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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cooking Tips : How to Debone a Whole Chicken

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To debone a chicken, first start off with a whole chicken. We're going to place our

chicken on the cutting board breast side up. The first step we're going to do is we're

going to take our chef's knife, and you want to make sure that have a very heavy knife

that's nice and sharp because we will be cutting through some bones. First, find where the

joint is on the wing. Here we're going to cut off right at this joint with your chef's

knife. And don't throw these away. These are great pieces to make stock out of. Now that

the wing tips are cut off we're going to go ahead and cut off the legs. Take your chef's

knife and run it down the side of the leg so you're exposing the chicken leg. Once you

cut through the skin we're going to break it back and you'll hear a pop. And here we

can see where the joint is. We're going to cut right where that joint is and watch your

fingers that are underneath. And this should come right off. Once your legs are removed

from the chicken go ahead and flip your chicken around so that your wings are now facing you.

Next, find your breast bone. It should run down the center of the chicken. We're going

to take our knife and we're going to cut along side the breast bone. Be very careful that

you don't cut yourself. Just make short little cuts until you reach the edge of the breast

bone. Once you've cut the breast away from its breast bone here, now you're going to

come underneath and you're going to cut along the length of the breast here. Keep in mind

that the carcass is rounded so you'll have to kind of feel it out with your knife. Now

we're going to take our knife and we're going to keep going down the carcass and cut off

the rest of the chicken breast. Take your knife and run it down the side of the breast

bone on the chicken. With your knife, follow the carcass of the chicken to cut off the

chicken breast. Now that the chicken breasts are removed set those aside. We're now going

to turn our chicken carcass over to the side and we're going to remove the wings. From

here take your wings and pop back the joints like we did on the leg bones. That's where

you're going to run your knife through the wing. Again, make sure that you have a sharp

knife because there are a lot of bones and there are a lot of tendons in this area. Make

sure you save your carcass and your wing tips for stock. And that is how you debone a chicken.

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