millions and millions of viewers?

- Yeah, I know, it's ridiculous.

You're still on Yahoo.


- I'm already starting to get emails.

Oh, no, wait, this is from my mom.

This is a hilarious forward.

See if you send it to seven people,

Bill Gates sends you a thousand dollars.

- Send that to me, I'll take that.

- Okay, I'll forward it to you.

You're on Hotmail, though, right?

- Yeah, Hotmail.

- (laughs) Hotmail? What a loser.

- [Chris] We continue day number one

at Seminole Hard Rock

and so far, Jennifer Tilly, well,

she's got a lot of work to do,

I think that's safe to say.

Most of the money that she is down

has went to the player sitting right next to her.

- My nickname then was the Mop.

- Really?

'Cause you mop the floor with the competition?

- No, 'cause I had like really long hair.

Not really long, but just you know,

like this, but a little longer.

- [Joe] Poker Night in America brought to you by

Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

- You're gonna need a fine picture of us.

I played basketball long enough

that when I was in junior varsity basketball,

it was still the days of the short-shorts.

(woman laughs)

- [Man] Really, the huggers.

They were still, that's how long ago I was in school.

- Tube socks, too?

Did you have the tube socks?

- [Man] No, tube socks had gone away,

but the huggers were still in place.

- This is early 90s.

Early nineties is like right when Fab Five came out

and like everyone started going baggy,

but they obviously hadn't picked up that

in my high school yet.

- [Joe] Jason Mercier with more sets

than the Franklin mint.

- [Chris] I can't believe his luck against her.

Like, I'd buy her into tournaments

to come sit at the same table as I am

to keep getting this kinda luck.

- [Joe] So, Jenn's bet 400,

Mercier kicks it up to 1400.

- [Chris] Just fold, Jenn.

Just fold it this time.

Run, run, run.

- [Joe] Oh boy.

This is going to be a shame.

- [Chris] There's the jam.

- Jason.

- [Chris] Jenn.

Jenn, you cannot do anything but fold, please.

We love you.

Just stay down.

- What would you do, Stewart?

- I don't know your holding, but even if I did,

I don't think I'm supposed to reveal that.

- Good answer.

I like the way you answered that question.

- [Chris] Jenn, here's what I would do.

Call ... a cab.

- I'll tell you, though.

What I'll be rooting for to happen

is for you to call and win.

But I don't trying to influence your action.

But of course, that's...

- [Joe] Tilly trying to do what she loves to do

which is act.

Unfortunately, Jason's the one holding the actual script.

- My dream.

- Show one, Jay.

It's good for the game.

- My dream one day is to win a pot off of Jason.

- Top shelf liquor gonna be on hand August 11.

- But it's free, you know, who's paying?

- I'm gonna play carefully

and with heart.

- [Chris] Tilly still raising under the gun

with some questionable hands.

- [Woman] That's nice.

- [Man] That's very nice of him.

- [Woman] That's a really nice invite.

- I mean, we're close friends.

- [Joe] Wendeen Eolis folds her pair.

She doesn't want any part of this Tilly trainwreck, I guess.

Esther Taylor calls the $300 bet.

- [Man] The bar was only gonna be open

for like a couple of hours.

- Donation.

- [Chris] And so does Mercier, oh boy.

- [Joe] Jason claims he's making a donation.

Something tells me the guy starting with the best hand

is probably not gonna give this up too easily.

Jenn Tilly has four high,

a shocker, flush draw for Taylor,

Mercier checks the best hand,

which is an over pair to this board.

- [Chris] 600 the bet from Tilly, again with four high.

- [Joe] Call in one spot, and it's very likely

to be called in two spots.

- [Chris] And that's correct.

- [Joe] I'm sure that's just what she wanted,

gettin' called in two spots when she's got four high.

- [Chris] Another deuce on the turn.

- [Joe] I think this is a definite check-call spot

for both players, both Mercier and Taylor.


Jason's gonna bet, which is gonna lead me to believe

that this is actually the right move.


A raise.

- [Chris] And a call so this pot now is over $10,000.

Nothing for Esther Taylor.

- [Joe] She bricks out.

Jason's still got an over pair.

- [Chris] None of the flop draws came in.

It's gonna be pretty tough

to get Jason to fold in this spot.

- All in.

- [Chris] Oh boy.

- [Joe] I said it was gonna be tough to get Jason to fold.

This is her absolute best effort.

- [Chris] Oh my lord.

- [Joe] Ah, he's so good.

He's so good.

How does he do it?

Alright guys, we have to leave you by yourselves

here at the Hard Rock.

Don't worry, we left $20 on the counter

for you to order a pizza.

We'll be right back.

- So I'm here with Brad Garrett.

I was a big fan of Everyone Loves Raymond.

I really was.

I thought you were fantastic in that.

- I'm very grateful for that show.

- And both you and Ray are poker players.

- Yes, we do.

You know, we're donkeys to be honest

and you know, Ray's very rich,

but if he loses two bucks it's

"Aww, I should've known.

Aww, I can't,

aww, my wallet it so heavy."

You know, this is the first time

I've been in your room where I haven't felt compromised.



This is unbelievable.

Remember you were like, "Just put on the pirate outfit.

Just see how it fits."

I'm in group therapy alone.

That's how messed up I am.

But this is what I learned a long time ago,

you know, as my people say,

hit 'em hard and then re-tail.

- Who's your best friend?

- My imaginary friend named Skipper.

- Okay Brad.

- This has been great.

Come by any time.

Really, I love your...

This is the suite they give you,

I was complaining.

The greatest poker player in the world,

what are you staying with a couple from Denver?

They can't give you a suite?

Let me take care of it.

- Like what do you mean by that

because sometimes I've been feeling quite alienated.

(Everybody laughs)

- [Chris] South Florida the place we be

at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida.

Wanna get this done with,

I wanna get some pool time.

(Joe laughs)

Not gonna lie.

I'm actually wearing a swimsuit under these pants.

- [Joe] Pool's closed, man.

- [Chris] What? - [Joe] Gators.

- [Chris] Stop.

- I'm so frightened.

Every time I'm in a hand with Jason,

I know he's gonna somehow either out-flop me,

out-play me, or

- Or fold.

- He's never folded.

I don't think he's ever folded.

- No one else is drinking at the pace that I am.

What's wrong with me?

- [Chris] Poker Night in America

brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

A raise to 1700 from Esther Taylor.

- [Joe] Wow, trying to isolate Jennifer Tilty

with the suited connectors.

- [Stewart] These are small beverages, though.

- Jason, I want you in there.

- Well, then you should have made it like 600.

- [Esther] Power call.

- Nice open.

- [Joe] Flop is deuce, six, king.

- [Chris] Yay, Jennifer Tilly finally hits a set.

- [Joe] Yay, she's gonna win like five grand, max.

- [Stewart] I don't wanna call it what it is.

I mean, winning is great, but...

- [Joe] Not much of a cold deck, but Taylor is betting.

- [Wendeen] One more for the road.

- [Esther] No, I'm doing really very well.

- [Stewart] Anybody else want a beverage?

- [Chris] 50 was the bet from Taylor.

Tilly calls.

So we're at 5500.

- I guess I'm the only one, but that's fine.

- [Joe] Unless it's a ten, nine, or a spade,

we're not gonna see much money.

Oh, maybe.

Maybe we will see more money from Taylor.

- [Chris] Yikes.

Lot of folks will slow down

once they catch something on the turn.

Not E-Tay.

Jenn's reputation proceeding her.

Esther thinks she can get paid betting this pair of tens.

- [Joe] 1400 was the bet and a call as we go to the river.

It's a queen.

Action's gonna be on Esther Taylor; she checks.

A carefully placed $3,000 bet.

Let's see what Taylor does here on the river.

She is going to let the hand go.

All right, Jennifer Tilly there's 11,000 to the good.

- Good fold, you will see.

- I'm playing pretty quick.

- You're playing quick?

- Payin' well, I'm really impressed by the whole thing.

- I could play faster.

- I do play slow.

I don't try to, I just do, I don't really...

- [Jennifer] I'm gonna play really fast now.

- I try to speed it up.

- [Chris] Reilly under the gun.

- Yeah, I did.

- [Joe] Raises with queen, ten.

Cate Hall's got ace, queen right next to him.

- [Chris] She's been playing pretty snug today, too.

She just flats.

- [Joe] Not snug, Jenn Tilly.

Playing darn near anything.

Pocket sixes this time around.

- Aww, I was gonna call one for you.

- [Chris] She hops on the poker carousal.

As we spin back over to Reilly, it's 550 to call.

- [Joe] I think everybody's gonna want

a little piece of the Tilly action.

- [Chris] There's no folding here anywhere.

- [Joe] One call, and now to Hall.

- [Chris] Hey Hall, where's Oats? Huh? Where's Oats?

True story, I actually saw Hall and Oats

here at Seminole Hard Rock a couple of years ago.

- [Joe] Like you saw them perform or you saw them?

- [Chris] Yeah, no, they were working.

They were...

- [Joe] They were serving drinks at the pool?

- [Chris] Yeah, I didn't know how to bring that up,

but no, performing here, it was a great concert.

- [Joe] Another set for Jenn Tilly.

And she might get some money out of Cate Hall here.

- [Chris] It's pretty unfortunate for Cate

who's been playing pretty dang tight all day long

and now she's in a position

where there's really no way to get away from this.

- [Joe] Call the 1300.

So we'll now go to the turn.

It's a three.

- [Man] Check.

- [Chris] Bet, call.

- [Joe] Is that what's coming next?

- [Chris] Check, bet, call.

2,000, the bet from Tilly.

- [Joe] To answer your question, yes Chris,

I believe that is what's happening next.

- [Chris] Call from Hall.

- [Joe] And I think any reasonable bet on the river

is gonna put Cate all in.

- [Chris] Jenn Tilly river's a full house.

Had the best hand to begin with.

Very little out there for her to be afraid of.

She's losing to eights and threes and aces

and that is it.

- How much did you bet on the flop?


- Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh.


(keeps laughing)

I was in a hand once,

and I think somebody was in a hand, somebody smart,

and I dropped something,

and I didn't go to pick it up,

and he started laughing at me.

'Cause he said it's not a tell

if you pick up a chip that you dropped on the floor,

so that's how I was laughing.

Not because I have a better hand than you.

(all laughing) - [Man] Which I totally do.

- I don't think she got it.

I was the one that picked it up, so.

- Oh dear, I gotta work on my poker face.


You can go ahead and fold Cate, I gotcha.

Or maybe I don't.

- [Chris] Uh, goodbye.

- Can we see it, at least.

- No, you cannot.

It just cracked me up 'cause she's all,

"How much did you bet on the flop, young lady?"

like you were a lawyer interrogating me.

Then I was doing this and I went like

and it went on the ground and I was like,

"Oh, just ignore it."

And then helpful Stu there was like,

"She's gonna need that $25 for the cab."

And he goes to get it.

- [Announcer] Poker Night in America is brought to you by

our trusted friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

Why settle for tequila?

Step up to Kimo Sabe.

- [Chris] Poker Night in America

at Seminole Hard Rock

brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

You know who's having a great time tonight?

Jason Mercier.

Look at his chip stack compared

to Cate Hall's to his right.

It's like they're not even playing the same game.

- [Joe] It's weird how chips can indicate fun level,

but if there's an actual mathematical formula to it.

- It's funny how people ask questions

like they think the person's gonna answer them.

- [Wendeen] Some do.

- It can't hurt.

- Well, I did.

That jiggled a response out of me.

- [Wendeen] Yeah, it's just you got too many

different responses out of you.

She had to go back to square one and think about it.

- I should've just gone under the table.

I shouldn't've said, "Fold your cards."

I just was like, mmm,

I should've just, you know.

- [Joe] Flop is jack, deuce, deuce,

so Taylor stays where she was at, in the lead.

- [Chris] Hall gonna take a stab at this in position

and I think once she gets called here,

that should pretty much be the end of things.

I know it's a cash game,

and things go a little differently,

but this is such a dry board.

There's not a lot of hands that Taylor's

calling the flop with that she's gonna fold on the turn.

- [Joe] Turn is a nine.

- [Chris] Especially if the turns not really

something scary you can represent

like a niner.

Cate maybe setting up a river shove, however.

- [Joe] 875, the bet from Cate Hall.

- [Chris] She's drawing dead, by the way.

The Walking Dead sitting next to the Drawing Dead.

- [Joe] Can I get it in one more time?

- [Chris] Go for it.

- [Joe] Carl!

(both laugh)

Jack on the river, two pair for Taylor,

does put some straights out there.

Taylor checks.

- [Chris] Cate Hall wondering if one more bet

is going to get rid of Esther Taylor.

She's gonna give it a try.

- You're good.

- [Chris] If you are Cate Hall there, I mean...

- [Joe] You're not winning a showdown,

so if you want to try to get that money back,

you just have to give it a rip.

- Is this the last hand?

- It is.

- Awww.

Let's all just go crazy.

- [Esther] I'm so bummed.

- [Chris] Yes, I was hoping for this.

- Seven way all in, anybody?

- [Jennifer] Sure.

A lot of times crazy things happen in the last hand.

- So far it's nuts.

(all laughing)

- [Esther] Going crazy.

- That's just a call, right?

That's just a call?

- Looks like it.

I'm gonna raise.

We'll make it four.

- [Stewart] Dust.

- [Joe] Oh, Jennifer.

- [Chris] Oh, not again.

- [Joe] We were doing so well.

She knows you can't flop a set with queen, four, right?

(Chris laughs)

- All right, Jenn.

- This is one of those spots, donation.

- Yeah, we've heard that before.

- [Joe] This time it is much more donation-like,

nine, five of diamonds,

or you can just flop a flush, draw, and a pair.

- [Chris] Top set for Wendeen Eolis,

but Jennifer Tilly doing what Tilly does,

betting 800.

Eolis now in the position of calling or raising,

and she goes with the raise to all in.

- [Joe] I respect the move.

I don't think Jason can fold, though.

- [Chris] There's the call from Jason.

- Is the person that bet at it

the only person without a hand?

- [Chris] Jennifer.

- [Joe] Fold, fold.

- All right, on their backs.

- [Chris] They don't have to, it's a cash game.

I liked turning 'em up, but whatever.

- [Both Announcers] There it is.

- [Joe] A flush.

- [Chris] So we're gonna need the board to pair

or Jason's gonna claim another victim.

Nope, he just makes a flush twice.

- [Joe] Oh my goodness.

Every possible thing is going his way tonight.

- It's Jason's world.

We just live in it.

- [Chris] Oh, boy.

- [Wendeen] That's not even right.

Everbody else loses.

- [Joe] So this is interesting.

Usually we have to have two pages,

one for the winners,

and one for the losers.

Turns out, just one winner in this game,

Jason Mercier.

- I've done the conveyor belt as an adult it's just like, eh.

By comparison it was more tame then what I was doing as a child.

- Oh yeah, we would go down the road.

Which was really safe.

- Majority of the things people do to think that they are

catering to the spot, ultimately alienate the spot.

- What do you mean by that, because sometimes I have been

feeling quite alienated. (laughter)

- [Announcer] Poker Night in America is brought to you by

our trusted friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

Why settle for tequila?

Step up to Kimo Sabe.

- Welcome back.

- Welcome back to Poker Night in America.

He's Chris Hansen, and I'm Joe Stapleton.

- Joe, you took my part.

- I thought it was getting a little stale.

Isn't it kinda fun to mix it up a bit?

- No, Joe, you can't just take a thing

and make it your own.

That was my thing.

It was literally all I have left on the show.

- Don't you have like three kids?

Oh, on the show, sorry.

I'm sorry, buddy, it's yours, now and forever.

Do you wanna take the next part?

- No, you already started.

You might as well go ahead and finish.

- Okay.

We're Face Up with Esther Taylor.

(upbeat music)

- Obviously I, you know,

try and spend a lot of time with my family,

but this is like my full-time job.

I'm not dying to have this be my full-time job

for the rest of my life, you know?

If I'm being honest, I really think

that poker will always be there,

maybe not full time, but it'll always be around

probably until I'm like a grandma

or something, I don't know.

And then I could probably get away with a lot more.

You're not as hot (beep) as you think you are.

The lines that you take with hands

needs to be more believable.

And also I think 2006 E-Tay

sometimes needs to talk to 2016 E-Tay,

like "E-Tay, you don't have to win

every single pot you play.

Patience, E-Tay."

So there's both, you know,

but I do know so much more now

which I've really just kind of learned

in the past two years

than I ever did back then

in 2006 through 2009, 10, whatever.

I look at people,

and I'm like, "That was me."

Like I wanna kinda just take 'em under my wing

and be like, "Just calm, you know, calm down."

- You go to for more

from Poker Night in America.

- No, no, no, do it the good, you can do it good.

Come on, do it the good way.

- Really, you think I can, you're gonna let me?

- Yeah, there we go.

- All right, here we go, let's try it.

For more from Poker Night in America,

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For Joe Stapleton, I'm Chris Hansen,

thanks for watching.

Man, that felt really good.

- You nailed it. - Thanks.

- [Announcer] Poker Night is brought to you by

Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

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