Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【小胖在西北】黄瓜和鸡蛋不要炒着吃,试试这新做法,营养美味,好吃的停不下

Difficulty: 0

Cut off both sides of the cucumber first

Cut the cucumber into small cubes

Add the chopped cucumber to the soybean milk machine

Add water to soybean milk machine

Just drown the cucumber

Choose a sword of fire

Put it in here

Add a little flour

Add one half teaspoon of salt to the flour

Practice what drink three eggs

Add less salt to the eggs

The elder sister

You need less gas in your car

You're ready to tuck in

Pour the egg over the post

Recently, he started making a lot of his coach's own chili oil

Garlic chilli is half the way to know not to put chilli

I know I should change to a baozi

What did you get up to


If so, what

I'll eat a lot of you


You two think my wife is from home



Let me think about the square garden first

The Description of 【小胖在西北】黄瓜和鸡蛋不要炒着吃,试试这新做法,营养美味,好吃的停不下