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I knew I had a problem I knew I was a candidate for possibly for diabetes

My weight had gotten out of control and I loved to eat so it was a

little hard for me to do it on my own

I didn't want to be a burden to my family as I got older

And I did not want to lose years off of my life by being overweight

I really needed to change my health and so I signed up

I went to the website

I did the very very short online survey

It was super easy doing Solera through my workplace

When I spoke with Solera they gave me a few different options for my lifestyle program

There's not just one program there's many different programs

Whatever your background is there's a program for you

It's really good to have different options that work for your life

They sent me a free Fitbit and it wasn't a big huge step they were small steps one after another

It's a journey it's not a diet it's a journey

The program that I picked is sort of a unique combination of both both online and in person

so I did have a real-life person that was always available at the other end of the phone

Every day I wake up and I say I can do this again that's a hundred and two pounds of every day's

It's just changing those little things eating more of the right foods

It didn't cost me anything I haven't given anything except losing the weight

I'm no longer at risk for diabetes

I'm pretty much living a brand new life

And all those things put together make a difference 84 pounds and counting

Or call 877-486-0141

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