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Hi, my name is Sarah McNary and Ill be your instructor for this online class. I wanted

to take a few minutes and use this screencast to tell you a little bit about myself and

my background. I began teaching 25 years ago in a sheltered

English classroom where my students spoke nine different languagesand none of them

English. Back then we used a district mandated program to guide students through a series

of English Acquisition unitstimes certainly have changed and we know so much more now

about effective instructional practice that supports all kinds of student learning.

My last assignment was at La Costa Canyon High School where I taught an alternative

education program using computers as the primary mode of instruction. I have credentials in

English, Special Education, Home Economics and Multiple Subjects.

I worked with student teachers as an onsite supervisor for a Cal State San Marcos and

with new teachers as a support provider for 8 years.

I was honored to be chosen District Teacher of the Year in 2009.

Im also an authorIve written three educational research books for Corwin Press.

On a more personal level, Im a wife. Thats my husband and myself with one of the helicopters

my husband flies. Im a mom. This is my son Alex who is in

law enforcement. And Im a grandma - this is my daughter

Erica with her husband, Brandon, and their new baby Olivia.

In my spare time, I like to quilt; I like to play tennis; and I like to paddleboard.

But my favorite pastime is playing in our garage bandwere not very good but

we have a great time! Ive been teaching online for many years

now. I started as faculty with the University of Phoenix and these days I teach for the

San Diego County Office of Education as well as for the Allenwood Company in New York.

I love teaching online because of the opportunity it gives me to interact with each participant

in my classes on a personal level. The flexibility endemic in online instruction fits so well

for most busy professionals, I think you will enjoy this class as well. So lets get started!

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