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Hi LOL Surprise doll collectors, Welcome to SurprisingDolls channel.

Today Ill show you my LOL Surprise OMG custom doll I made for Halloween.

Shes the big sister of Witchay Babay. Some time ago I created an artwork

of Withcay Babays big sister. Here it is. And this is she wearing her hat.

I tried to recreate my artwork as a real doll. However, I made a few modifications.

Write in comments if you can notice the differences when you see the doll.

Little sister Witchay Babay can't wait to see her big sis.

Lets start by checking out the shoes and accessories I made for the doll.

This box contains her shoes. This is how they look.

They are black with gold soles and a gold star on one of them and the moon on the other.

Lets see whats inside the accessory box. A pair of black stockings with gold stars.

This is a black choker with the gold stars and the moon.

And the dolls earrings, they are gold with the moon.

And as usually before we see the doll let me show you how I made everything.

I painted the head of Lady Diva half white

And half purple.

This is the hair Ill use to re-root her.

Now she has her white hair.

And here shes fully rooted.

Then I sorted her hair parting. Its a bit on the side.

Time to boil wash the hair to lay down. I put her head in hot water for a few seconds.

This is how she looks after boil wash.

Lets leave her dry. In the meantime Ill start making her dress.

I made the dress pattern by outlining the waist and the hips of the doll on paper.

I transferred the pattern to the fabric and cut out 3 pieces,

one whole for the front, and two halves for the back to insert a fastener between them.

Also, I made one detail of the same shape for the orange inner layer. I need orange striped fabric,

so Im going to paint black stripes on it. I use black acrylic paint. It spreads on fabric a

bit unevenly, but I dont think its a problem Im making a witch after all she shouldnt be perfect.

Here are the assembled dress and the painted inner skirt.

This is how the dress looks with the striped orange skirt inside.

I decided to make long sleeves instead of gloves.

I wrapped a piece of black fabric around the doll's arm to measure the size of the sleeve,

the I cut accordingly and sewed two long black sleeves.

I decorated the top of the sleeves with gold tape.

And I used tiny gold moons and stars to decorate the sleeves.

Also, I made her stocking. I wrapped the mesh fabric around the doll's leg and marked the shape

of her leg with needles. Then I cut and sewed the stocking, and repeated with the second one.

Lets do the face-up. I erase her pink lips.

Also, I try to erase her pink eyeshadow as much as possible.

Then I paint her eyes purple.

I paint her lips black. And draw black eyebrows.

I make black eyeshadow, but try to keep the paint transparent to be able to see the eyelashes.

And then I paint lighter eyeshadow on her lower eyelids.

I decorated her eyeshadow with a star on one side and the moon on the other side.

Also, I painted her nails black and gold.

Let me work on her hairstyle. According to my artwork, the white part of the dolls hair is

styled as twisted braids. So I made twisted braids.

Then I made the accessories. I made the chocker using a

stripe of black faux leather that I decorated with gold stars and the moon in the middle.

And the earrings. These are the elements I used. For her shoes, I took uptown girls shoes and

painted them black. I painted the soles and the heels gold. And decorated one of them with a star

and the other with the moon. So lets see the doll.

Now shes like Rapunzel. And I need to can her hair. Let me do it right now.

Her hair is finished.

Lets dress her and put on the accessories.

The top part of her dress needs to be decorated with gold tape too.

I cut a piece of the gold tape,

and shape it to look like the dress top, Then I glue it to the dress.

Lets continue with the accessories.

To become a real witch she needs a hat. Lets make it together.

I take black glitter foam paper. And cut a circle.

Then I need to make a hole for the head. I draw this pattern

and cut leaving the small areas for attaching the second part of the hat.

Then I make the top of the hat. It can be glued to make a cone. But I sewed it.

Now well need hot glue to attach the two parts of the hat.

It will look prettier if connected like this hiding the cut elements inside. But in my case,

the hat seems a bit small, so Ill connect like this and will hide everything under a gold tape.

I use a hot glue gun to attach everything.

Now Ill do something Ive never done before. I heard

that foam paper can be easily shaped when warmed.

So Ill use a hairdryer and will try to shape the top of the hat to look like it has folds.

I think I like the result.

And now Ill make a veil for the doll. I take a piece of black mesh fabric with gold stars

and cut a hole in the middle. Itll go on top of her hat.

It looks very beautiful.

Im super satisfied with this doll. And Im so happy I have this beauty in my collection now.

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