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Good morning, everyone!

I'm one of the videographers at JetPens.

Before I start working, I like to journal in my JetPens Kanso Noto.

It's a dot grid notebook filled with smooth Tomoe River paper.

Journaling with a fountain pen can very relaxing.

Colorverse Coffee Break ink pairs well with morning writing sessions.

The TWSBI Diamond Mini fits nicely in my hand.

It's a piston filler, so it holds a lot of ink.

Journaling with stickers and cute memos make the entry more fun.

These Appree stickers look like real dried flowers.

Aren't they pretty?

When journaling, I like to collage a little then write.

Let's decorate the page first!

Since it's almost winter, I'll go with a white and blue theme.

It makes the spread look more cheeful.

I used up this letter pad and want to save the beautiful cover in my journal.

Tearing off the excess adds a softer texture.

A clear tear is kind of satisfying!

Oops, this one isn't as clean...

I use glue tape to add scraps to my journal.

This handy Nichiban Tenori glue tape can stamp or roll adhesive.

Sticking down all the edges for a secure hold.

Of course, some cute washi tape for accents!

The Kokuyo Karu Cut is more convenient to use than scissors.

This mt washi tape is also called milk tea, my favorite thing!

I used up all the mini envelopes from this Furukawashiko Bread set,

so now it's more like an adorable memo pad for notes or collages.

I tried a delicious ginger milk tea recipe today.

I'll write it down to remember for next time.

For jotting and sketching, this Kitaboshi lead holder is my go-to.

It looks like a natural wooden pencil,

but the weighted tip makes it more comfortable to hold.

To make it fun, let's tape it on like a hinge.

Time for a short tea break then cleaning session.

Now let's start writing!

My journal is more like a simple scrapbook

collecting inspiration and good memories.

I love drinking tea, so let me know if you have recipes to try.

I enjoy writing on pretty paper like the Midori Volumes

and decorating the envelopes for snail mail.

That way, my letters will look like little "gifts" in the mail.

When journaling, I just write what comes to mind.

If you're new to journaling, you can copy down quotes

or write about things you look forward to.

Writing with a broad nib fountain pen shows off the colors in an ink.

Tomoe River paper is so smooth, it's like the words write themselves.

I forgot to earlier, but I put some paper under my hand

to protect the page from skin oils, just in case.

Sometimes ink will feather if you touch the paper a lot.

It's almost winter, and I get cold easily.

But hot tea and wool sweaters help me get through the season.

What do you like to do in the cooler months?

I like to cook spicy dishes and bake sweets.

Hong Kong milk tea is another favorite.

If you love strong black tea, you should try it!

They usually serve it at Hong Kong style diners.

It's black tea mixed with evaporated milk

then sweetened with condensed milk.

There are many recipes, so you can find one to your taste.

But this ginger milk tea is also comforting.

Journaling at breakfast clears the mind

to focus on the day, at least for me!

All done.

Maybe I'll add more later today.

I don't mind writing on the next page after the collage.

If you want a smooth surface for your next entry, you can skip a page.

Time to eat breakfast and get ready for work.

Let's journal together next time.

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