Practice English Speaking&Listening with: عالم سارة

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I am now in Zamalek after the NDP building was set on fire, there is a curfew, no one is in the streets just these two, me my brother

everything is closed, not one human being

I can't believe what happened today, I feel like I'm in a dream

[Mubarak speech in the background] 'I will never accept it, to listen to foreign dictations'

'wherever the source'

'I will not run for President in the next elections, having been satisfied with what I gave the country in time and effort'

'more than 60 years' quite enough

it's raining now, oh, thunder!

the sun is coming again

smile, smile and the picture will turn out nice

-and what is this called -this is called 'the rocket'

- we never fire at anyone - i know

they're firing at us!

statement number one after the operation

show me, are my eyes red [from the tear gas]?

what? 60 kg? this machine is a liar, man

you were filming blood coming out of my head last night right?

not excited

I am now in the jungle

me and my lovely mom are entering tahrir square now on the 9th of September

Egypt and Libya are one hand

if I just say anything they'll call me an idiot

'in these protests'[Mubarak voice]

'Walla Eih" huh? huh?


'ok dont push me'

write it yourself

I thought I lost the camera

should I speak now?

here, there is a sugar cane squeezing machine

you're recording me over skype

I am speaking in the microphone

feelings are spreading

everything is about self expression

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