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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Now or Never: Part 1

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(grunting) The weather's getting worse.

Visibility's almost zero.

It's crazy to try to deliver

cargo to a place like this.

We won't be delivering anything to anyone if we

can't find the landing strip.


Hey, there it is!


Still together as one

Cuz divided we're none

Ready to go we feel the flow

So don't stand in our way

You know we ain't afraid

This is our time we're in control

If I trip up today

You just wipe it away

All of my fears are gone erased

Let us tear down the walls

♪ 'Til the final night falls

The bonds of our souls can't be replaced

Let us fight together

Regret it never

Our dreams will be

Halfway to forever

Our light comes shining through

Reach down deep

Beat defeat

Do all that we can do

Halfway to forever

We've got nothing to lose

Keep breathing


Halfway to forever ♪♪

(Mr. Heartland) I can't believe it.



How could those two let themselves be defeated?

Everything will be fine, Heartland.

Fortunately you have the buzzworthy

abilities of Scritch

at your service to turn things around.

I'm glad you're so confident because you'll need those skills

to take down Yuma's pal Kite.

Oh, I'll stick it to him guaranteed.

Don't worry about a thing.

He won't be bugging us ever again.

Kite won't know what bit him.

It's all good.

I checked around

and Heartland City looks totally safe.

Isn't that great news?

We ought to celebrate.

Hey Yuma, are you gonna search the city every single day?

Of course I am, Trey.

If the Barians are gonna be back again

and I'll beat 'em again!

Uh, Yuma?


Are you sure you're doing okay since Astral...

Goodbye, my friend.


I'm fine.

And now that you're here,

it's almost like having 10 Astrals!

So if the Barians make the mistake--

(Caswell) Well, it sure sounds like

he's gotten over Astral to me.

At least that's the way Yuma's acting.

Poor guy.

(Flip) Hey, there he is!

Yeah, Yuma, Yuma!

It's all done!

What's everybody doing here?

The whole thing is finished!


Zip it, will ya?

What's with Flip?

Let him talk.

(all laughing)

The preparations are complete!

For what?

This is it.

I looked around

and flipped some cards for a box of old stained glass.

So I put some pieces together and I made this...

for Astral.

It's nice, but why did you build it here, Flip?

I thought it was a nice place to be able to come to and think

about all the good times we had with Astral.

We don't need that!

These things are important, Bronk.

They help people remember and move on.

Of all the boneheaded... Cut Yuma some slack!

The guy just lost his best friend in the whole world.

Why would you ever think this was a good idea?


You little--

Hey, your eyes are leaking.

Why wouldn't they be?

I didn't really know Astral, not the way Yuma did.

And I couldn't always see or talk to Astral like Yuma could.

But that doesn't mean he wasn't my friend.

Astral was a friend to every single one of us.

I remember the first time we saw him like it was yesterday.

Me too, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I miss him. (sobbing)

Oh, we all do.

(Tori) Astral.

If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't all be together.

(Flip) That's why I built this,

so we can think back to all the adventures we had.

The good ones.

The scary ones.

And especially the funny ones.

Yuma, your grandma says it's time for-- Huh?



Hey, Astral.

Ha, that duel today was awesome!

It sure was.

And the best part was at the very end.

Astral, remember the look on that kid's face--

It was cool.


I definitely need this card in my deck.

(Astral) Wise choice, Yuma.


Ah, Astral!

Back to work...

(man) How's he doing, Trey?

Yuma's become an amazing duelist.

Astral has really taught him a lot.

But now, without Astral,

I think Yuma sort of lost his confidence.

Do you think he'll be able to get it back?

I don't know yet.

It's too soon to tell.

Well, it looks like we picked the right place,

even if we can barely see it.

You deserve all the credit, Kite.

You made the call.

Are you positive you want to go through with this, Quinton?

I'm sure.

I have to, even though it's dangerous.

And there's no way Yuma can know about it.



All quiet.

Well, another safe day in Heartland.


Guess the Barians know better than to mess with Yuma Tsukumo.

(Trey) At least for now.

What's that supposed to mean?

You think--

What in the world?


So you're following me again?


Yuma, we just want to make sure you're okay.

I'm totally okay.

Why wouldn't I be okay?

The way you're acting, it doesn't seem like you've

accepted the fact that Astral's gone.


Why would you think that?

What have I done?

Yuma, it's obvious to everybody.

What's obvious?

He really doesn't have a clue.

Yuma, take a second

and think about all of the places

you've been visiting day after day.

(Tori) Don't you see?

They're all places where you

and Astral dueled and battled together.


No way.

That isn't true.

You guys are just joking right?

You and Astral dueled... here.

(Caswell) In the end...

(Flip) This is the last place you stop every day.

Astra, l...

(Trey) Yuma.

I know you believe that you've accepted that Astral's gone

and that you're okay with it.

But the truth is you spend every day searching for Astral

as if you can find him.


Astral's gone, Yuma.

I know it's tough.

But you need to face it.

I won't, Trey.

I can't.

Yuma, wait.

Come back!


(Yuma) I'll never believe it.

He can't be.

I won't believe he's gone.


Rise up.



You're going to catch a cold out here.

Let's go.

Just leave me alone!


Astral's not gone.

He's alive.

I know it!

And I don't care what anybody says or thinks.

I'm gonna keep looking for him until I find my friend!

(boy) That's what I was waiting to hear.



On your feet.



Time to go.


Go where?

We're going to find Astral.

(all gasping)

If this is your idea of a joke, I don't think it's very funny.

What's that?

It's your ticket to finding your friend.

Are you in or out?

I'm all in.

(lightning striking)

So there's a chance Astral's still alive?

That's what we're about to find out.

So why do you wanna help me all of a sudden?

Because we need Astral now more than ever.

You need Astral, for what?

You haven't forgotten about the Numeron Code, have you?

No, I remember.

(Astral) Yuma, the card is so powerful

that it can determine the fate of every world.

We believe that Barian World and Astral World

are after the Numeron Code.

But if Barian World gets it first,

they'll use its power to destroy Astral World.

We need to get it before either of them,

but we can't find it without Astral.

So while you were busy feeling sorry for yourself,

Quinton and I found a way to get to Astral World.

A way to Astral World?

How do we get there?

The key is here in this coin.

Hey, that's one of the coins

I found in the ruins that belonged to my dad!

But I have all seven.


There's one missing.

You stole it from me!

"Stole" is so harsh.

I just borrowed it.


For a reason.

This coin held an incredible, valuable secret.

What's wrong, Kite?


(lightning striking)



I've never seen anything like that before.

(Kite) Quinton and I built it.

It's an interdimensional teleporter.

Oh, one of those.


Welcome back, Master Kite!

Astral's airship was somehow able to detect

Numbers when it couldn't before.

We had to find out how it did that.

I guessed the ship wasn't detecting Numbers,

it was detecting your father's coins.

So I took one and studied it and I was right.

What did you find out?

It turns out the coins are made of a material

from Astral World called Astralite.

What is Astralite?

It's a substance made of tremendous energy

that holds incredible power.

We're going to use its power to force open the portal to another

dimension and send you to Astral World.


And you think it'll really work?

(man) Kite!


(Yuma) Quinton!

I thought I told you not to bring him here.

You did.

But unlike you, I don't see any point in babying him.

I thought we agreed I would test out the device

and if it was successful, then and only then,

would we inform Yuma of our plan.

Well, I guess I changed my mind.

Quinton, why didn't you tell me

that I could get to Astral World?

Because I know you

and I knew if I told you,

you would insist on going.

You have to let me use it, Quinton.

You know I'll do anything it takes to find Astral!

A million things could go wrong and we haven't tested any of it.

Even if the transporter worked

and you survived the trip to Astral World,

it's a world we know absolutely nothing about.

It could very well be a one-way trip.

I don't care.

It's a risk I'm totally willing to take!

Look, Quinton.

You and I both know that Yuma's father

left those coins in the ancient ruins on purpose.

Those seven coins must be a message for Yuma

to go to Astral World.

If that's true, it's gotta mean Astral's still alive!

And if he's alive, I'm the person

who should go and find him.

The only person!

(Tori) You guys gotta let Yuma do this.

Yuma and Astral share a special bond.

I know that he can find Astral!

Thanks, Tori.

Please, Quinton.

Let me go find Astral.

All right, Yuma.

You win.

(Quinton) All right, Yuma.

The teleporter is going to open the portal to Astral World

and send you there.

But we don't know how long we can keep the portal open.

If it closes... you'll never come home again.


But guys, don't you worry about a thing!

I'll bring Astral back, guaranteed.

Orbital, let's do this!

Yes sir, Master Kite.

(Quinton) Charge up the Astralite.

When it reaches maximum strength,

we'll release all the stored energy

in a single burst that'll create a wormhole to

Astral World.

At least, that's the plan.

Yuma, for your own safety, stay in that exact spot

until it's fully charged.

The Astralite's only good for a single blast, so we only have

one shot to open the portal.

Let's do this.

Astralite charged to 40%.





What's wrong?

The power's down.

So it can't charge!

We need to find more power now.

Orbital, jack this thing into your power core.

But, sir I-- Just do as I tell you!

Oh please hurry, Orbital!

All right.

I knew I should have packed some spare batteries.



Settle down, it's nothing a quart of oil

won't be able to fix.


(man) So sorry to spoil your little science project

but I can't allow Yuma to go to Astral World.

(Kite) You Barians always show up at the worst possible times.

Don't you know you're not welcome here?

(Kaninja laughing)


I'll make you stop laughing-- Stay where you are.

Remember that you can't leave that spot until

the Astalite's fully charged.

I'll be the one to pounce on this pathetic pest.

(Quinton) He won't get near the teleporter till you're through the portal.

We'll both make sure of that.

Okay, thanks guys.

(chuckling) So be it.

I'll take you two down first then!


In this field, my life points are doubled

and your life points are halved.

Like that's gonna help you.

Let's do this.

I'm going to love taking the two of you down.

I can't wait to get under your skin!


Somebody call pest control.

(Yuma) Quinton, use this!

This was my Number Card.

I figured it might come in handy.

I appreciate the card and I'm positive that it will.

I have to admit, I never thought the day would come when we'd be

dueling together like this, Kite.

Just do the best you can to keep up with me, Quinton.

Keep up with you?

If it wasn't for me you wouldn't know how to duel.

The student frequently outshines the master.

Then I think we should be able to squash this mosquito.

Go Photon Transformation!

We're going to swat you down!

This, I promise!

(Kaninja) You shouldn't make promises you know you can't keep.

Let's duel!

Let's duel!

(computer voice) Augmented Reality Vision Link established.

Let's duel!

Let's duel!

My turn, I draw!

First, I summon Deep-Space Cruiser IX.

Then I activate the spell Hologram Projection.

This lets me make a hologram

of my Deep-Space Cruiser IX

so now I have two.


Way to start the duel!

I overlay my two Deep-Space Cruisers.

With these two monsters, I build the Overlay Network.

I Xyz Summon the Number that Yuma gave back to me--

Number Nine, Dyson Sphere.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I can assure you that try as you might,

my monster will not fall.

But you however, will not be as fortunate.

Time to take you down.

My turn.

I draw.

First I summon Photon Thrasher!

Next, I summon Photon Chargeman!

And I think I'll charge it up right away

by doubling its attack points.

I tribute my Photon Thrasher

and Chargeman to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!


It's your move, bug boy!

Dyson Sphere and Galaxy-Eyes,

just where I want them.


My turn, I draw!

I summon Mosquito Force!

But I'm not done.

I'm gonna add reinforcements.

You see Mosquito Force's special ability

lets me add another Mosquito Force to my hand.

Next, I activate the spell

Ninjitsu Art of Mosquito Marching.

I can now summon two Mosquito Forces

to the frontline to

strengthen my skeeter squadron!

Three Level 2 monsters.

I know what he's hatching.

I overlay three

Level Two Mosquito Forces.

With these three monsters,

I build the Overlay Network

and Xyz Summon Number Two

Ninja Shadow Mosquito.

Did it just disappear?

What's this bug brain up to?

I don't see it.

Do you?

No, It's gone!

I can assure you,

my mighty and magnificent monster is here.

And you'll soon learn the hard way

what the buzz is all about!


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