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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG CC)코로나 물럿거라! 김나영의 집밥 브이로그 / 김나영의 노필터 티비

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Mommy was supposed to go on a business trip to Paris

but cancelled it due to COVID-19.

Since I was going to go on a business trip, I took Sinwoo to his great aunt's.

Since Sinwoo is enjoying his stay at...

[On a business trip to great aunt's] great aunt's, I'm letting him stay there.

Ijun is experiencing being the only son.

Since we're spending a lot of time in the house,

I thought I would show you a few simple recipes

you could try out and make food you could eat with your baby.

I'll try to film every time I make something at home.

Ijun! Play ocarina for me, please.

[In charge of accompaniment, In charge of singing]

We're going to make bean sprouts rice.

The recipe for making bean sprouts rice is different for everyone.

This time I properly settled down to one recipe of bean sprouts rice!

So I'll show you how I make bean sprouts rice.

[Ijun invaded the kitchen]

Do you like bean sprouts rice?

You should say yes!



Why are being so shy!

[Bean sprouts rice, 1. Wash the bean sprouts.]

[2. Boil the clean bean sprouts.]

[3. Sieve the bean sprouts and leave the boiled water to the side.]

I'll use this boiled bean sprouts water to make rice later.

[4. Make rice with the boiled bean sprouts water.]

[5. Season the beef with sesame oil, salt, and cooking wine.]

[6. Fry the seasoned beef.]

[Delicious rice is done]


A big car came?

Do you hear a sound of a car?

Oh~ A moving truck came.

Shall we eat now?

[I would love to]

[7. Add boiled bean sprouts on top of the rice.]

[Cut Ijun's so that it's easier for him to eat]

[8. Add stir-fried beef as well.]

[9. Finish it off with sesame oil and soy sauce.]

[Keem Nayoung's bean sprouts rice is finished]

Come here!

Mommy will mix in spicy soy sauce.

Look, mommy mixed spicy soy sauce.

You try it out too when you're a grown-up, okay?

You're going to eat that much?

You should hold it like this.

You're eating so well~


[Finished eating lunch!]

[Snack time after eating lunch]

I'm not going to give it to you.


You want it?

[Give it to me too!!!]

I'll give you a new one, wait.

Ijun...I think we ate all the tomatoes.

I didn't know that was the last one..

[Sad news]

[I can't believe it!!]

Ijun, listen to mommy! You want a banana?



[Reached to an agreement with a banana]

Wait here! Mommy will bring a banana for you!

[Calmed down thanks to the banana]

[Ijun Choi / Baby monkey]

You're sharing it with me?

[So touched! Oh, you're not..]

[A man with a twist]

[Second try]

- Mommy can really eat it? - Yes.


[Changed his mind]

[Keem Nayoung won't give up]



[Hobby : Teasing her son]

[Now play time]

Then say, 'Give me one.'

[Give me one]

[Got one jelly]

Spin spin~


This time, I'll make eggplant rice

that I uploaded on my Instagram

and a lot of you have asked for a recipe.

[Eggplant rice, 1. Wash the rice and let it sit in the water.]

[2. Wash the eggplants as well.]

These days, I'm using this dish-washing soap.

I can wash the fruits and vegetables with this too.

Then I feel a bit safer and it feels like the ingredients are washed more thoroughly.

[3. Cut the eggplants in the bite size.]

The shape of the eggplant does not matter so you don't have to cut it pretty.

When it goes into the rice, the shape does not matter.

[4. Cut the green onion.]

[Painful eyes]

[5. Put the green onion in the pan that is filled with cooking oil to make onion oil.]

[6. stir-fry the pork inside the onion oil.]

The pork can smell fishy so

[TIP. Pour the cooking wine to get rid of the fishy smell.] put a little bit of cooking wine.

When the pork gets cooked a little, put in the eggplant.]

[9. pour in soy sauce in one corner of the pan to boil a little.]

[9. Stir-fry the eggplant until it gets a little taste of the soy sauce.] Stir-fry the eggplant until it gets a little taste of the soy sauce.

Don't completely cook the eggplant.

Because the eggplant goes into the rice

Get the rice that was washed earlier

[10. Pour the rice that was washed into the rice cooker.] Just put it in the rice cooker.

The key is to measure the amount of water

The eggplant is going to go on top of here

so you have to put less water than usual, right?

[11. Put less water then usual and cook the rice.] Pour till a point you think you see a little water?

[12. Put the eggplant on top of the cooked rice.]

But after I cook, I do not like the smell of the pork.

So I recommend this.

[TIP. Pour sesame oil on top of the rice.]

[30 minutes later...]

The food is ready!

Ijun's food has to be scooped widely.

Because it cools down fast!

If you do it like this you can make food without using much dressings.

[Now time to eat]

[Keem Nayoung eats one bite too]


[Exciting snack time]

[Today's snack is strawberry]

Mom ah!

[Give the most energetic reaction]

[Does not care]

Ijun, aren't you tired?

You sat on mommy's knee~

Ijun, what do you want to eat for dinner?


Is this something to eat?

Do you want to eat noodles?

-Say, yes! -Yes

[soy sauce noodles, 1. cut the pumpkins, carrots, onions small.]

[2. pour the noodle and the cut vegetables into the boiling water.]

[TIP. When the water boils up, pour in cold water to make the noodles more chewy.]

[Seeing if the noodle is cooked]

It is cooked it is cooked!

[3. Wash the noodle with cold water.]

[4. mix it with soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds.]

Ijun, let's eat noodles!

The soy sauce noodles that Ijun likes!

[This taste..]

Is it that good?

[Ijun attempts to eat the noodles]

High five!

[Ijun just woke up]

[Starting the morning simply with a tomato]

[Morning tomato tension]

Why are you so flirtatious this morning?

[Showing Ijun's best song because he is happy]

I am going to make fusilli pasta

that Ijun enjoys eating these days.

[Fusilli pasta, 1. cut the onion, carrot, tomato]

[2. While the pasta is boiling put the cut vegetables into the tomato sauce and boil it.]

[3. Put the boiled pasta into the finished sauce.]

Ijun, let's eat food~

[Ijun eating deliciously]

Is it good?

-Say yes! -Yes

[Everyone, be safe and see you next time!]

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