Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CANDY CANE CHALLENGE + BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE! Merrell Twins vs. Key Bros | Collins Key

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what's up it's Colin's key and welcome

to my new video now for today's video

I've got some special guests who are

going to be joining me first of all and

when please welcome the beautiful meryl

twins actually you know what instead of

just having the meryl twins I've got one

more special guest I thought he jumped

out already everyone please welcome my

little brother Devin key are you okay

alright we've got the whole squad

assembled and today we're going to

head-to-head challenging each other

right now it's gonna be the key bros and

versus the maro twins yay and we are

going to be doing the candy cane taste

testing challenge so basically we had a

third party that my dad go out to the

store and buy a whole bunch of different

flavored candy canes so we don't know

what flavors these candy canes are one

person on each team is going to be

blindfolded the other person is going to

feed them the candy cane and that person

has to guess what flavor it is whichever

team guesses I like your interpretation

that's different stating when you're

saying I like it's only so whichever

team guesses correctly first oh that

team wins that round whichever team wins

the majority of the rounds they win the

overall challenge and the prize is a

giant head Santa Claus what musical


all right okay no we should no young-sam


oh yeah the winner for the wonders of

the musical dispenser so that is not

that one prize also they win this legit

lightsaber right here you know what I

don't want to do just an ordinary candy

cane taste testing thing I got to take

it up a notch and so we're combining the

candy cane taste testing with the bean

boozled challenge so how the bean

boozled challenge ties into all of this

is that whichever team guesses

incorrectly they both have to easy I'm

pointing you at for whatever reason

laughs they both have to eat one of the

bean boozled bean good flavor or bad

yeah and that's really only mess with

your taste buds for the rest of the

challenge so that's basically how it

works also I'm doing a giveaway on my

channel right now I'm giving away iPads

GoPros free merge so if you guys want to

enter that all you got to do be

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below all the rules for all the other

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video yeah sure sorry so yeah so that

all the link to that stuff is down in

the description and down below if you go

check it out and I think you don't

without further ado what do you guys say

we jump in to the candy cane b-movie

challenge yeah damn ladies get to the

side first but you wish which one you

want to do okay which one you want to do

we won't be able to the flavor three you

know take it out of your mouth three two

one go no you are you gonna guess it all

oh hell no smell it when they smell a

toast it's gotta be bubblegum no it's


smell like you smell it - smell it a

peach a plum Hey okay all right here no

well before you fired on we've got to do

our bean boozled thing something I'm not

ready for this by either up I'm going to


mine tastes really good just like

toothpaste babe an ear wire why didn't


I called dangerous hmm I went with one

and I've made the right decision

okay little nervous three two one choco

chocolate no Carlo know what already man

yeah love that one I'll take the green

one which i think is like a hugger oh I

guess I already know it to be bad i won

jo hey hon hi Jo oh it's gross I can

smell it I swallowed my whole jalapeno

Oh No - anyone out there there's not a

good food for a date at all

I'm gonna go for this one here no

pressure but we are doing terrible right

now two one go mmm all right

mmm mmm cranberry nope rat very scary

was it great grape is from my favorite


yeah all right do not yo who do not eat

yo for - I got ya

I literally cannot my throat is not

obvious wall Oh Devin you're screwed bro

one two there you go good luck bro

licorice Quibbler you find it oh my god

oh fuck it is it Ravens the first part

of the word is butter

no no oh butter bar beer butter beer but

it's Harry Potter bro buddy hang like

you like hop no dude get it

butter buddy hop hop hop hop - butter

look like you're jumping you playing hub

oh no I'm not crow make things fair you

take one I'm really yeah they are the

real MVP you open it up first

oh we've been op son hello good pitch

that's the best one cons take my advice

and regress do the grass I'm ready

you're never gonna do one but there's

three I'm taking brass I'm going to use

you on my cell

I can do it you would get vomit on your

first try okay alright next favorite my

mother need to get this hurts right

good roll up fruit no it is an actual

fruit edges like a kumquat isn't it me

well I thought it was I think it is a

dragon fruit no cactus fruit pear fruit

avocado fruit cuz avocado is a fruit

there's not an actual fruit in the name

of it

no that's a bad it this this word it's a

feeling happy fruits and fruit avery

fruit terrible fruit depressed free um

jumping off root romantic fruit is the

low right come on a romantic date fruit

no they are alone romantic wedding


no no marriage for as Oh beg to be fruit

okay haven't done one and only fruit

wedding ring what have you actually

heard I said before first letter of the

first word P pear fruit no pineapple

fruit no it's not a nice second perfect

fruit come on for my hash yeah


yeah so I think we've got too late you

guys go have fun

yay second dog takes a feeling as I

annoyed fruit she didn't know first

point for them for the keepers here we

go 3 1 go hair no um oh yeah

nope no you got it yeah it's mine Apple

tastes like pineapple glass alright

we're back to the penis oh man doesn't

worthless panting huh we can cut that

out right Oh God would you give her

company no swallow ticket super nice

second kisses oh so I get rescued often

right in my face this is more like my

breath is a horrible right now oh hey

now hey now three two one one blueberry

no no no case no toothpaste nope hmm I

don't know it but I don't have ro you

know it come on

oh my I'm not going to college

right now for them actually crying oh no

no yeah you know

you know I'm not taking that one you

know I guess yeah look I didn't know

you're taking this one oh my god shall

we yeah either popcorn or rotten no I

not doing that dude no no I am NOT doing


it is either vomit my Z the earwax err I

think it's I can't tell if I got join me

why don't go one I got vomit for sure

I'm good Wow all right well then I let

Molly use all blue and I don't I'm up I

know what it is all right cool artful

woman will change will change will

change you guys kept it the same kept

did the same and guys are good they kept

the same again dude you're not me so

well I didn't see the play board it's

you go no Liu bang no oh library cherry

raspberry get into get anything Wow

dude calm down there hey Reggie 108 over

I could smell it from my breath and it

smells like stinky socks

oh you swallow it

we need no colic cleanser that's what we

really need three two one plumber come

on come on bitter blueberry no raspberry

no cotton candy yeah yeah yeah the

tables have drastically turn

has progressed the other ones I get

futures quick barf again oh my god oh my

god I'm just perfect paper if you do not

get this one I'm gonna you are not my

brother Devin okay ready one two three

go cinnamon cinnamon is my absolute

favorite things and mine too but it

tastes exactly like cinnamon to that

little accurate taste wise actually it

tastes right there yep I'm not quite

yeah yes sir coming minutes more like

spicy know one of them bed I'm either

caramel corn

Oh No rotten egg her butter popcorn

these are so gross buttered popcorn

high-five Veronica

what just happened oh my gosh three two

one lime no is something that comes out

of beans beans the magical fruit the

more region tutti frutti let's do this

we have to jiggle my face socially yeah

no I got no food I got I got browsers

I'm okay will mine tell me your wax

no it's rotten egg all right rotten egg

or buttered popcorn

what is that okay yeah I knew there was


sour apple

I've never heard of a sour apple now oh

no I got sorry pudding didn't they'll

hand dog food I contain this is so

delicious it's chocolate pudding good

show this is the final round this

actually has food for all just for bonus

points for one individual three two one


stop it huh with the two Bell we didn't

even get it in our mouth

what are you doing okay now

orange is really good you bring up a bit

at the end are we going next enough you

guys enjoyed this video

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yeah and the lifesaver



coming to town

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