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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Return of Coran's Son

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From days of long ago,

from uncharted regions of the universe,

comes a legend.

The legend of Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy.

On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed.

Together with the good planets of the solar system,

they maintained peace throughout the universe,

until a new, horrible menace threatened the galaxy.

Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story of the super force of space explorers,

specially trained, and sent by the alliance

to bring back,

Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

>> Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

>> Boy am I tired, and hungry.

>> You're hungry? I'm going to eat my helmet if we don't have dinner soon.

Want to race home? >> Sure, Hunk, but I'm faster.

>> I'll leave you both in the dust.

>> I'm in too. Last one to get back, is a rotten asteroid.

>> Boys, I'm going to hate to show you up.

Let's go!

>> Hmm.

>> There's something wrong. The gyro's off balance.

It looks like it's coming from the rear sector, the spyra-joint.

It's burning up.

This is Blue Lion, I'm in trouble, emergency.

I'm going down.

>> This race isn't over yet, Lance.

>> We'll see about that, old buddy.

>> I'm the first one.

>> I'm second. >> Enough of that.

Where's the princess?

>> Huh? >> She was right behind us!

>> We got an emergency call, but then we lost her!

>> I'm so upset I can't stand it!

What if something's happened to her?

>> She went down near Cryo,

the third moon of Planet Shamara.

Wait, there it is!

The Blue Lion!

>> Coran! Is she all right?

>> It doesn't look good.

>> Look. There's someone down there carrying her.

Is he helping her or kidnapping her?

>> If he hurts her, I swear...

>> It looks like he's helping her.

>> Mm, mm, oh, who are you? Get back.

>> I was afraid he'd try to hurt her,

but I've been watching him on the monitor,

and he seems real nice.

>> I dunno, it seems kind of fishy to me.

>> Princess, are you all right?

We've been so worried! >> Princess, what happened?

>> A mechanical failure, I'm okay.

I'm so glad. Oh, poor baby.

I haven't been so worried since you were just a little girl.

Remember when you spilled that pudding?

>> Oh, Nanny.

>> Here, I will take my leave now.

>> Wait, you saved the princess.

>> Yes, I'm sorry I was afraid.

You were very kind.

>> I require neither apologies nor thanks.

I only did what anyone would have done.

>> At least tell us your name.

>> I am Garrett. My family was from Arus

but they escaped when Zarkon invaded.

>> Hunk, I don't trust him. >> Hey, look!

>> Uh-huh, that was close. I guess I made a lucky landing.

>> Lucky? >> That was more than luck.

>> Hunk is right, you're a very special young man.

I'd like you to come and be our guest at the castle.

>> Mm, delicious.

>> Mm, I'm ready for seconds.

>> Don't gulp your food.

>> Nanny, your cooking just get's better and better.

>> There's something about him.

>> I think we should always have dessert first.

>> Garret, who are your parents?

>> I never really knew my father.

He worked right here in this castle.

But when Zarkon attacked, he sent me and my mother away to safety.

Of course, I don't remember, but it must have been awful.

My mother told me about it many times when I was growing up.

She said Zarkon destroyed everything.

She got me out of the castle just as it went up in flames.

We never saw my father again.

We escaped to Cryo where we hid in the mountains.

Eventually, Zarkon found us.

He took everyone away as slaves.

>> But not you?

>> I was lucky. I managed to get away.

>> Did your mother also escape?

>> Mm-mm.

>> He's the same age as my son would have been.

When Zarkon attacked, I was a young father.

Lida, Lida!

>> Oh, Coran. >> Lida, you must get away.

Honor demands that I stay at the castle but you can still escape.

>> No, I'll never leave without you.

>> Lida, you must.

For the sake of our child.

I'll never forget you, Lida.

>> Madam, please, they're coming.

>> You must go with them now. Wait.

Give him this.

When he grows up, tell him it belonged

to his father, and his father before that.

It seems like only yesterday.

>> Coran, how come you're so quiet?

>> I was just remembering, that's all.

My wife and child.

I've lived with their memory for so many years.

But to think, to imagine that they could still be safe.

No, it's too much to hope for.

>> Wow, Garrett, you haven't missed one yet.

Now I know why Coran wanted to train you to help defend the castle.

If I didn't know better, I'd think you'd done this before.

>> That scar on his arm, my son had one in the same place.

When Lida was escaping, the roof caved in.

One of the bricks hit the baby.

Right on the arm.

No, it must be a coincidence.

>> Oh, hello Coran, did you want something?

>> No, it's nothing. >> Good news, the Blue Lion's

fixed and we're ready to train ya.

You know how the controls work,

but that baby's got a lot of power.

You sure you want to go through with this?

>> I'm sure.

This is really exciting.

I never imagined that I'd get a chance to pilot the Blue Lion.

Let's go.

>> So far so good. Now take her up to 25,000.

>> Gotcha.

>> All right, ready for free fall!

>> Here goes! >> Okay, level out, and fire!

You all right? >> Fine!

>> Okay, now the next maneuver

is a power dive straight toward target.

You'll need to do a full flip to slow yourself down. Ready?

>> Just call out my altitude levels and I'm sure I'll be okay.

I'm in position, here I go!

>> All right, Garrett, you're at 10, 9, 8, 7,

6, 5, 4, 3, better flip.

2, 1. On target.

>> Gee, I guess I did pretty bad.

>> You were stupendous.

>> Look at his pendant. >> Oh.

It's the one I gave my son when he was a baby.

>> Where did you get that? >> My father left it for me.

>> I'm your father, Garrett.

I suspected you were my son, but I was afraid to believe it!

Now I know it's true! >> He's Coran's son!

>> Coran's son? >> What did you say, Pidge?

>> His son? >> But how does he know?

>> I know because of the pendant

which has been passed down for generations in our family.

I also recognize the scar on his arm.

>> Look.

>> He does have a scar.

>> This is a great day.

I have dreamed for so many years

that I might find you, my own flesh and blood, my son.

>> And I, I too have dared to dream

that someday I might find my father.

>> It's wonderful. >> Yes, it is.

>> I think I'm going to cry.

>> Me too, I can't help it, I'm all choked up.

>> I've never seen him so happy.

Have you?

>> No, Keith, not for many years.

>> Look at them standing there.

Oh, they're perfect, father and son.

>> I want to take this time to remember our beloved King Alfor.

He would have been happy on this day.

>> I feel him!

>> Yes. King Alfor's spirit is watching over us.

>> He watches over all of Planet Arus,

and I'm sure, Garrett, he'd want you to protect it.

>> I'll do it. I'll dedicate my life to defending Planet Arus.

>> Spoken like a true son.

>> Father.

>> With you and I working together

and Voltron on our side,

surely will find a way to stop Zarkon.

>> What a touching scene, father and son reunited.

>> What are you laughing about, you old witch?

Now they have a new ally they can use to fight us.

>> No, Father, we have a new ally.

>> Yes, we're the one's who sent Garrett to Arus.

>> Who is he?

He's one of our clones,

I've discovered some interesting facts about Coran.

>> Long ago, he had a son.

>> I found out about the scar he had on his arm, and the pendant.

>> So we sent an impostor to fool them.

>> That's very clever, my son, extremely clever.

>> But first we must get Coran out of the way.

That's why I've given Garrett a special magic ring.

>> With Garrett inside the castle, Voltron will be ours!

>> Don't hold back, Garrett,

I know you're going easy because I'm your father.

>> I'm not, I'm trying my best.

>> You can't fool me.

Now let's try it again. >> Okay.

>> Let's go.

I feel so strange all of a sudden.

I don't know what it is, but I can't breath, my head.

>> Help, somebody come quick!

Something's happened to Coran, hurry.

>> Stargate Sentry to Castle Control,

enemy ships approaching from sector A1400.

>> We better call Coran.

>> Keith, something happened to Coran.

He got real sick.

>> Nanny, is Coran there? What's happening?

>> It's the emotional strain of finding his son.

He's too ill to help.

>> I think there's something strange going on here.

>> Me too, Coran never got sick before.

>> Well, we got an emergency alert. What do we do?

>> We have to have someone at Castle Control to guide us.

>> Right, Princess.

Maybe Garrett can do it. >> Me?

>> Why not, you know all the controls now, don't you?

>> Yea. >> And we know we can

trust you, cuz your Coran's son.

Will you help us out?

>> I'd be honored!

>> All right, team! We're on the move!

>> This is Castle Control to the Voltron Force!

I'm tracking you from M-86.

You're on an X-Y axis headed straight into deep space.

Just keep following my instructions.

>> He's just leading them on a wild goose chase.

>> Shift directions, the enemy fleet is moving away from you.

Now make a sharp turn towards section Z.

>> Whatever you say, Garrett.

>> They're completely in my control!

>> There's one of Zarkon's ships,

Garrett led us right to it!

>> Yeah, he's doing a great job! Now, let's blast it.

>> We got it!

>> Hold on! That ship was no fighter, it was a decoy!

>> Garrett, we only found a decoy!

You said there was a fleet! >> You lost 'em!

>> But we followed your instructions!

>> Not fast enough! Now turn toward Sector J!

>> There's one of Zarkon's ships!

>> Look out!

>> I'll circle around behind 'em!

Garrett, we found one robot ship, but there's still no fleet.

>> They're out there. I can see 'em right here on my scanner.

They're at Q411.

>> All right, we're going after 'em.

>> It's perfect.

Now that they're occupied, I'll call Planet Bora.

Code ten, code ten, landing request.

Request permission to land on Planet Bora.

>> Sorry, no ships are allowed to land here.

We're guarding the Alliances weapon, the Pulsar Cannon.

>> It's not a ship we want to land,

requesting permission for Voltron.

>> That's different. Permission granted, come on down.

>> Look at that!

That's not Voltron!

Huh, it's them! Zarkon's fleet.

>> We've been tricked.

They're firing at the pulsar cannon!

Return fire!

>> They're trying to steal the cannon!

>> Oh no, they're taking it away!

>> Once we've mounted that cannon on Planet Arus,

we'll be able to blast Voltron out of the sky.

And I'm going to need some help to get him within range.

Captain, release the giant robeast.

This will take care of Voltron.

>> There's no enemy starships out here at all.

>> Garrett must have got mixed up!

>> I'm picking something up, and it looks like they knew we were coming.

>> There it is!

>> I wonder what's inside, but I'm afraid to ask.

>> A robeast!

>> All right, team, let's form Voltron!

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

>> Now form the head!

Form electro-sabre!

>> Look out!

>> We've been hit, >> Why didn't Garret warn us?

>> I can't get him on the transmitter.

>> We can't wait for him, we gotta try a power play.

Start four lion attack. >> Four lion attack.

>> It blocked us.

>> Lion heads, return.

>> Something is wrong.

Form Blazing Sword!

>> It's got us, we're stuck!

>> We should never have listened to Garrett!

>> The pulsar cannon, set on top of the highest mountain on Arus.

>> Sir, it's Zarkon's fleet.

They brought the pulsar cannon.

What should we do? >> Do?

What makes you think we should do anything?

>> Sir, we must! The planet is in trouble.

It's you, my robotic friends, who are in trouble.


I declare myself supreme commander of Arus

in the name of King Zarkon.

>> The pulsar cannon is now in place.

All I have to do is lure Voltron

to the right position, and he'll be mine.

>> All right. Get ready, team.

Fire electroblasters!

>> Castle Control!

This is Castle Control,

what seems to be the problem?

>> We need help.

>> Okay, Keith, I'll help you out.

How about a little energy boost?

Say about 12 megatons from a pulsar cannon.

If you look below, you'll see it there on your right.

It's aiming right for you.

>> You were all so trusting,

it would have warmed my heart if I had one.

>> Garrett, open up Garrett, it's your father.

>> Father. My father was a clone synthesizer, you fool.

>> No, you're my son, I know you are.

I waited for you for so many years.

It must be you.

Don't shut me out.

>> Garrett, he was setting us up all along.

He's got us caught in front of the cannon.

>> Why not surrender gracefully?

We only want to improve Arus.

We're planning to bring a new race here.

A superior race.

That's right, we're bringing ten million clones,

all of them exactly like me.

>> What, how?

>> Oh, ho.

>> It was so wonderful to have a son!

Yes, just like a dream!

Look, now my dream has become a nightmare, oh ho.

>> Prepare to fire pulsar cannon.

Voltron is in our sites, ready, and fire.

>> We're out of control.

>> Look out, it's behind us!

>> Our circuits are damaged, we can't lift off!

>> Look at those razor claws.

>> We've got to do something!

Arus is depending on us.

>> I'm trying, Princess, but nothing seems to work.

>> It's coming, we gotta stop it.

>> Will the Voltron Force be defeated by the terrible robeast,

or will they find a way to save Arus from Garrett,

the evil clone from Planet Doom?

Don't miss the next exciting episode of

Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

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