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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The 13 Ghost of Scooby-Doo! - A Spooky Little Ghoul Like You

Difficulty: 0

VINCENT: This is a warning to all living mortals...

...that whosoever opens this chest of demons...

...will release 13 of the most terrifying ghosts...

...upon the face of the earth.

SCOOBY: Yikes!

-Let's get them, Bogel. -I'm with you, Weerd.


Only you can return the demons to the chest.


VINCENT: Because you let them out.








We thought you'd never get here.

Welcome to New Orleans.

This here's the Wart and Warlock Hotel.

And just wait till our new boss arrives.

She's gonna start some real trouble, right, Weerd?

Right, Bogel. And we're gonna help her.




All right.

-Hurray! -What an honor.

Mr. VanGhoul being selected Warlock of the Year.

Well, after all, Scrappy, he is the most powerful warlock in the world.

Ha, ha, that's my Vince. Oh, what a guy.

And now, a toast to my fellow warlocks.

May your lives be long and your mystic powers strong.

Warlocks for one. Warlocks for all.

Warlocks forever.

CROWD: Warlocks for one. Warlocks for all.

Warlocks forever.


Say, guys, that was a neat trick with the goblets.

Real magic stuff.

I'm kind of a magician myself. Would you like to see another trick?

To be perfectly frank, no.

Glad to meet you, Frank. Uh, I'll tell you what.

I'll make that plate of food disappear in front of your eyes.

Oh, yeah? How?

Uh, with the help of my assistant.

At your service.


Hey, that was my main course.

And now for your dessert.

No way. Mitt's off, kid.

But the show must go on.

Kids, I'd like you to meet one of my oldest warlock friends.

Victor Voodini.

-SHAGGY & DAPHNE: Hello. -The pleasure is all mine.

Yo! It's my dessert. Let go.

Well, if you insist.

Vincent, that speech of yours was right on target.

Voodini, my friend, you said a mouthful.

Ooh, ooh! Look, Weerd. Here comes our new boss now.





NEKARA: Table for three, away from the kitchen.

Sorry, we're all booked up tonight.

NEKARA: The name is Nekara.

Yes, ma'am. Right this way.

What did you do to that guy, Nekara?

NEKARA: I call it the trance of love. Observe.

It works on any warlock, but only on Friday the 13th.

Which is tonight.

Ooh! So that's why we're at the Wart and Warlock Club.

NEKARA: Yes, I have until midnight... drain all the magic from these simple-minded warlocks.

Well, well. Look who's here.

It's Vincent VanGhoul, the most powerful warlock on earth.

After I drain his powers, I shall be invincible.

We now return to The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.

It's about time Vincent VanGhoul

and I saw eye to eye.

Do it, Nekara. Put VanGhoul in your trance of love.


I love it, I love it.

Yo! Do this here kid and dog belong to youse?

Why? Do you want them?

No way. They's been disturbing us.

So if I was you...


I'd just hug these sweet little angels to pieces.

Like, what's with that guy?

Just another one of our fans, right, Scoob?

Right, Flim Flam, heh.

I must be going, Vincent, to rendezvous with a beautiful woman.

Why, Voodini, you sly dog.

Who's the lucky girl?



Yeah, she's quite a looker, eh, Vince? Want me to introduce you?

No. There's no time to explain.

But we've got to get out of here right away.

What's wrong with Mr. VanGhoul?

It's obvious, Scrappy.

Vince took one look at that foxy lady and poof.

It was love at first sight.

I don't know, Flim Flam. Something very weird is going on.

Good evening, all.

Aren't you friends of Vincent VanGhoul's?


Do you wear contact lenses to get that crazy effect?

It's amazing.


I take it you're not warlocks.

Right. Like, you must be a mind reader.

-Uh, come on. Read my mind. -[SCOFFS]

-That's like reading a blank page. -Huh?

I was so hoping to catch up with Vincent.

You see, he and I used to date.

You and Vinnie were sweethearts?

[WHISPERS] What did I tell you?

I would so like to stay in touch with Vincent.


-NEKARA: Do you know where he is? -Uh, no.

-He's in Room 1313. -Flim Flam!

NEKARA: Thanks. You don't know what you've done for me.

Why did you tell her Vincent's room number?

It's obvious. She and Vince are crazy about each other.

But Vince, he's just too shy to admit it.

That's why he ran away.

Trust me. It's a match made in heaven.

Or the other place. Did you see what she did to the flower?

Yeah. I think we should check her out.

I think we should just check out.



I'm going to pay a little visit on VanGhoul.

Keep those pesky kids out of my hair.

They're in your hair?

Then you should try a dandruff shampoo.

Just keep them away from me.

Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

Very good, sir. Goodbye, sir.

All right. Be on the lookout for anything strange.

Quick, Bogel. Get in.


SHAGGY: Like, that definitely qualifies as something strange.

Very strange.



Puppy power.

Nekara, you look ravishing.

Take a closer look, my dear.


-Mush. -No, Scoob, look.


Nekara. What have you done to me?

I've drained you of all your powers, Voodini.


And before midnight tonight...

...I'll consume the magic of every warlock here.

Now, leave me.

I must visit Vincent VanGhoul.


Oh, no.

Like, that's one date Vince should skip.

Quick, Scoob. We'd better warn everyone.

Nothing strange up here.

Uncle Scooby, Shaggy, did you find anything?



I love charades. Is it a movie?


A love story. Romeo and Juliet.


Uh, a wicked witch? The Wizard of Oz?

-VINCENT: Who is it? -[IN SCOOBY'S VOICE] Scooby-Doo.

Come in, Scooby. I was afraid it might be someone else.

[IN NORMAL VOICE] Like who, Vinnie?


Nekara. I thought I'd seen the last of you.

You haven't seen anything yet.

I get it, I get it.

Nekara kissed Mr. Voodini in the elevator...

...and drained all his warlock powers and now she's on her way... Vincent's room.

-That's it. -That's it.

Oh, my gosh.

We've got to save Vince.

NEKARA: Look at me, Vinnie. Look at me.

Nekara, you'll never steal my powers.


Now, Vinnie. You should never say never.



ALL: Oh, no.

DAPHNE: We're too late.

It's getting crowded in here, Vinnie.

I'll meet you later tonight to, uh, finish what we started.

My beloved, don't leave me.

Vincent, come back. It's a trap.

Nekara. Where are you?

Mr. VanGhoul's in big trouble.

Now, calm down, everyone.

We've got to stop Nekara from kissing Vincent and stealing his powers.

That means it's time for plan 9.

-Plan 9? -Plan 9.

Date Wreckers Incorporated.



Oh, Vinnie, doesn't that music just make you want to kiss me?

Not really.

I just love carriage rides, don't you?

Like I always say, two's company and three's a crowd...

...but four is just right.

No, no, no.

Drivers, get us out of here. And step on it.

Like, some people just don't appreciate fine music.

They're getting away.

Hey, where are you going, guys?

Where we won't be bothered.

Now, Vinnie, it's getting late.

How about a little smooch?

Not yet, Nekara.

First, I have something important to ask you.


Go right ahead.

Stroke, stroke, stroke.

DAPHNE: We're gaining on them, guys.

What's your answer, my beloved?

My answer is yes, Vinnie. Yes.

Now, let's seal it with a kiss.

Evening, folks. Hope I'm not interrupting, but let me ask you.

What moonlight cruise would be complete...

...without the official Flim Flam Lovebird Excursion Tour?

Half price, tonight only. And you're in luck.

The tour is just beginning.

Come right on board, folks. Watch your step now.

That's right. Don't push.

Plenty of room for everyone.

Uh, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me.

Oh, hello there.

FLIM FLAM: To my left is the jewel of Louisiana, New Orleans.


[IN UNISON] Ooh! Aah!

Enough of this.

Bogel, Weerd. Take care of them.

No, you idiots. We'll capsize.


My rubber ducky.


Fast thinking, Scoob.

You blundering fools.

I'll report you to the Ghoulish Review Board for this.

No, Nekara. Anything but that.

Give us another chance. Please.

Your last chance.

And no slip-ups.

By midnight tonight, VanGhoul will kiss me...

...and his powers will be mine.

Phew! It's all over. Mr. VanGhoul is finally safe.

What a relief.

Sorry about setting you up with her, Vince.

We'll have you out of that trance in no time.

Then we'll lock Nekara away.

Like, personally, I don't ever wanna hear the name Nekara again.

-After tonight, you won't. -ALL: Good.

Because tonight, Miss Nekara is changing her name to...

...Mrs. Vincent VanGhoul.

ALL: No!

Yes, and you're all invited to our wedding.


VINCENT: Let me out of here.

Somebody, anybody. Let me out.

We can't, Vince. We've gotta keep you locked up

so that Nekara can't sink her claws into you.

Nekara. My beloved. Where are you?


WEERD: Ooh! This place will be perfect for the ceremony, Nekara.

And my old cemetery's right next door.

I've got some friends we can invite to the wedding.

Now all I need is the groom.

If I don't kiss VanGhoul before midnight tonight...

...I lose the chance to drain his power.

You have nothing to worry about, Nekara.

Yeah, we'll take care of everything.

If you don't, I'll take care of you.

This is Trench Coat calling Chewing Gum.

Trench Coat calling Chewing Gum. Do you copy?

Loud and clear, Trench Coat. Any action?

-SCRAPPY: Negative. -Stay alert.

If Nekara tries to get near Vincent again, grab her.

Roger. Over and out.

Chewing Gum calling Soda Pop and Milkshake, over.

Soda Pop and Milkshake, do you read me?

Read you like a book, Daphne.

DAPHNE: Any signs of witches, phantoms or ghostly apparitions?

Nothing but a couple of harmless gargoyles. Uh, let me check the street.

Here, Scoob.

-Everything looks hunky dory. -Hunky dory?



I knew I should have put those two on elevator duty.

[SIGHS] Not a bad view from up here, eh, Scoob?

Ooh! Let's scare their lights out, Mr. Bogel.

Delighted, Mr. Weerd.


You know, Scoob, this lookout job is a piece of cake.



Devil's food cake.

Quick, where's the Milkshake walkie-talkie, Scoob?


Daphne, help.



This is Trench Coat.

I've just been splattered by Soda Pop and Milkshake, over.


Nekara, my sweet Nekara.

Where are you?

You gotta get over this, Vince.

Come on, forget about Nekara.

She's got you under her spell.



-Who is it? -WEERD [IN HIGH VOICE]: Maid service.

We've come to clean up.

Uh, just a sec.

We'll start with your dirty laundry.

Gracious me. These sheets are filthy.

[IN HIGH VOICE] Not to mention the bed.

No starch, of course.

Hey, where you going with that stuff?


We're just taking it down to the laundry room.

Then why not use the laundry chute?

[IN NORMAL VOICE] Chute, we forgot.


WEERD: Yikes!


So much for the dirty laundry.

SCRAPPY: Is Mr. V. all right?

Hey, no problem.

You're fine, right, Vince?

I must prepare for my wedding.

A little zombied-out maybe, but fine.

You worthless, incompetent, foolish, blithering nincompoops.

We tried, Nekara, honest.

But that kid wouldn't let us near VanGhoul.


What are you gonna do to us?

I'm going to use my kiss to drain your powers.

No. If I do that, I might catch a germ

and become as stupid as you are.


Time is running out.

My kiss will lose its force at midnight.

[GASPS] Are you gonna postpone the wedding?

No. I'm going to call in your replacements.

[CHANTING] Spirits, rise, the moon is full.

Bring to me Vincent VanGhoul!



I must find my true love, Nekara.


GHOSTS: We have come to take you to your bride to be...

...Nekara, the enchantress.

Oh, my gosh.

DAPHNE: Don't lose sight of him.

Uh-oh! Shaggy, look.

SHAGGY: Zoinks! We'll never catch up with Vincent now.

Look, Weerd. It's VanGhoul.

And in the nick of time, Bogel.


Where is my bride?


DAPHNE: We just have to find that wedding.

Before Vincent VanGhoul becomes Vincent Van Fool.

[IN UNISON] Zoinks!

I've been looking all over for you.

SHAGGY: Mr. Voodini. You look awful.

Yeah, awful.

What do you expect? I lost all my warlock powers.

But we can't let the same thing happen to Vincent.

Of course not.

The power of Nekara's kiss will end at midnight.

You must delay the wedding till then.

But where is the wedding?

About a mile from here, at the old town cemetery.


Where else?

NEKARA: It's almost midnight.

Get this ceremony over with.

Dearly departed, we are gathered here tonight... bring together this warlock

and this enchantress for eternity.

We've gotta stall them, guys.

It's time for Operation Triplets.

GRIM REAPER: If anyone present feels these two...

...should not be joined in wedlock...

...spook now or forever hold your peace.

DAPHNE: Stop the wedding.

That man is my husband.

Who is this?

What proof do you have of such a claim?

I'll give you proof.

Come out, children.

SCRAPPY & SHAGGY: Dada, dada.

-Dada. -I love you, Dada.

Why, these brats don't look a thing like my Vinnie.

No, but number four does.

Hiya, Pops.


-Son? -This is absurd.

Uh, would you believe I'm adopted?


[IN UNISON] Yikes!


Oh, no.

It's midnight. There's no time for the ceremony.

Just kiss me, you fool.


-No. -It's after midnight.

Nekara's kiss has lost its power.


You lose, Nekara.

Vincent's power is too much for her.

He's overturning the spell.

Hey, what do you expect? Vince is Warlock of the Year.


Nekara, your fate is sealed with a kiss.




I'll get even with you someday, Vincent VanGhoul.

There goes the boss, Weerd.

I think the party's over, Bogel.


I guess I don't know my own strength.


You beat her, Mr. VanGhoul.

Ha, ha, that's my Vince. What a guy. What a guy.

My hero.

SHAGGY: Like, let's hear it for the world's most powerful warlock...

...Vincent VanGhoul.


Warlocks for one. Warlocks for all.

Warlocks forever. Yay!

You know, Bogel, we gotta get into another line of work.

Yeah, you're right, Weerd. This ghost stuff is killing us.


SCOOBY: Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

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