Practice English Speaking&Listening with: U.S. EMBASSY speaks DUTCH! #2

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I can understand a little bit of Dutch.

His parents were obviously Dutch, so...

'pas op' (be careful)

and 'jongen' (boy) and 'meiske' (girl)...

You know.

What are your favorite Dutch words

that you've learned so far.




I kind of like 'nee' (no).

Even though it's kind of a negative word,

I mean, I don't mean it in a negative way.

It's by definition a negative word!

It's just...

It's true.

But it's so...

It just feels right.

You know...

Do you want to do this?


I love it.

Ik blijf thuis. (I stay home.)

We use 'nee' at home all the time.

The kids do it all the time.


... for the skylights.

I'm learning a new word here.

Do you know...?

It's my favorite new word.

My favorite word in Dutch

is also my favorite food or snack in Dutch.

And that's the magic word:

'poffertjes' (small pancakes)

They sound like what they are...

it's like little 'poffers'.

Delicious with 'suiker' (sugar).

I like 'lekker' (yummy)

because people use it for everything.

Oh, this is 'lekker'!

Everything is 'lekker'.

You're bringing treats and this is...

wooh, this is so 'lekker'.

I like 'gezellig', because...


'Cause your mum used it,

and it's hard to describe in the English language...

I think, because there is not one word.


It's just a feeling, that...

Oh, it's so 'gezellig'.

In Holland, Michigan they even sell signs with 'gezellig'.

Oh yeah?


A lot of people know the store's name in our downtown

is named 'GEZELLIG'.

I was just getting insurance for my motor cycle.

And I like the word 'verzekering',

because it's like English 'insurance' comes from 'sure'.

You got to be sure, insurance...

And then it's the same thing in Dutch:

'verzekering'... 'zeker' is 'sure'.

Like 'h, zeker!'

Yeah, but it's also insurance, 'verzekering'.

I just like all the e's in it.


My daughter says that.

Is that for cleaning?

Pick up?


Yeah, 'opruimen'.

I think my favorite words

are the ones that are so much shorter

like 'kip', 'nee'

I mean these are my favorite words.

There are words in Dutch

that just go on and on and on...

and never stop!

When I spoke at Margraten for Memorial Day

they gave me this word...

this cannot be one word, and it's

'hoogwaardigheidsbekleders' (dignitaries)

And it's kind of like...

The only way I could say it

is if I took it...

and this is what the Dutch should do too...

They should take it and make it four words.



Because I go there a lot.

Sometimes they write stuff for me in Dutch

that I have no idea what it means

and I have no idea what I said.

Oh, baloney! You do too!

I just have to trust them!


That one's good too.

You have to say two for it to count.


Um... do you know any Dutch sayings

or Dutch proverbs?



This is the part where you could say 'nee'.



But what's the one...

'Lange tenen' (literally: long toes)

Yeah I know that, 'lange tenen'.

Lange tenen.


Could you explain the meaning?

Oh yeah, 'lange tenen' means...

the Dutch are very sensitive people.

They are very easily offended.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, if you say something...

You know, you guys are sensitive.

They say, 'no, no, no...'

And then you say, 'Je hebt lange tenen!'

And they say, 'Yeah, we do that.'

I mean, I know one, and I'm gonna steal it from my boss,

when we were trying to learn Dutch.

This was his favorite...

En nu... (Literally: and now...)

hier komt de aap (here comes the monkey)

uit de maan. (out of the moon.)

Mouw. (Sleeve.)

De mouw! (The sleeve!)

(meaning below video)

You know 'Hoge bomen vangen veel wind.' (Literally: High trees catch a lot of wind.)

is the Dutch...

the Dutch they always like to be...

they don't like to be...

have their head above everybody else,

because then they get, what we would call in English,

we would get all the flack.

You heard 'aap', right?

I heard it.

You knew that 'aap' was 'monkey'?

I did not.

But I do now!

I appreciate...

The honesty is good.

This is what you want from your diplomats.

This is the pairing, you know...

We're gonna have people see,

where they're gonna watch and be like,

this guy's Dutch is pretty good...

that guy...

Have you ever had, like situations...

where you tried to speak Dutch

but you didn't understand

what the other person wanted to say.

Yeah, actually...

when I was trying to learn the word for 'cat'.


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