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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 72 Common English Dialogs for Daily Life

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unit one greeting dialogue

what do you do hello Mary hi John how's

it going pretty good how about you busy

I've been working a lot these days what

do you do I'm a nurse that's interesting

where do you work I work at the city

hospital do you like your job I love it

what do you do not much these days I'm

looking for a job what kind of job are

you looking for

I'd like to work as a computer


well good luck


what are you doing

dialogue I Nancy what are you doing

I'm sending an email to a friend

you use email often everyday how about


me too I also surf the net for news and


the Internet is great isn't it

it sure is hey Nancy would you do me a


want to check my email too

no problem I'll be finished in about

five minutes


where are you from dialog

hello I'm Mike Quinlan

nice to meet you Mike my name is Sally


the pleasure

where are you from

I'm from Atlanta Georgia how about you

I'm from Vancouver Canada

doing in the United States I'm traveling

on business

what should I say dialogue

little nervous about meeting Cynthia


who is Cynthia she is my blind date

oh I can see why you might be nervous

yeah I want to make a good first


any advice just be yourself and try to

be polite but how should I start the

conversation what should I say

ask her about her job and her interests

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 hi I'm Wendy I'll

be your waitress today can I get you

something to drink yes three coffees



yeah my friends should be here any


okay I see three coffees then anything

to eat

nothing to eat just the coffees please

okay three coffees coming up milk and


I'm not sure could you bring some on the

side sure thing

thank you

dialogue to

hello speedy deliveries this is Jason


hi this is Margaret from context I have

a question how long would it take to

ship a large box to Singapore

our Asian connections have just been


now shipments to Singapore only take

three weeks great and how much would

that cost let's see that would be $120

per a hundred pounds not bad so if the

shipment leaves today it will arrive in

three weeks that's right


Unit two family do you have any brothers

or sisters dialog so where are you from

I was born in California but I live in


and I asked you about your family sure

why not

okay do you have any brothers or sisters

yeah I have an older brother and a

younger sister how old are they

my brother's 33 and my sister's 12 I see

and which year were you born

in 1991 how about you

I was born in 1991 to

do you have any brothers or sisters

nope I'm an only child when is your

birthday March 31st when's yours June

11th you're three months older than me


how large is your family dialogue hey

Linda how large is your family I have a

big family there are seven of us Wow


brothers do you have to how large is

your family there are four of us do you

have a brother or a sister

brother he's younger than I am do you

get along with him

yeah but sometimes I wish I was an only


when is your birthday dialog

I sue what are you doing

hey David I'm making a birthday card

who's it for my sister

is her birthday it's the day after

tomorrow how old is she going to be

she'll be 12 how come you never make me

a birthday card well when is your

birthday on February 28th

okay I'll make you a card next year

are you the oldest dialog Leslie do you

have any brothers or sisters yes I have

three brothers and two sisters that's a

big family are you the oldest well I'm

the oldest girl how large is your family

there are five of us

sounds like you have brothers or sisters

- right I have an older sister and a

younger brother oh so you're the middle

child yep I'm right in the middle

short conversations you will hear two

dialogues listen carefully dialogue one

first I'll need some information about

your family

okay what would you like to know how

many people are in your family

are six of us

all right and do you have any brothers

or sisters

I have two older brothers and a younger

sister okay how old are they

my brothers are 26 and 28 and my sister

16 great now how old are you I'm 20

dialogue - hello is tally peddler there

this is she

I'm from Temko and we're taking a poll I

see what are you asking about we are

collecting information about families

how large is yours there are seven of us

we have five children great and how old

are your children please


unit three school what do you need

dialog excuse me can you help me out

sure what do you need

Thanks I'm a new student here and I

can't find my classroom what class are

you looking for

math it's in room 102 where is that hey

we're in the same class we can go


Thanks oh I'm Lin hi I'm Li nice to meet


by the way how long does math class last

every class lasts 50 minutes then we

have a 10-minute break

are you in any clubs I'm on the soccer

team and in the school band oh I'm in

the band

- um when do we practice practice starts

at 3:30 in the auditorium and less until

5:00 where's the auditorium I'll show

you later

oh hey we'd better get to class it

starts in five minutes

what time do you eat lunch dialog I

can't believe it's the first day of

school again

I know summer went by so quickly how's

your schedule for this semester let's

see first period is chemistry then

history then music what time do you have

lunch my lunch is from 11 o'clock to 12

o'clock how about you what are you


taking geometry physics English French

and my lunch is at noon what time is

your English class my schedule says it

starts at 1:00 o'clock the teachers mr.

brown uh-oh I've heard that mr. Brown

gives really difficult tests and lots of

homework you're kidding I think I'm

ready for summer vacation already

how often do you practice dialog hey

Mike I haven't seen you in a while have

you been

oh hey Gina I've been really busy lately

really what's going on

I'm in the orchestra and we have a big

concert next week

you must be practicing hard often do you


I have practice everyday until 8 o'clock

so I don't get home until almost 9:00

so that's why you look so tired

yeah and I have to wake up at 5:30 for

swimming practice

Wow so when do you have time to study

can you help me out dialogue hey can you

help me out

sure what do you need could you help me

carry this equipment to the baseball

field no problem

it looks pretty heavy and by the way

how's the baseball team doing

we're doing pretty well this year we won

our first three games hey that's really

good I wish our basketball team would

win for a change what do you mean we're

terrible we've lost every single game

this year

okay we're here can you put the bag down

on the ground over there

sure well good luck with the game on


thanks you two

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 Tim could you come

here for a second

yes mrs. Phillips I'd like to talk to

you about your grade in this class

I know I'm not doing very well but you

haven't done your homework this week and

you look very tired in class

I'm sorry I've been studying late at

night so I'm a little tired in the

morning you should start getting more

sleep I want you to concentrate in my

class yes ma'am I'll do my best

dialogue - Jason can I borrow your

eraser sure here you can keep it

Thanks how did you do on the test last


not so good think I failed it why didn't

you study of course I did I studied for

about an hour

only an hour you'd better get it

together and work harder the semester

ends soon I know it ends next month then

summer vacation starts by the way did

you write your essay I say we have an

essay what does it do are you kidding

it's due today


unit for food


how did you make it dialogue

Jennifer that dinner was delicious

thank you can I get you some coffee

thanks but I prefer tea

no problem so the chicken was okay it

wasn't too salty

no it was great I like this sauce you

cooked it in how did you make it

I used some sesame oil and a little soy

sauce oh I see

here's your tea and some cake for


Wow this cake is fantastic what's it

made of

it's made of flour sugar eggs and dark


it's really sweet you're a super cook


I have a sweet tooth dialogue klaudia I

bought you something

really what is it

you are it's a box of chocolates

thanks Abraham you know I have a sweet

tooth you really shouldn't have

it's my pleasure Bob told me about your

sweet tooth

it's terrible really I eat too much

sugar here would you like one

no thanks I don't care for sweet things

YUM these are really delicious

what are you going to have dialogue I

think I'll have a t-bone steak what are

you going to have

that looks good but I'd rather have the

flank steak

okay one t-bone and one flank how would

you like yours cooked

well done is good

I'll have mine medium

should we get some red wine to drink

I prefer white wine if that's okay red

wines too sweet

all right let's get white

can I have the recipe dialog wow this

dish is great Christopher thanks


do you really like it you bet what's it

made of there's carrots broccoli

asparagus and vinegar and I mixed in

some basil and chopped nuts it's


can I have the recipe sure I'll write it

down for you it's really simple how long

did you cook it for

20 minutes

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue one okay we've got

broccoli asparagus and vinegar what else

do we need

let me see the recipe again oh yeah we

need a half cup of soy sauce

here you go do we have any sesame seeds

I think so

if I can find them yeah here they are

great do we need any more ingredients

oh you want it mild medium or spicy I

like it medium okay then let's add a

couple of red peppers they're in the


dialogue - are you ready to order yes

I'd like a New York steak medium-well

New York steak very good and you sir

I'll have a t-bone well-done and a

chef's salad

right would you like something to drink

could I have a glass of red wine please

certainly and you

wouldn't like a beer


unit five time what's today's date

dialog what's today's date

it's August 10th

oh I forgot to send a birthday card to

my sister when's her birthday

on the 12 oh that soon you should send

it today

what time does the post office closed


I think it closes at noon what why does

it closed so early probably because it's


oh yeah well it's too late then

but it's only 11:45 I know but it takes

30 minutes to get to the post office

from here

what time is it dialogue what time is it

it's almost 5:00 great it's almost time

to go home why don't we go get some


I'd love to but I still have some work

to finish how much longer do you think

it'll take

probably a few more hours really okay

then how about tomorrow sure that's fine

I'll be free anytime after 4:00 let's

meet at 5:00 then

what time did you go to band dialog hi


wow you look really tired yeah I am I

hardly got any sleep last night what

time did you go to bed

around 6:00 in the morning then I got up

at 9:00 why did you have trouble falling


I had to finish the paper for history


you wrote it all last night

yes it took about five hours to finish


well it's good you wanted to finish it

early I guess

wait a second isn't it due today

no it's due next week on May 5th

Oh No

how long does it take to get their

dialogue I'm going on a ski trip with

some friends would you like to come too

maybe how long is the trip going to be

we'll be gone for five days

sounds good how are you going to get

there we're travelling by bus it's a lot

cheaper than flying

how long does it take to get there it is

kind of long it takes one full day

so we'll need two days just for

traveling that's right

hmm let me think about it

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue one

isn't your birthday coming up soon

how'd you know

your sister told me when is it exactly

the 18th it's tomorrow

I thought so but I wasn't sure

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before

don't worry about it are you planning

anything special

yeah I'm having a party at my house

would you like to come

when is it I have to work until 7:00


it starts at 9:00

great I'll see you there

dialogue - hey Sara

you know what my parents are coming into

town tomorrow that's great Sam

would you like to meet them we can go to

dinner together

that's a great idea but I don't think I

can make it why not

I thought you finished work early on

Fridays actually this time I have to go

to a meeting

well we can go after your meeting when

is it going to finish I'm not sure but I

think it's going to finish really late

oh well maybe next time


unit six directions excuse me could you

help me dialogue excuse me could you

help me

sure what can I do for you I'm looking

for the miners theater

that's on the corner of 5th and vane

is it far from here no go straight down

this road for three blocks okay

then turn left at the intersection onto

5th Street

left at the intersection on 2/5

yes the theater will be one block down

on the right

go three blocks and turn left then one

block down

that's right

so much

you're welcome

does this bus go to Seoul station dialog

does this bus go to Seoul station

no it doesn't it goes to jail University

do you know which bus goes to Seoul


the number 12 bus I think

how far is it from here to the station

it's about two kilometers

is the station far from the airport not

very far about five kilometers I think I

see thanks for your help you're welcome

is there a parking lot near here dialog

excuse me

yes is there a parking lot new year

yes there is it's on Second Avenue

could you give me directions please

sure turn right at the first

intersection it's on the left

on the left how far down

about a block it's opposite the park

okay thanks a lot


is it far from here dialogue and excuse

me how can I get downtown from here you

could go by bus or by taxi

is it far from here

yes a bit far it's about 10 kilometers

how often do the buses run do you know

yes every 15 minutes

a tank about 20 minutes by bus

nearest bus stop

it's one block down on Bell Street

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 hi Paul how was

your trip

horrible I got lost downtown and missed

the meeting

what happened

well I thought the Convention Center was

on Pine Street

oh no it's on pike

yeah but I found that out too late

didn't you get directions before you



I wrote pine instead of Pyke

did you finally find the Convention


yes but the meeting was over

dialogue - hello this is John speaking

hi John this is Heidi I was wondering if

you could do me a favor

sure Heidi I'd be glad to

I'm looking for a hotel near the Boston


the red dot is a five-star hotel

how far is it from the airport

not far at all it's practically right

next door


unit seven travel what did you think of

the city dialog how was your trip

it was great

where did you go

I went to Singapore for the weekend

that sounds fun what did you do

I did a lot of sightseeing

how is the food

I loved it I tried something different

every night

what was the weather like

it was really hot I should have taken

more shorts

of the city

it's clean and modern the beaches are


have you gone there before

no this was my first time

how was your trip to Canada dialog hi

how was your trip to Canada

it was terrific I really enjoyed it

how long were you gone

I was there for about six months

that's a long time was the weather okay

yes most of the time

what was the best thing about your trip

oh that's difficult to say but I guess I

liked the Rocky Mountains the best

how did you spend last weekend dialog

how did you spend last weekend Ken I

went for a drive in the country on


that sounds nice where did you go

drove along the coast to Busan I had a

great time

how about you did you do anything


really I just worked on my term paper

that's too bad maybe we can do something

together next weekend

I'd like to book a flight dialog

transnational Airlines

mail I help you

yes I'd like to book a flight to Los

Angeles for the Saturday

what time would you like to leave

could you tell me when the earliest

flight leaves

the earliest flight is at 7:00 in the


oh I see can I reserve a seat yes would

you like economy or first class economy


short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue one I heard that

Diane is going to Paris next month yeah

lucky girl I wish I could go with her

me too I'm lucky if I can afford to see

a movie

have you ever been out of the country

nope have you I went to Mexico one time

to Cabo San Lucas

what was that like

it was so great warm Sun sandy beaches I

miss it

man I never get to go anywhere

dialogue to

hello Eagle Airlines Spencer speaking

yes I'd like to book a flight to Madrid

for the 16th

and read on the 16th hmm which flight

would you like

the earliest one please

that leaves at 5:45 a.m.

okay can I reserve a seat

first class or economy


unit 8 weather did you hear the weather

report dialog what's the weather like

it's still raining dark and cloudy

did you hear the weather report yes they

said it won't clear up until tomorrow

that's too bad I don't like rainy days

really why not

I think they're boring there's nothing

to do so what kind of weather do you


norman's Sonny of course

that's okay but I hate hot and humid


me too that's almost as bad as rain so

do you want to go out

let's just stay home and watch TV

that's a good way to spend a rainy day

it's a beautiful day dialogue

the weather is so nice today

yeah there's hardly a cloud in the sky

even though it's sunny it's really mild


and there's only a slight breeze it's

been so rainy this week I'm glad it's

finally cleared up

me too this is perfect weather for going

outside right it might not be so bright

and clear tomorrow

love to go swimming or just take a walk

it's too bad we have to stay inside oh

well time to get back to work

what's it like outside dialogue

are you ready to go

yes almost by the way what's it like


it looks pretty overcast

what's the temperature

thermometer it says 85 degrees

I didn't realize it was that warm I

better take off this sweater

we should probably bring umbrellas do

reports say it was going to rain I

didn't hear it it's really cloudy though

okay better safe than sorry

we can expect snow tomorrow dialogue are

you looking forward to winter break

of course I can't wait to go skiing me


I hope there's going to be enough snow

I heard it's supposed to get a lot

colder next week

really how long is it supposed to last

the weather reports said that it would

stay below freezing for a few weeks

that's good news they'll definitely be a

lot of snow

don't be too excited you never know how

the weather will turn out

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 the weather's going

to be bad this summer

why what's it going to be like

first of all it's going to be much

hotter than usual

that doesn't sound very good yes and

there's also going to be a lot of rain

really that's going to make it really

humid won't it

right and it's probably going to last

until October

that sounds almost as bad as last year

might even stay above a hundred degrees

for a month

looks like I'd better fix my air


dialogue - it's freezing today I know it

must be below zero outside

and it's so overcast nothing but great


it seems like it's been this way for


it would be nice if it would snow but

there's been nothing so far

well what about today

no I didn't hear the weather report


unit9 leisure have you ever come out

here before dialog it's such a beautiful

day today

yes I'm glad we have some free time to

enjoy it

have you ever come out here before

sure I come to the lake a lot really how


usually twice a month if I have time

wow you must really like boating

that's right I enjoyed very much it's so


I agree actually this is my first time

to go boating here

what you mean

you've never come here before no never I

think I've only gone voting three times

in my life

well I hope you know how to swim

don't worry I'm an excellent swimmer

good then you can save me if I fall in

you're joking right you must be a great

swimmer too

the truth is I'm just a beginner

how do you spend your spare time dialog

what do you usually do in your spare

time Keith

probably read more than anything else

what sorts of things do you like to read

all kinds but I really like novels

who's your favorite novelist

I think Hemingway is the best

I like him too which of his books have

you read

I've read a farewell to arms and For

Whom the Bell Tolls they're great

where are you going to go for your

vacation dialog I Jack it's been a while

what are you up to

not much what have you been doing

nothing special do you have any plans

for the holidays

but it's a secret

c'mon tell me where are you going to go

for your vacation

okay okay I might go to England my

sister lives there

really how exciting

how often do you go swimming dialogue

they'd been what happened I was looking

for you all afternoon

oh sorry I must have been at the pool

really I didn't know you were swimming

these days

yeah I'm swimming three times a week and

really like it

are you going tomorrow too

don't have any plans

well why don't we play tennis I really

need to practice

sure that sounds fine

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 what do you feel

like doing this weekend

how about going to the river park

hey that's a good idea we haven't been

there in a while

yeah if the weather's nice we can hike

or ride our bikes on the trail I'll

bring some food so we can have a picnic

now you're talking then again what if it


well if it rains I guess we can go to

the new art museum that sounds boring

why don't we go to karaoke instead

the afternoon

dialogue - how was your trip to Hawaii

it was wonderful I had a great time

what was the weather like it was sunny

most of the time but it rained


what did you do while you were there a

lot I spent one week sightseeing in

Honolulu and the volcanoes national park

volcanoes you're pretty adventurous did

you go to the beach too

of course I went surfing everyday I also

went hiking and rented a motorbike

do you think you'll ever go there again

sure I hope I can see all of the islands


unit 10 are you good at it

dialogue Wow Jim you look really tired

yeah I've been exercising a lot these


really when did you start

just a few weeks ago I'm still not used

to it

what exactly are you doing

I joined a wrestling club

huh I didn't know you liked wrestling

actually I like it a lot it's a lot more

fun than other sports I've done

are you good at it no I'm really

terrible I always lose well you've just

started after all how often do you


trying to go three times a week

a lot I can see why you're tired

why don't you try to you might enjoy it

oh no I hate fighting sports

I'd much rather play tennis

maybe I should try that next

what's your favorite sport dialogue

what's your favorite sport Trevor

I'd have to save fishing

fishing um isn't that sort of boring

to me I think it's peaceful and relaxing

I guess you don't like active sports

very much

well actually I like watching them just

not playing them

I see anyway are you good at fishing

sure I usually catch at least five fish

what do you do with them

I eat them of course

let's go see a soccer game dialog why

don't we do something this weekend

what do you suggest let's go see a

soccer game

I don't like soccer very much there's

not enough action well do you know if

there are any other games

there's a baseball game in the park

every Saturday night

hmm baseball's okay

actually I love baseball I used to watch

it once a month at least I'm glad you

like something well let's go then

how often do you exercise dialogue

you look pretty healthy cat do you do

any sports I've practiced Taekwondo for

a few years I had no idea so you like

martial arts not really I just like

Taekwondo because it's fun and safe

how often do you practice these days I'm

practicing four times a week wow that

sounds like hard work

why do you train so much there's a

tournament coming soon and I want to do

as well as I can

you must be really good by now I guess


I got second place in the last

tournament anyway that's great just

don't kick me

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue 1 what sport are you

best at that would probably be fencing

when did you start my parents started me

at a fencing class when I was 10

you must have practiced a lot

while I had to my coach was really

strict how often did you practice six

days a week my

wanted me to go to the Olympics why

didn't you you must have been good


maybe I was but the truth is I didn't

enjoy it very much

dialogue - are you ready

of course you're definitely going to

lose this time

why do you think that I'm still much

better than you

I've been practicing a lot two hours a


it doesn't matter how much you practice

I'm still better

I'm sure you're going to miss every

swing it doesn't matter how hard you hit

the ball I can still run faster

well the courts open now let's find out


unit 11 health are you okay

dialog hey Tyrone your nose is all red

are you okay

I have bad allergies they've been

bothering me all week

I'm sorry to hear that what are your


i nose is really ruddy and i've got a

terrible headache that won't go away

that sounds pretty bad did you take any


I did but it hasn't helped actually it

seems like it's getting worse

you'd better go see a doctor

I don't know maybe it'll get better soon

even if it's nothing serious you should

still have it checked out

probably right can you recommend a


mine is pretty good I can give you his


Thanks do I need to make an appointment

course just call the office and a nurse

will set it up for you

guess I need to do that as soon as


I hope you feel better soon

how's your cold dialog hi Robert how's

your cold

oh hi Karen

it's better but now I've got this cough

I'm sorry to hear that have you had it

long yeah it's lasted for two weeks I'm

really sick of it

are you taking anything just some

regular coffee medicine but it doesn't

help much my throat is still really sore

why don't you try drinking hot water

with honey it works pretty well for me

I've never had that I'll try it and see

what happens

I'm sure you'll be better soon

I think I've got the flu dialogue may I

help you yes I think I've got the flu

what are your symptoms

I'm really sore have a lot of congestion

and the high fever I'm not coughing or

sneezing though

you need some extra strength flu


should I take two tablets every six

hours is enough you shouldn't take more

than that

should I do anything else

get plenty of rest and drink a lot of

fluids if your flu doesn't clear up in a

week you'd better see a doctor

thanks for your help

why don't you tell me what's wrong

dialog why don't you tell me what's


oh my stomach is killing me

is there anything else

I have really bad indigestion - it's


when did it start

early this morning after I got up it's

gotten worse since then

did you eat or drink anything unusual

last night

well it was my birthday so I ate a lot

of cake and other stuff

that's probably the reason overeating

usually causes those symptoms but it's

never made me feel this bad before

I understand it's just a sign that

you're getting older

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen

carefully dialogue one

honey how did the appointment with the

doctor go okay I guess

did he find out anything besides her

sore throat

yeah he told me that my glands were


did you tell him that you had a hard

time swallowing yes he did a test to

find out whether or not it's a viral


does that mean you need to see him again

uh-huh I'll have to go back on Wednesday

dialogue - this is such a long flight

I'm really starting to feel


have you had a chance to stand up and

walk around

no it's not easy to get up when you're

in the middle seat

that's true but you should get up anyway

stretching your legs will help a lot

you're probably right

even a little movement would help

it'll definitely help the circulation in

your legs

okay I'll go walk for a little while I

just hope we land soon


unit 12 interviewing and working can you

spell your last name for me


what's your name

my name is Samuel Guetta can you spell

your last name for me

it's g-e-t TA

you're applying for a position in our IT

department what kinds of skills do you


I'm trained to set up and maintain

computer networks why do you want to

work for us I'd like an opportunity to

work for a large company

are you willing to travel

ma'am when can you start

I can start in two weeks after I give

notice at my current job

okay we'll contact you next week mr.

Gaeta thank you for your time Thanks

when can you start dialogue

can you tell me about yourself yes my

name is Liz Williams I'm 23 years old I

graduated from Indiana University last

year my major was music and I

specialized in piano I received the

first prize at a major music contest in

Indiana two years ago

that's very impressive do you have any

teaching experience yes I've been a

private piano teacher for three years

when can you start I can start anytime

how do you like it here dialog you're

new here aren't you

yes I just started last month

so how do you like it here so far it's

great everybody's pretty friendly and I

like having a flexible schedule what did

you do before you started here I was

working in a printing shop

what made you decide to change jobs

had to commute an hour every day so I

wanted something closer to home so how

long does it take to get to work now

it's only five minutes by motorbike

I'd like to take some time off dialogue

excuse me miss yang

oh hi Paul

you have a moment sure come on in sit

down what is it

would it be possible for me to take a

couple of days off next month

thing okay

oh yes it's just that my sister's

getting married and I have to go out of

town for the wedding will you be able to

get all your work done it's going to be

a busy month

yes ma'am I'll get everything finished

on time

okay that should be no problem and just

remember to fill out the leave request


thanks miss yang

short conversations

you will hear two dialogues listen


dialogue 1

mizmor can you tell me about your


I graduated from the University of

Chicago in 1996

what did you major in

computer science

are you currently employed

yes I've been a graphic designer at moon

communications since 2005

and why are you interested in working at

our company I'm very interested in

photography and travel and working for

your magazine would allow me to pursue

both of those interests

well let me tell you some things you'll

need to know if you're hired

dialogue to

hey Martin how did your job interview go

sure but I don't think I got the job

that's too bad what happened

enough experience with cooking

well maybe they have another position


they also need a delivery driver but I

can't drive maybe you can do customer


I could but they need somebody who can

work everyday

don't worry about it I'm sure you'll

find something soon I sure hope so I'm

tired of not having any money

The Description of 72 Common English Dialogs for Daily Life