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- Do you get shared sex, eh?

- Here, actually, nothing has happened for a long time.

- I dont do that at all...

- In our country, anything can happen.

The local flora and a little fauna thrive here.

- To infect people like you!

- I share sex with her.

- No, I know him as an MP.


I'm Danylo, this is Vadym.

You're going to see our new investigation

about the bustling undeclared life

of the MP Illia Kyva.

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This is Our Money, I'm Denys Bihus,

and as usual, I explain why it is going to interesting.

No point in that now.

Today, we have Kyva.

You can't introduce Kyva more interestingly

than he does it himself.

However, you can ask why Kyva is in our program,

we're not a true crime or a comedy show, or a tabloid.

Good question.

We looked at Kyva's official sources of income,

and... hell, how do I describe this?

Have you seen the last minute

of hostage rescue in Lutsk?

When everyone stormed the bus

only after both the terrorist

and the hostages had left.

It's exactly the same but about money laundering.

Kyva's source of income is the most clumsy

and weird of all I've seen.

It's like a scheme a stoned mole came up with

after watching Breaking Bad.

If this scheme was a car,

it would've been drawn by a 6 year old.

If this scheme was an animal,

it would have to be put down out of mercy.

If this scheme was an MP,

it would've been Kyva.

Danylo Mokryk and Vadym Ponka

found out how you can launder a million with a mud pit.

Launder through a mud pit.

Found out and remained sane, mind you!

I trust you to remain thus as well after watching.

Hold tight.

- No?

- No one's Kyva except Kyva.

Illia Kyva.

That's all.

A patriot is in the past.

Medvedchuks MP in the present.

Avakov's friend, always.

Weve already told how Kyva was caught taking bribes

before the Revolution.

He wasnt sentenced.

After all, then, along with a bribe,

Kyva was found to have a mental illness.

Kyva did not go to prison.

And when he didnt, he immediately recovered.

Or did he...

In court, Kyva testified

that he was treated here

at the Poltava Oblast Psychiatric Hospital,

with the diagnosis

"consequences of traumatic brain injury

with personality psychopatization."

As we can see, Kyva left the hospital.

- Before the law, my friend, I am clean.

That was a great episode.

We recommend watching it.

Today, we will show Kyva

not through his medical and criminal records,

but through his wallet.

And let's focus on current times.

Illia's past is problematic and a little crazy.

His present is comfortable and lively.

Illia, you know, has metamorphosed over time.

(Mr. Illia, this is not a swear word).

- I will force my son, I will raise him,

and I will force him to raise his children

to hate this Russian nation.

Because for me it's a plague.

This is Illia Kyva in 2015.

An ardent patriot,

ex-commander of the Poltavshchyna Battalion,

deputy head of a regional MIA office,

an adviser to Avakov.

The shelf life of this patriotism was 2 years.

In 2017, Kyva headed the Socialist Party.

In 2 more years,

he went deeper into Viktor Medvedchuk.

In short, he has a half-life of 2 years.

- Our faction will definitely celebrate,

commemorate the Great Victory

and attend the parade in Moscow.

Kyva's life has changed dramatically.

Now, there's no austerity, not a hint of socialism.

Now, it's all about cool cars and restaurants,

expensive housing, bodyguards, central sex.

We'll explain later.

And, of course, the question is

where the money comes from.

We know the answer.

Money comes out of a pit.


Well explain this too.

But first

First, there was a Toyota Camry.

Like this, brand new, worth upwards from UAH 750,000.

Last year, it appeared near the Verkhovna Rada

at the same time as Kyva.

Finally, we filmed Kyva getting inside.

The car was on film,

but it wasnt in Kyvas declaration.

There were none at all.

Camry was succeeded by a Land Cruiser.

Screams status.

A car like that costs >2 million.

Kyvas Land Cruiser was first noticed

during his communication with the voters...

- Asshole, I'll cut off your head right now!

Then it was noticed again, and again

But Kyva answered all the questions about the car

in the style of... his communication with voters.

- This is your inflamed imagination.

In March,

the Land Cruiser of our inflamed imagination

got into Illia's declaration.

However, the car is registered to his brother Dmytro.

If you listened to the advice

and watched the episode about the bribe

and the mental hospital,

you know that then Dmytro Kyva

was arrested together with Illia.

- Here, Illia's brother and the UAH 7,000 bribe

were put on the ground.

Maybe, here

The Land Cruiser was a dramatic improvement.

Back in 2016, Kyva said that he was shot at

when he was driving in a similar white Zhiguli.

It would be much easier for him to escape now.

We checked.

- He turned right without a turn signal.

- Not for the first time.

But the car, even if it was registered to his brother,

at least appeared in the declaration.

His housing didnt.

Well, more precisely,

officially Kyva uses the apartment

of his press secretary's husband for free.

Vadim went to look for the apartment.

Kharkivskyi Masyv neighborhood.

On paper, Kyva officially lives here.

In a 1-room flat.

You know, very unlikely... But let's check just in case.

- Maybe he visited?

- No, I know him as an MP.

The apartment is closed.

- Has it been closed for a long time?

- For a long time.

Young people used to live there, then left.

They do not lease it, it's just closed.

Okay. We have another official option.

The MP has several lawsuits.

In particular, Kateryna Handziuks father sued him.

- Courts give his address in Kyiv as 12 Bazhova Street.

The flat wasnt specified there.

I guess it could be a private house or a dormitory

And how they established it is also unclear.

However, this is not the first time

they mention this address.

This address is a dormitory.

Kyva. A dorm.

The chances are even lower.

Especially since its a dormitory

that had an outbreak of coronavirus in spring.


- Theres the coronavirus, why are you without a mask?

- To infect people like you!

Seriously though,

there is a security company

registered in the dormitory,

which is linked to Kyva.

But the MP was not seen here either.

- Never met him or seen him.

Although weve been here for a year.

So where does Illia Kyva really live?

In the city center.

Kyiv, Liuteranska Str.

This isnt just the center,

but the center of the center of the capital.

To the Presidential Office 2 minutes on foot,

5 min to the Interior Ministry,

7 minutes to the Cabinet of Ministers,

10 minutes at most to the Parliament.

Here, in the yard of one of the houses

on Liuteranska,

Illia Kyva exits the house

in the company of his bodyguards.

We saw Kyva here once...

And twice...

We saw here the Land Cruiser too.

It is always nearby...

We see all this "here",

but this "here" isnt in Kyvas declaration.

Neither we see the cost of renting here.

The apartment rented by Kyva is about 100 sq.m. large.

The market price for such apartments

in this house is upwards from $1,500 per month.

That is more than UAH 40,000.

Half a million hryvnias a year.

We always see Illia Kyva surrounded by young people.

Its not just some driver who has a bodyguard side-job.

This is a bunch of geared up guys

who lead the VIP from point to point

in the style of Mission Impossible.

Should they get distracted for even a second...

The number of guards varies,

but Kyva is usually accompanied by at least 2.

There are sometimes more.

Kyva doesnt declare any expenses for such services.

Although it is worth saying they arent cheap.

I called some security agencies,

learned the approximate prices for such services.

In short, the services of two security guards

for the whole day 5 days a week

is around UAH 100,000 a month.

Thats more than a million hryvnias a year.

Security detail for UAH 100,000 per month.

Undercover license plates are priceless.

The cars used by the MP

travel under non-existent registration numbers.

I sent inquiries about these plate numbers

to the service center of the MIA,

and they said that they are not registered to any car.

The right to undercover license plates

have only law enforcers

carrying out investigative activities.

Kyva doesn't even work at the MIA.

With these plate numbers,

the Land Cruiser also visited someone

at the ministry itself,

apparently, a friend of Kyvas, Arsen Avakov.

But what for does he need fake car numbers is a mystery.

Except in order to avoid paying fines.

Well, if the car has a non-existent number,

you dont have to be afraid of speed cameras.

Saving money every way you can..

The MP doesnt save on parties though.

Kyva's birthday was celebrated

at the fashionable Fabius restaurant near Kyiv.

Here comes the birthday boy.

As always, on a Land Cruiser and with bodyguards.

Among the guests are not just politicians.

The MP invited the Editor-in-Chief of Strana.UA,

Svitlana Kriukova.

With her report, she made it much easier for us

to calculate the cost of the party.

30 guests.

Kryukova's report about the event,

multiplied by the prices in the menu

gives a total bill of more than UAH 100,000.

That is, provided the guests

arrived not very hungry and not very sober.

The journalists noticed something else.

Recently, Censor.Net

photographed Kyva's conversation with a lady

in the Verkhovna Rada.

We are a little uncomfortable,

but this is a conversation about the MP's expenses.

- 3,000 for you + 7,500 camp

+ 5 Dima + 1,000 your mom.

16,000 - money spent this week on you.

Upkeep and presence of a bodyguard - 1,500 weekly

+ monthly salary. + house rent payment"

Illia Kyva doesnt live a cheap life.

A central apartment for half a million,

security worth a million a year,

birthday party for at least UAH 100,000,

a lady for 16,000 a week, and the cars

Can he afford this?

The MPs salary would not be enough.

But he has a very strange extra income. From a pit.

Yes, from a pit!

Kyva has what's called a pulp pit.

In his declaration, he wrote that he had been leasing it

and made UAH 1.2 million a year.

That's UAH 100,000 a month.

A very valuable thing indeed, this pulp pit.

But a question remains...

What. The. Hell. It. Is.

Easier to show than to explain.

This rusty stuff once transported sugar beets,

and the pulp from them,

waste matter, fell into these pulp pits.

Nothing like this

has been happening here for a long time.

Only the local flora and a little fauna thrive here...

And Kyva.

In short, Kyva's pulp pit

is almost 400 sq.m. of weeds and old waste.

It's as big as half of the Parliament.

I mean the area of the session hall.

However, it,

the pit, not the Parliament,

was terribly important to someone.

So much as to pay the MP 100,000 a month to rent THIS.

For this money, you can rent a house near Kyiv.

In Koncha Zaspa.

And it will be larger.

- So. We call the leasees

who have chosen THIS

instead of THIS.

- Did you really pay Illia Kyva 1.2 million

for renting a pulp pit in the Poltava Oblast last year?

- Ok, I see, this is going to be a big story.

Lets do it later. I will consult with my lawyer.

- Later when?

- I understand this story now.

I do not want to appear in it at all.

Kyvas pit in the Poltava Oblast

was rented by Sikvel Company, registered in Lviv.

Why? Unknown.

The firm, by the way,

appears in criminal proceedings as a shell firm.

And it really needed a pulp pit.

Attempt to talk number 2.

- My question is: did this transaction really take place?

And for what purpose did the company rent this pulp pit?

- Well, thats a trade secret.

This is a business.

You ask me such questions for me

to tell you secret information of mine.

For a whole year,

the MP had been leasing his pit,

declared more than a million profit from it,

and then sold such a valuable asset.

For how much? Unknown.

He didnt declare the sale.

But the buyer is a co-founder of UkrZvyazokMontazh.

From the name you immediately understand

that this is about pulp.

In this firm,

Kyva was once listed as director

and chief accountant.

From the position, you immediately understand

that this is about Kyva.

We have a lot of questions for Kyva.


Oh, I'm sorry.

Seriously though.

Why does he lives where he didn't declare,

and does not use the one he declared?

Drives undeclared cars with fake number,

and, finally, what's with the pulp?

Kyva told us about everything,

we could've split his answers across the report,

but that would be like shattering a diamond.

No, have it all.

Our first question was about leasing the pulp pit.

- Why are you so worried?

- ...Yes, in the pulp pit. I will explain it.

You were paid UAH 100,000 of rent per month last year.

- Yes.

- Which company paid you for it?

- Look. I have lawyers.

They tend to my matters...

- So it wasnt you?

- I dont do that at all...

because I am engaged in parliamentary activities.

The second is about the sale of the pulp pit.

Reminder: the real estate register states

that in November last year, Kyva sold this pulp pit.

There is nothing about the sale in his declaration.

- I don't know anything about that.

I did not sell it to anyone.

Maybe someone raided it? Do you know?

In our country, anything can happen.

I didn't sell anything.

It's hard to imagine someone

who would raid not just a pulp pit,

but Kyvas breadbasket...

But let's move on. About cars.

Reminder: the cars carrying Kyva

have fake license plates.

We checked this with the MIA Service Center.

- What do you mean by a "false license plate"?

- No car is registered under this number...

- I don't know, I don't really have such information.

I don't monitor, say, the number on my car.

There are the numbers that were issued, that is

Do you know whose car it is or what was

- Your declaration says it is your brother's car.

- Well, the declara I'm using my brothers car to commute.

And now, I may have been picked up by another car.

Do you claim that

- Ah, this is another car?

- Well, ask the question.

- Is this another car? Or the one in the declaration?

- Here you see, see how it is!

Is this the car specified in the declaration,

or another car, right?

Right now I was just picked up by a car.

Like that. Get it, do you?

We got it, but, sorry, we don't really believe it.

Kyva arrived here in this car,

with these license plates.

On the same car,

Illia Kyva arrived to celebrate his birthday in June.

Here, in the same car, he left the studio

after participating in a TV show.

So this car "picks him up" far too regularly.

Finally, housing.

Why does Illia Kyva declare an apartment

in which he does not live? A reminder:

- Maybe he visited?

- No, I know him as an MP.

The apartment is closed.

- You don't live there.

- I dont? Look

- Your neighbors told us.

- Excuse me. I just start early and finish late.

My broadcasts end at midnight,

at half-past midnight.

Sometimes, I come home at 1 am.

And I get up at 7 am and leave,

because I have morning workouts.

What about the apartment in the Kyiv center,

on Liuteranska Str,

that Kyva leaves in the morning?

- The flat on Liuteranska, my girlfriend lives there.

- You did not declare it, this apartment

- Whom? The girlfriend?

- Well, first of all, a cohabit

A girlfriend has to be declared

if you share a household.

And I do not share a household with her,

I share sex with her.

Yep. Got that, right?

Happens, you know! Do you get shared sex, eh?

Let's stop right here, it becomes too intimate.

But there is also the issue of the bodyguards,

which, as we know, at market prices

should cost Illia Kyva at least a million a year.

But, it turns out,

they are sort of not even bodyguards.

These are my assistants.

Officially, from the state, for me

Assistants who accompany me

and help me to carry out my state what?

Tasks and functions!

That the Ukrainian people have bestowed on me.

- So you don't pay them?

- Excuse me, the state pays them.

Money is allocated from the budget.

Here, look... show him the document.

You probably see this man as a bodyguard.

And he is, in fact, you see?

An assistant.

You see? Hit the goalpost again.


This assistant is Oleksandr Danylenko,

he works for Kyva on a voluntary basis.

The state doesnt pay him anything for his services.

Conclusion. Jokes aside.

Kyva declares housing that he does not use.

Does not declare what he uses.

Drives with fake numbers.

Spends more than he earns.

Leases weeds for a million.

Whats next?

Next, the NACP should look into all this.

If you, for some reason,

doubt the honesty of the MP's answers,

we may be looking at declaration of false information.

This is a criminal offense.

The golden hole, thats the pulp pit,

may be enough for a full group of NABU detectives.

Paranormal financial events

seem to be happening there.

That's all for today. An overdose of Kyva, whew.

Have to take a rest from all that.

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So, see you there. Goodbye!

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