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Is it unethical? Most systems of ethics and morality would say so, but a market

doesn't care. You got the money, you get it. You don't

have the money, you don't get it. Because whatever the benefits of education,

they're not strong enough to overcome the divisions that capitalism creates

between people. And the reasons they give for not having children, the biggest one

is the unaffordability of child care. The average cost of child care is eleven

thousand six hundred and sixty six dollars a year. In big cities like Boston,

New York, San Francisco, it's up to twenty thousand. Actually the median real wage

in the United States is $31,000 and something. If you take more than ten

thousand dollars off of that, what do you have to live on for the whole rest of

your life? You have to have some financial and emotional security.

Americans have none anymore.

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