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If you don't want a morning kiss, You just don't need to get up together

Is that so?

I like clasping hands

-Clasp... -Uh.

-Like... this... -Why?

It's comfortable

I like this better than clasping hands

Like this

what kind of hand holding do you dislike?

Asking beforehand is disgusting

Shall we... hold hands?

No, not that

-Instead of that just holding hands naturally is much better, right? -Yes

For me, when my hands are sweaty

like when you're nervous or something your hands get sweaty

and she holds my hands. And she's okay with it

But I'm not

-Why? You don't like it or you're afraid she won't like it -I mean I hate it

and also the latter

I don't want that because I'm afraid she wouldn't like it

You're very considerate.

How do you want to be hugged?

I personally don't like a hug from the back

I think I do it only in one case

When we're riding the escalator, and she's in front of me

-Yeah, right x3 -Yep. That's the only time for me...

And on the escalator, it makes a good scene

Or when you're cooking. You know what I mean?

Oh, did you let a man in?

What gets on your nerves when you hug?

Does something get on your nerves? When hugging?

Usually when guys hug...

You know?

I almost said I know it

But then... is there any woman who doesn't notice that?

-No, that's not what I meant -What, they all know?

-I thought... -Sometimes you can feel it. Feel it

So you hug and the guy moves the waist or hip slightly to the back

So you hug and the guy moves the waist or hip slightly to the back

-Yes -What do you think about that?

But women would think like this, honestly

And that he's being sexually attracted to me

And we think it's cute


But then, it's not me but some guys wouldn't back up on purpose because of that

That's what my friends say

Not me

Right. So he's confident?

Sending out a message

Was that it? A message?

-Me, I'm... Yeah! -I'm?!

I think I would hate it if you start rubbing it

Like blatantly

Man, you're not my type

Did you just say that to me?

-What's the matter? -Ask your friends

-They said no -No, ask them. They could've shaken their body

To the sides or forward and back?

Oops... I didn't think about forward and back

Okay, let's move on to kissing.

And I like it when guys do it first

After that, the woman may go first.

-Oh~ -You'd want the guy to start it

After that?

I don't like this kind of kiss

Kisses that I don't like?

Ah... usually, after she's eaten something?

I think that's right though. When your mouth smells you don't want to kiss


What's wrong, Yeeun?

You didn't like it?

What? You liked it?

You liked it. No?

-Yep -Okay, let's do it one more time

-Like when you've eaten onions or garlic? -Yep.

If we ate together it's fine

Ah! Right after you've woken up!

Um... huh?

No, my friends said that


You slept together?


What do you think about when you kiss?

If I'm to elaborate on my feelings then... Oh, I almost went crazy

-Where? -Because it's the first time...

What, are you crazy?

I think everyone would be the same, thinking all kinds of stuff when you make an appointment to meet

We meet on this day, about this time

What if she just says she's going home today?

Where should the hands be?

When you're young you're... not used to it so you don't know where... to put your hands, no?

You wouldn't know that

I think I didn't know

And so did my friends

But I don't know about kids nowadays

Where would they put it...

Where would they put it?

Do women care about the position of men's hands when kissing?

They do

Oh... like how?

Rather, I think you couldn't focus on the kiss

I couldn't

because you don't know where the hands might go

Is that so?


I mean I completely focus on it

because if I didn't and your company wasn't satisfied

then you couldn't move on to the next step

What's that supposed to mean?

Not satisfied with the kiss?

No, never mind

I don't want a kiss like this.

For me I... want to go in a mood

but storming like this

I don't want that

But I think that would be the same for women

It's too much

And I hate morning kisses

That morning kiss

You just don't need to get up together

Is that so?

You keep waking up together

-And nope... -As long as it doesn't smell it's okay for me

-Right -Yep

So that's why I hate morning kisses

Who did it! Who!

Who was...

I think I know, it's you

Be careful of morning kisses

Have you ever felt that you two were compatible on kissing?

There was a girl I liked kissing with

Why was that?

-Everything... everything was perfect -Good balance?

-Everything... everything was perfect -Good balance?

-Everything... everything was perfect -Good balance?

I wonder how she's doing

Do give a call

Give me a call if you think it's you

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