Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dance Camp - Free Preview

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Welcome to dance camp.

Mess hall's down over there,

cabins are over there.

We got basketball courts, a pool.


We got all sorts of crews here.

You name it, we got it.

Nice job, Kelsey.

[girls laughing]

- Whoa, watch out. - Outta my way, fool.

You got the Yolos over here.

Those are some of our youngest crews.

[hip hop music] They've been here

for two years now and look,

they are sharp, sharp.

Good job, girls.

Snap, snap it.

Come on, girls, get into it.

Get into it.

Get those arms up.


Listen, Hunter,

I don't want you to be shy, okay?

If you wanna take some dance classes,

hip-hop, crunking, jazz, anything you want.

[harp music] If you want to practice

a new move,

you go, you book out some time.

This is the place.

I want you to reconnect

with the dancer inside of you.

I don't have a dancer

inside of me.

That is creepy.


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