Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bird Box Review (2018 Netflix Movie)

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Im an idiot that reviews movies and today Ill be reviewing, Bird Box:

In this movie, there are scary things and if you look at them, you kill yourself:

The film features academy award winning actress Sandra Bullock, whose never been in a bad scene:

Subtle character actor Machine Gun Kelly:


The writing is okay, with some cheesy moments I dont like and some alright moments that

I do: The characters are also pretty generic and

Im only ever gonna remember one of them: But I am VERY impressed that the monsters

are never shown directly and the string of tense sequences kept me entertained throughout

the movie.

Another thing I like is that crazy hooligans arent affected by the monsters so people

are even more suspicious of each other than usual:

The movie also has some pretty cool shots.

If I had to rate this Id give it 70 Sarah Paulson dance moves out of 100 Cyrus the virus


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